Naruto: Wooden Sen SeY Cultivation System/C13 What You're Comparing Him to Kakashi
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Naruto: Wooden Sen SeY Cultivation System/C13 What You're Comparing Him to Kakashi
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C13 What You're Comparing Him to Kakashi

"You will have to get used to these things sooner or later. Master Ma Sheng values you very much. He views you as the hope for me to rise in the future. Mr Gekka, please!"

Looking at Yang Ming, Mizushiro Tsubasa bowed to him!

"The hope of rising in the future?"

Hearing this, Yang Ming smiled and did not say anything.

He had underestimated him. After obtaining the system, he had already looked across the entire Ninja World. A mere Grass village could not restrain him at all.

Under Mizushiro Tsubasa's lead, the two of them arrived at a luxurious courtyard.

This was the residence of the Grass Kage!

As a Grass Kage, the place where the Ma Sheng Falcon lived was naturally extraordinary!

It was filled with luxury everywhere!

At this moment, in the spacious courtyard, the Masheng Falcon had a solemn expression and was reprimanding a twelve-year-old girl!

The little girl was slim and graceful. At such a young age, she was showing signs of becoming a beauty!

But at this moment, she lowered her head with an aggrieved expression, allowing the Mahoraga Falcon to reprimand her!

At this moment, seeing Yang Ming's arrival, the Mahoraga Falcon's expression immediately changed. It became much gentler, and even more polite!

It greeted him with a smile!

"Undermoon, you're here!"

When he faced Yang Ming, it was actually the same generation of friends, and he did not show off his might. This immediately shocked Mizushiro Tsubasa and the little girl!

"Lord Grass Kage!"

Seeing this, Yang Ming was neither servile nor overbearing as he cupped his hands and said.

"Come, come, come, don't restrain yourself. Sit as you please."

The Mahoraga smiled and said. He had completely forgotten about the matter of scolding the little girl earlier. He welcomed Yang Ming warmly.

Seeing this, Yang Ming also didn't stand on ceremony!

He directly sat down.

After that, the Mahoraga Falcon started chatting with Yang Ming as usual. It did not have the majesty of a village's shadow at all. Instead, it was like a junior showing care to the younger generation.

Yang Ming also spoke with confidence and confidence. When faced with the Village Shadow, he did not panic at all.

His calm expression made Mizushiro Tsubasa secretly give him a thumbs up!

The two of them chatted for a while. After confirming that they were going to study in the Ninja School, they refused the Mahoraga Falcon's invitation to stay, and Yang Ming left.

Once Yang Ming left, the little girl who had been holding it in for a long time couldn't help but complain when she saw Yang Ming leaving.

"I say, grandpa, you are too biased. You are so fierce to me, but why are you so polite to this little brat? Look at his age, he is only five years old!"

"If you have his talent and potential, I will naturally treat you the same way!"

The Mahoraga Falcon did not hold back and looked sternly at the little girl.

"His talent and potential? Grandpa, you're not joking, right? He's just a five-year-old brat, what kind of talent can he have? I'm afraid he doesn't even know how to refine Chakra!"

The little girl was puzzled.

"Miss Ma Sheng, it's like this!"

Seeing this, Mizushiro Tsubasa hurriedly explained.

"Gekka Ming, he isn't an ordinary person. Just now, Chu Koichi brought a dozen people to find trouble with him and was easily defeated by him with the Body Technique. Chu Koichi didn't even have the time to form the Ninja Technique in front of him!"

"Chu Koichi, the strongest person in our batch?"

When she heard this name, the little girl's face changed, and a look of disbelief appeared on her face.

"You said that brat called Gekka Ming just now actually defeated Chu Koichi?"

"This isn't a joke, right?"

"Miss Ma Sheng, be careful with your words!"

Mizushiro Tsubasa's expression changed when he heard the little girl call Yang Ming that.

"The strong are respected in Ninja World. The weak are prey to the strong. This is your problem. You have to change it in the future. Gekka Ming has a bright future ahead of him. He is the future hope of my village. That was why Master Ma Sheng was so polite to Kakashi, who was in Konoha. He doesn't put on airs and gives enough respect to the strong. Don't underestimate him just because he's a child! "

"What? You are comparing him to Kakashi from Konoha?"

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