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C15 Strange Strength

In the end, Grass Country was just a small country. Outside of Grass Country, there were Bo Country, Eagle Country, Tang Country, and the five big countries!

Even in Ninja World, there were also people like Rikudō Sennin, Hei Jue, and even Hui Ye, who were as close as gods!

He was still very weak and needed to continuously increase his strength!

When he returned to the orphanage, it was already evening.

When everyone saw him, they all had complicated expressions and made way for him.

Yang Ming did not mind and casually found some food to fill his stomach. He returned to his room and sat cross-legged to meditate.

The system had given him two powerful abilities, the Immortal Body and the Strange Strength. He still needed to familiarize himself with these abilities before he could use them as he pleased!

During this period of time, Gong Lizi greeted Dean Gong Lizi politely.

Her expression became more polite and even had a bit of fawning, as if she wanted to repair the broken relationship.

However, Yang Ming directly brushed past her and ignored her. The relationship had already been broken. No matter what, it could not be repaired!

At that moment, Gong Lizi could not help but feel embarrassed, but then a flash of anger appeared in her eyes!

"I am the director of the orphanage after all. Even if you saved everyone today, if I did not inform Master Shui Dai in time, do you think you would be able to come back safe and sound?"


Thinking of this, Gong Lizi smiled coldly and no longer paid attention to Yang Ming, this arrogant brat!

After they left, she immediately informed Mizushiro Tsubasa. Otherwise, no matter how strong Mizushiro Tsubasa's perception was, how could he accurately find Yang Ming in such a short time?

Although she thought this way, when she thought of the scene where Yang Ming had punched Chu Koichi and the others, she could not help but feel a trace of regret in her heart.

"Could it be that I missed out on such a talented child?"

However, Yang Ming didn't care what she thought.

He returned to his room and meditated.

After a night, he suddenly felt refreshed and refreshed. He only felt that his grasp of Strange Strength and Immortal Body had deepened a little.

Strictly speaking, the Strange Strength was not the Body Technique. It was just a special use of the Chakra!

Concentrate the Chakra at a high speed and condense it into a point, forming a powerful instantaneous explosive force!

Just like Senju Hashirama, he compressed the Chakra at a high speed and condensed it around his body. His every movement was full of dominance. Even if he did not make a move, just the leaking of the Chakra was enough to give Third Generation Hokage and the fourth generation Hokage a big fright.

Even someone as proud as Sasuke broke out in cold sweat!

Of course, to reach the stage where Senju Hashirama could dominate the world with his aura alone, Yang Ming still had a long way to go!

The real Body Technique was like Kai's. Every punch and kick would hit his flesh!

"Although it's not the real Body Technique, its power is enough. At least, it's not any weaker than the Ninja Technique!"

Thinking of this, Yang Ming got up and left the orphanage, heading towards the Ninja School.

He had already obtained the quota. With the ability of the Mahoraga Falcon, a mere student quota was nothing.

According to his memory, Yang Ming headed to the Ninja School in Grass village!

Compared to the Ninja School in Konoha in his previous life, this Grass Ninja Ninja School in front of him could only be considered miserable!

However, it was still alright. At least, everything was available in the classroom.

There was only one class in the Ninja School, and most of the students in the class were five or six years old children. Some of them were slightly older, seven or eight years old. These were the future hopes of the Grass village.

One group after another!

These children were young, but they already understood the cruelty of the Ninja world, and each of them already had the bearing of a leader.

When Yang Ming came, the new students had already finished entering the school. Yang Ming saw Guan Shang and Jin Qian's figures, and at this time, the teacher was giving a lecture.

Yang Ming walked straight in, and immediately attracted everyone's attention!

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