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Naruto: Wooden Sen SeY Cultivation System/C5 Back Then You Were so Proud and Aloof What about Now
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C5 Back Then You Were so Proud and Aloof What about Now

In this era where the strong are respected and the lives of the weak, who would be willing to be slaughtered!

But if one could not become a Ninja, then one could only be slaughtered!

Thinking up to here, many people ran out, unable to accept this reality.

At this time, in the large dormitory, there were only a few sporadic people.

What surprised Yang Ming was that Guan Shang, Jin Zhi, and Jin Zhi's younger sister Jin Mengzi were all there.

These two people had already passed the test. At this moment, their faces were filled with excitement as they packed their luggage.

Jin Mengzi was helping by the side. She was helping!

Because they were going to leave this place very soon, and go to a better environment. They would go to the Ninja School, receive professional training, and become Ninja in the future.

Jin Mengzi benefited from the gold, and from then on, her fate changed.

"Mr Gekka!"

Jin Mengzi saw Yang Ming and greeted him politely.

"Gekka Ming, it's you."

Jin Zhi and Guan Shang were stunned. They looked up and saw Yang Ming.

Looking at Yang Ming, Jin Zhi seemed to have thought of something. He let out a cold laugh and said in a strange tone.

"Gekka Ming, I really didn't expect that we would come in together. Back then, you were so proud and aloof, and you didn't even care about anyone. Among us orphans, you are the most arrogant. What a pity. From now on, we are not the same. In the future, you... You can only look up to me forever. Sigh, what a pity!"

Jin Chao sneered and looked at Yang Ming with disdain.

Many people came in together. These two people were brought back from the same village as Yang Ming. In the beginning, everyone came to the orphanage together.

They studied and worked.

Yang Ming was the most diligent and physically fit among this group of people.

He was once praised by Gong Lizi.

Many people were jealous.

Jin Zhi and Guan Shang were among them.

Unfortunately, after the examination, fate changed immediately.

Now, they seized the opportunity to laugh at Yang Ming.

"Brother, why are you doing this? You have already decided to become a Ninja. Why are you still holding onto the past?"

When Jin Mengzi heard this, she immediately pulled Jin Zhi's clothes.

Jin Qian smiled. Although he did not mind, he did not continue speaking. It was obvious that he doted on this little sister of his very much and could not bear to refute her feelings.

"Mr Gekka, I'm sorry. Don't take my brother's words to heart. He has no one to hide."

After Jin Zhi stayed, Jin Mengzi hurriedly apologized to Yang Ming.

The two of them were siblings, but they had completely different personalities.

Yang Ming nodded and silently returned to his bed. He laid down and thought about his future path.

As a transmigrator, it was not easy for him to come to the Hokage world, so he naturally did some things.

The first thing he wanted to do was naturally to go to the Konoha and find Hinata!

Just like most of the people, he liked Hinata. Since he came to the Hokage, he could not let Hinata fall into the hands of others. Of course, he would get it himself.

According to the plot in his mind, Hinata was in the middle of winter, around five or six years old. On a snowy morning, she was bullied and met Naruto. From then on, her feelings were deeply rooted.

Then he would have to catch up to Naruto!

However, the Konoha was not a place where anyone could go just because they wanted to.

As the leader of the five great countries of the Ninja World, there were as many experts as the clouds. Every person who entered and exited the Fire Country would strictly check their identity.

However, if they could cultivate to the Shadow Level, then in the entire Ninja World, besides a few taboo, they could go anywhere.

"Ninja School, I must go there. Then, I must quickly complete my mission and improve my strength. It would be best if I can advance to the Shadow Level. Only then can I truly stand firmly in this world and have the qualifications to survive!"

Yang Ming thought in his heart, planning his own path.

Just as he was carefully planning his path, a group of people suddenly walked in.

They were children from other orphanage.

Gong Lizi led the team and gathered everyone together.

Jin Mengzi and Guan Shang were ready to see Jin Qian off when Jin Mengzi and Guan Shang saw him off.

From today onwards, the three of them walked on different paths just like everyone else was not around.

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