Naruto: Wooden Sen SeY Cultivation System/C17 If We Let Him Live What Are We Going to Do?
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Naruto: Wooden Sen SeY Cultivation System/C17 If We Let Him Live What Are We Going to Do?
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C17 If We Let Him Live What Are We Going to Do?

Thankfully, he possessed an Immortal Body, which meant his energy expenditure was slower than that of an ordinary person. Moreover, his strength was immense. Despite being only five years old, he could carry an entire row of bricks at a time.

Suddenly, a striking scene unfolded at the construction site: a five-year-old with the strength of a deity, effortlessly hoisting a row of bricks. This row contained no fewer than two hundred bricks, stacked neatly to a towering seven or eight meters high—a stark contrast to his slender frame!

Many onlookers were taken aback.

Yet the child stood as solid as a rock, the bricks in his grasp steady. He moved swiftly, quickly transporting them to their destination. Without pausing for a break, he proceeded to the next load.

Three hours later, he had single-handedly cleared the day's quota of bricks on the construction site.

"Damn, he's done the work of ten men all by himself, and at such a breakneck pace!"

Witnessing this, the laborers were left speechless, staring at Yang Ming in utter amazement.

It was hard to fathom how a child of merely five could possess such extraordinary, innate strength. The sight was truly astonishing.

"He's capable, sure, but if he's doing our work, what's left for us?"

Several brick-carrying workers glanced at Yang Ming with darkening faces.

On the construction site, pay was based on the amount of work and the number of days. With thirteen or fourteen brick carriers, Yang Ming had single-handedly completed their tasks, effectively snatching away their livelihood.

While Yang Ming's supernatural strength left them in awe, the threat to their jobs made their gazes turn icy.

"Well done! You see this? This is the kind of worker we need on our site. The rest of you need to step it up, or you're out!"

At that moment, the foreman approached, beaming with approval and commending Yang Ming.

He then produced a silver note.

"Here's a hundred taels for today's wages. Keep it up tomorrow. Kid, you've got potential!"

Kurahashi Shinai handed the silver note to Yang Ming.

"A hundred taels!"

A thrill ran through Yang Ming. Indeed, the pay on the construction site was satisfying, and best of all, it was settled promptly at the end of the day, with no delays.

A hundred taels, when converted to RMB, is a thousand yuan!

His impressive salary was a testament to his efficiency and hard work.

It's no wonder he earned so much; after all, he was doing the work of more than ten people!

And that was with his wages being held back!

"A bowl of noodles goes for about ten yuan. Throw in a few side dishes, and a meal comes to fifty yuan. One hundred and fifty yuan a day should last me about eight days. But no, I've got to keep at it tomorrow!"

Yang Ming pocketed the silver note and quickly did the math in his head before getting ready to leave.

Now that he had money, it was time for some self-improvement. Besides, he had no intention of staying at the orphanage any longer; it was no longer a place he wished to be.

As he was about to depart, a man and a woman approached.

Yang Ming recognized the woman; she was around 25 and the director of the orphanage, Gong Lizi.

The man was Takemura Akira, the construction team's captain, responsible for overseeing the project and securing clients. Currently, Gong Lizi was in the midst of a discussion with him.

The orphanage was in a state of disrepair and needed fixing up, especially the parts that Yang Ming and Chu Koichi had damaged. Hence, they needed the construction team.

That's why Takemura Akira was brought in.

As Yang Ming made to leave, he ran into Gong Lizi head-on.

Gong Lizi looked at him in astonishment, seemingly surprised to see Yang Ming in such a state.

But she quickly composed herself, acting as if she hadn't seen him, and continued her conversation with Takemura Akira, walking past Yang Ming.

Yang Ming didn't take it to heart. He found a noodle shop, ordered a bowl of noodles and a pound of beef, and began to eat.

He was famished!

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