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C20 I Hope You Can Help Me

After arriving at the construction site, continue to move bricks.

After three hours, Yang Ming easily completed the task. He took the money and walked towards the hotel.

The dozen or so people behind him looked at Yang Ming's figure, and the cold light in their eyes became brighter and brighter.

However, Yang Ming did not care. These people were not worth his attention.

After returning to the hotel, he washed up. Just as he was about to go out and eat, a figure suddenly appeared on the window.


Yang Ming's heart skipped a beat as he looked at the sudden appearance of Kusanagi. He was incomparably calm.

Judging from his aura, this person was only a lower ninja.

"Mr Gekka, Big Brother Chong invites you over!"

This Ninja saw that Yang Ming was not shocked at all and could not help but be curious. But he did not forget the proper business and hurriedly said.

"Brother Chong? Chu Koichi?"

Upon hearing this, Yang Ming couldn't help but be curious.

" That's right. "

Shinobu nodded.


After thinking for a while, Yang Ming nodded in agreement.

He was curious why Chu Koichi was looking for him.

Could it be that he wanted to get beaten up again?

With this thought in mind, Yang Ming followed. The two of them jumped between the houses, and in a short while, they arrived in a room.

Chu Koichi's body was wrapped in bandages, and he was lying on the bed with a miserable look on his face. He looked as miserable as he could be!

"Huh? Who could beat you up like this?"

Yang Ming became even more curious.

Chu Koichi could be considered one of the top figures in the village. He had the support of the Grass Kage behind him, and he was domineering in the village. Who would dare to provoke him?

"Mr Gekka, forgive me for not being able to get off the ground in this situation. However, I have to trouble you to come over. I have to tell you something!"

Chu Koichi waved his hand. In an instant, only Yang Ming and him were left in the room. There was also the person who guided Yang Ming here, Shinobu.

"Tell me."

Yang Ming said faintly.

"It's like this. Yesterday, I followed Mr Gekka's orders. When I was patrolling near the orphanage, I was suddenly attacked by enemies. I should have reported to Lord Grass Kage that I was heavily injured. However, Lord Grass Kage left the village and went to the Daming Mansion to discuss some matters. Since I'm not here, I have no choice but to look for you. After all, I can't do anything about it. I can't fulfill Mr Gekka's request."

Chu Koichi said.

"Your enemy?"

Hearing this, Yang Ming couldn't help but become curious.

"Yeah, to be honest, his name is Mizunoki. He graduated from the same batch as me in Ninja. Because he was defeated by me, he left the village and joined the Daming Mansion. He found a very powerful master in the Daming Mansion and learned a few Ninja Technique techniques. Now that my strength has improved, he injured me with just one technique. He told me to look for someone. Three days later, we will find out all the grudges between us. If he hadn't forced himself into a dead end, he wouldn't have troubled Mr Gekka. This is the third day, the person I can invite. Not many."

Chu Koichi said with a bitter smile.

"Someone from the Daming Mansion?"

Yang Ming's heart skipped a beat.

The Grass Country was not like the Five Great Countries. The guards of the Daming Mansion, the people who protected the major powers, were all the strongest people in the village. They were the ones who protected their big names.

At the same time, they monitored the big names and even controlled the big names to influence the will of the big names.

The guards of the Daming Mansion in the Grass Country were very complicated. The experts came from all directions. There were even iron-blooded mercenaries who were very powerful. Even the Grass Kage might not be a match for them.

A small country like Grass Country did not have this kind of ability.

The name was well-known in the empire. The Grass Kage had to be restrained by its words.

"That's right, people of the Daming Mansion. I suspect that Lord Grass Kage was suddenly called to the Daming Mansion to discuss something. It has something to do with this matter as well. However, this is just a baseless speculation. I hope Mr Gekka can help me now!"

Chu Koichi said.

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