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C16 The Worst in History

"Everyone, quiet down. Now, I'd like to introduce you to a classmate!"

Hino Le saw Yang Ming and immediately led him in. Obviously, she had received the notice and was not curious about Yang Ming's arrival. She then introduced him to everyone.

"My name is Gekka Ming!"

Upon hearing this, Yang Ming said faintly.

He looked around and saw Guan Shang, Jin Qian, and Jin Mengzi.

He nodded slightly as a greeting.

"That's it?"

Immediately, everyone looked at Yang Ming with surprise.

They were waiting for Yang Ming to give them a more detailed introduction. They didn't expect Gekka Ming to give them an explanation just like that!

"Looks like this new kid has quite the character!"

A few classmates laughed and said.

"Alright, you can choose any seat you want!"

The teacher Hino Le also could not help but be speechless.

But she immediately arranged for Yang Ming.

Yang Ming walked straight to the back seat.

At the back seat, there was only a girl with blond hair, but her face was cold, which made her seem unreasonable.

She was surrounded by an empty space, which was very conspicuous in the huge classroom.

Yang Ming sat opposite of her in another seat.

"Looks like another person who doesn't like to study, a strange person!"

When they saw Yang Ming sitting in that seat, they couldn't help but think to themselves.

Then, they didn't pay any more attention to him.

Hino Le began her lesson. Yang Ming listened attentively and took notes at the same time.

Although he was sitting in the last row, it did not affect him at all.

With his Elementary Immortal Body, even if he sat a hundred meters away, he would be able to see and hear clearly.

Immediately, he began to understand the history of Ninja World in detail.

This was different from the storyline he saw in the manga in his previous life. It was more detailed and crueler!

"So this is the Ninja World?"

Yang Ming thought to himself as he took a look at the system mission progress!

One percent!

"Looks like I'll need 100 days to complete the system mission and obtain the Intermediate Immortal Body and Intermediate Strange Strength!"

After that, Yang Ming entered the learning mode.

After class, Yang Ming did not return to the orphanage, but strolled around Grass village.

When he came to the Hokage world, he wanted to take a good look.

Other than that, he was currently facing a huge problem, and that was to feed himself!

The Immortal Body didn't mean that he didn't need to eat or drink it. Perhaps, a high level Immortal Body didn't need it. It could absorb natural energy from the heaven and earth to replenish his body!

He needed it, but he could not do it now.

He wanted to find a job!

After walking around, he found that there weren't many jobs suitable for him.

He could wash dishes, but his salary was too low. It was only enough to feed him. Especially when others saw how he looked like a child, they immediately pushed the conditions to the lowest. No!

He could do it.

He needed skill in cooking, but his culinary skills were far from good.

The most classic thing was to accept a Ninja mission and receive a commission. Unfortunately, he was not a Ninja, and his age was too young. He could not even enter the door.

Finally, after thinking about it, there was only one job that suited him!

That was to move bricks!

In World War II, the flames of war were flying everywhere, the villages were heavily damaged, and construction teams were everywhere to rebuild their homes.

Moving bricks on construction sites did not limit one's age, and it would not lower one's salary. It was totally multiplying one's workload. Moreover, the salary was paid daily. It was more suitable for him. No!


"I never thought that as a transmigrator, I would be reduced to moving bricks after arriving in the Hokage world. How tragic!"

After announcing his name and smoothly entering the team, Yang Ming began moving bricks.

Looking at the green bricks in his hands, Yang Ming could not help but smile bitterly.

He was afraid that he could be considered the most miserable transmigrator in the world.

But in order to fill his stomach, he could only do so.

Although the System was awesome, it was also impossible for it to produce food out of thin air and make him not eat or drink!

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