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Naruto: Wooden Sen SeY Cultivation System/C17 He's Done All the Work Let's Do It What
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C17 He's Done All the Work Let's Do It What

Fortunately, he was an Immortal Body, so his consumption was slower than the average person. Furthermore, his strength was extremely great. Although he was only five years old, he could still move a row of bricks at a time.

Suddenly, on the construction site, an eye-catching scene appeared. A five-year-old child who was born with extraordinary strength carried a row of bricks by himself. This row of bricks had at least 200 pieces, piled up neatly. It was seven or eight meters tall, which was two extremes to his thin body!

Many people looked at him in surprise!

However, this child's feet were as steady as Mount Tai, and the brick in his hand did not sway. He walked like the wind and quickly moved to his destination.

Then, he did not rest and followed the second round.

Three hours later, all the bricks on the construction site that day had been emptied by him alone!

"F * ck, he did the work of ten of us by himself, and his speed is so fast!"

Seeing this scene, all the migrant workers were stunned and looked at Yang Ming in disbelief.

They could not imagine that a five-year-old child could have such innate divine strength. This was shocking.

"He is capable, but he did our work. What should we do?"

A few workers who were also carrying bricks looked at Yang Ming with gloomy expressions.

The construction work was calculated based on workload and number of days. There were thirteen or fourteen people who were also moving bricks. Yang Ming finished their work all of a sudden, which was equivalent to snatching their jobs.

Although they were shocked by Yang Ming's innate divine strength, their eyes immediately turned cold when their jobs were stolen.

"Well done. Did you see that? Our construction work needs people like him. All of you, work harder. Otherwise, I will drive all of you!"

At this moment, the contractor walked over and nodded his head in satisfaction, praising Yang Ming.

Then, he took out a banknote!

"This is a hundred taels of silver. Your salary for today will continue tomorrow. Young man, I think highly of you!"

The contractor, who was on the bridge, passed the banknotes to Yang Ming.

"One hundred taels!"

Yang Ming's heart skipped a beat. Sure enough, the wages on the construction site were very good. Furthermore, they were paid off on the same day and would not be delayed.

One hundred taels, if converted into RMB, was equivalent to one thousand taels!

To be able to have such a salary, it was also due to his efficiency and hard work in moving bricks.

How could a person who did the work of more than ten people not have a high salary!

This was still suppressed!

"A bowl of noodles is about 10 RMB, plus a few dishes, 50 RMB per meal, 150 RMB per day. It should be enough to eat for 8 days. No, continue tomorrow!"

Yang Ming received the banknotes and secretly calculated. Then, he prepared to leave.

With money, of course, he wanted to improve it. Furthermore, he did not intend to stay in the orphanage anymore. That place was no longer the place he wanted to stay.

Just as he was about to leave, a man and a woman suddenly walked over.

Yang Ming knew the woman. She was about twenty-five years old. She was the director of the orphanage, Gong Lizi.

The man was the engineering team leader, Bamboo Village Huang. He was in charge of the project and pulling customers. At this moment, Gong Lizi was talking to him about something.

Some of the places in the orphanage were shabby and needed rest. The places that Yang Ming and Chu Koichi destroyed also needed rest. This required the construction team.

Thus, they went to Takeshi Muramasa!

Yang Ming was about to leave when he happened to meet Gong Lizi face to face.

Gong Lizi was stunned. She looked at the dirty Yang Ming as if she did not expect him to be here.

But she immediately pretended not to see him and continued to discuss with Bamboo Village before leaving Yang Ming's side.

Yang Ming didn't mind. He found a noodle shop and ordered a bowl of noodles and a catty of beef before eating.

He was hungry!

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