Naruto: Wooden Sen SeY Cultivation System/C19 Undermoon the Monarch You Are Being too Arrogant
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Naruto: Wooden Sen SeY Cultivation System/C19 Undermoon the Monarch You Are Being too Arrogant
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C19 Undermoon the Monarch You Are Being too Arrogant

The others are also very talented geniuses.

Not everyone could enter the Ninja platelets.

Those who could be chosen were all one-in-a-hundred geniuses.

Guan Shang, Jin Zhi, and the others were like a grain of sand in a sand river. They were extremely conspicuous in the orphanage, but at this point, they were not eye-catching at all.

At this moment, after the cultural lessons were over, it was time for combat lessons!

Hino Le gathered everyone and brought them to the martial arts field to fight in pairs.

After all, she taught too well and learned too much. It was not as refreshing as a real battle.

The students fought against each other.

Facing this, Yang Ming directly rejected it. He ignored Hino Le's stunned expression. After all, as a student, he was the first one who dared to reject a teacher!

Yang Ming held the textbook and sat under the tree, flipping through the books.

He did not have time to waste on this. He needed to learn more basic knowledge about Ninja and complete the system mission.

"Mr Gekka, this is a group activity after all, and you are a new student. Isn't it a little inappropriate for you to do this?"

Seeing this scene, the class representative, Fujishima Zyun, came in front of Yang Ming and could not help but frown.

"I am here to learn, not to waste time. You guys can play with those things by yourselves."

Yang Ming said lightly.

"Us? Play by yourself! Do you think we're playing?"

When Yang Ming said this, a few people with good hearing heard him from afar. They walked over and looked at Yang Ming angrily.

"What's wrong?"

This scene immediately attracted the attention of the others, and they all walked over!

They looked at Yang Ming and the others in puzzlement.

"He said that the actual combat between us is just a small thing, not worth mentioning. He doesn't even care about it, including you, Katsura Atsuhiro!"

Fujishima Zyun sneered when she saw the crowd surrounding her.

"We are small things? A new classmate is really crazy!"

Hearing this, Oka Seita's expression instantly changed. Although Katsura Atsuhiro did not say anything, his expression was very displeased.

Obviously, he was very dissatisfied with these words.

"Mr Gekka, you are a new classmate. Everyone should welcome you, but since you look down on us like this, why don't we have a match? We will not argue with each other. We will talk with our strength! "

Oka Seita said coldly. He looked at Yang Ming and rubbed his fists. He was eager to give it a try.

"Boring. Wasting my time!"

Seeing more and more people, Yang Ming's heart was filled with displeasure.

But he didn't want to waste his time here, so he turned around and left.


When they saw that Yang Ming had just left after facing Oka Seita's challenge, everyone immediately quieted down, and their expressions became disdainful.

They didn't stop him either. They did it right in front of their new classmate, who wasn't familiar with the situation on the first day.

However, at this moment, everyone didn't have a good impression of this new classmate, and they immediately labeled him as arrogant, arrogant, and cold!

"The history of the G.o.d Ninja, the terrain, is actually in this position? Furthermore, the origin and ability of the grass ninja, coupled with the unique environment and topography, no wonder Uchiha Madara chose this place, White Zetsu was born here! "

Yang Ming did not care about these things. He was equal to the Grass Kage, so why would he care about some little brats?

After he finished reading the book, he found that it was written about Cao Yan's history. He had finished reading it!

At this moment, the system's mission completion rate had reached 2%!

"It seems like my understanding of the Ninja World is still too little based on the storyline from my previous life!"

Closing the book, Yang Ming sighed. He looked at the time and walked towards the construction site to start moving bricks today!

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