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Naruto: Wooden Sen SeY Cultivation System/C14 In the Dream of All the Girls in the World of Ninja
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C14 In the Dream of All the Girls in the World of Ninja

The little girl was so shocked she couldn't believe her ears!

Who was Kakashi?

He was the leader of the five great nations of Ninja World, the number one genius of Fire Country, the Ninja of Konoha Village!

He had become a super genius of the upper class at the age of 12!

His father was White Fang of the Konoha, a man known as a Shadow Level warrior!

A short knife swept across the Ninja World!

Kakashi was extremely strong, and during the Second World War, his performance was extremely eye-catching. He had broken through the name of duplicating Ninja!

In the current Ninja World, who didn't know about the technicians of the Konoha and the Ninja Duplicate? Kakashi's name!

Such a figure was the dream of tens of millions of girls in Ninja World. The Grass Country was located near the Fire Country, how could they not know his name?

And now, Mizushiro Tsubasa was comparing the little brat just now to Kakashi?

The little girl couldn't believe it. She could only feel that her worldview had been overturned!

"It's not just that. I can feel a powerful Chakra from Mr Gekka. If our guess is correct, I'm afraid that this person has extraordinary talent. Kakashi is far from being able to compare with him. His current Chakra quantity is probably at the upper tolerance level. If he was slightly guided, it would be the upper level of the ninja realm, the upper level of the five-year-old ninja realm! "

Mizushiro Tsubasa exclaimed.

He looked at the Mahoraga Falcon.

He was a perception-type Ninja. After the two of them returned, they studied it in detail. They immediately discovered that Yang Ming's Chakra quantity might be at the level of Endure!

Although it was only a Chakra, everything else was still zero!

But this was already enough to shock the world!

A five year old ninja?

Such a talent, how terrifying was it? It was afraid that the entire Ninja World would be in turmoil because of it!

Even the legendary God of Ninja, Senju Hashirama, or Uchiha Madara, could not possibly have the capacity of Upper Ninja Chakra when they were five years old!

The two of them immediately suppressed the shock in their hearts until Yang Ming easily crushed Chu Koichi and the others, and they were even more certain of what they were thinking!

Their attitudes from the start of recruiting had changed to being on the same level as each other, and there was a sudden change in attitude.

"That's right. Otherwise, why do you think I, the dignified Grass Kage, would be so polite to a child? Ying Youying's dignity, it's not that I'm being polite to him. It's because he has such strength and potential. As long as I guide him slightly... I will tolerate it. He might rise up because of him, and become an existence like the five great nations. "

The Ma Sheng Falcon said proudly.

The Grass Kage had the dignity of the Grass Kage, and it wasn't like he was facing anyone, he was the same!

"That Gekka Ming is actually this terrifying?"

The little girl felt as if she was listening to a heavenly book. She simply could not believe that such a thing actually existed in this world!

"Although this is unbelievable, this is the truth. My future glory might be tied to this person. Do you understand?"

The Mahoraga Falcon had a serious expression as he looked at the little girl.

"Yes, grandfather, I understand!"

Looking at the Mahoraga Falcon's rarely serious expression, the little girl's heart trembled, and she nodded in agreement.

She knew that Cao Yan's future would probably be tied to that child.

If what the permafrost falcon said was true... Then the entire Ninja World will be shaken!


"As expected of the shadow of a village. He actually realized my value so quickly. But I'm worth it!"

After leaving the Grass Kage residence, Yang Ming walked towards the orphanage.

Yang Ming recalled the different reactions and expressions of the Mahoraga Falcon when he met with the Grass Kage just now, and he knew it clearly in his heart.

The Ma Sheng Falcon probably had already analyzed his own value. Otherwise, as the shadow of a village, how could it be so polite to you!

However, Yang Ming didn't feel anything!

The experts of Ninja World were respected. His strength and talent deserved this respect!

However, his gaze was not limited to Grass Country!

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