Naruto: Wooden Sen SeY Cultivation System/C4 Don't Worry If I Say so Then so be It
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Naruto: Wooden Sen SeY Cultivation System/C4 Don't Worry If I Say so Then so be It
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C4 Don't Worry If I Say so Then so be It

Yang Ming looked at the two of them in shock and explained.

"Natural divine strength, this is a talent. I never thought that in this world, other than the one from Konoha, there is another person with such talent. Very good, very good!"

Hearing this, the old man nodded his head and looked at Yang Ming with a joyful expression. His expression was as if he had seen some rare treasure!

"He is truly talented. This strength is really too terrifying, especially since he is still so young. If he grows up, won't he be even more terrifying than that person?"

Mizushiro Tsubasa's face was filled with shock as he looked at Yang Ming in disbelief.

He could almost imagine that Yang Ming's name would definitely shake the entire Ninja World in the future.

Furthermore, he was only five years old now. It was hard to imagine how far he would grow in the future!

"Alright, alright, Gekka Ming, right? I wonder if you are interested in becoming a Ninja?"

At this moment, the old man asked.

"Become a Ninja?"

Yang Ming's heart moved. He nodded and said!

"Of course I want to become a Ninja. This way, I can protect the village. Unfortunately, I did not pass the test, so I am not qualified to go to the Ninja School for lessons."

After saying that, Yang Ming's expression became gloomy.

Although Cao Yan couldn't be compared to a big country like Konoha, he still had his own Ninja School to nurture talents and impart knowledge.

It was just that it was very simple.

"If I say so, then so be it. Tomorrow afternoon, come to my place to get the certificate."

The old man waved his hand as if it was a small matter.

"Where are you?"

Yang Ming asked curiously.

"You don't need to be suspicious, and don't ask any more questions. I'll get Shui Dai to pick you up tomorrow."

The old man said with an unquestionable tone. After he finished speaking, he left, not giving Yang Ming the chance to refuse.

"These two people!"

Seeing the two of them leave, Yang Ming's heart skipped a beat.

Judging from the bearing and strength of these two people, they should be the big shots of the village. But as for who exactly they were, he couldn't guess.

After all, only White Zetsu and Hei Jue knew about Shinobu in his previous life.

"Although I unlocked the basic Immortal Body and Strange Strength, my current strength... It's equal to the upper ninja realm, but this kind of strength is far from enough. Late stages of the Hokage, there are all kinds of cheat devices flying around. With the help of the Upper Endurance, there are even some ordinary Shadow Level. Even Super Shadows was not enough. I have to do what I want to do. I need to have the strength to control everything!"

Yang Ming murmured.

After completing the system mission, he had only unlocked a tenth of his abilities.

The next Intermediate Immortal Body and Advanced Strange Strengths could only be unlocked after completing the mission.

"Quest Requirements: Comprehend the history of Ninja World and familiarize yourself with the changes of the Ninja Technique."

"If that's the case, then I have to go to the Ninja School?"

Yang Ming was speechless when he saw this.

The first mission of the system was to sit quietly for a day and night before unlocking the basic Immortal Body and Strange Strength.

Only after unlocking this day could he see the next mission. The requirement of the mission was to be familiar with the history of Ninja World, the changes of the Ninja Technique.

This was to let him learn and understand the big environment he was in right now.

In this way, he could only go to the Ninja School to learn.

"Since that old man said so, I will believe him for now. I will stay in the orphanage and wait for him to come and find me."

Yang Ming murmured and walked towards the orphanage.

The room in the orphanage was a big dormitory. All the orphans slept together.

When Yang Ming returned, the test had already ended. Most of the people looked depressed. It was obvious that they had not passed the test, or perhaps they were not satisfied with the result.

They ran out to vent their anger, because once they lost this opportunity, their future life would be decided.

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