Naruto: Wooden Sen SeY Cultivation System/C6 Who Dares to Cause Trouble near My Grass Country
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Naruto: Wooden Sen SeY Cultivation System/C6 Who Dares to Cause Trouble near My Grass Country
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C6 Who Dares to Cause Trouble near My Grass Country

"Guan Shang, Jin Dian, Jin Mengzi, to congratulate you on passing the test, let's have a meal together and fill our stomachs with meat!"

Gong Lizi saw the two of them and nodded in satisfaction. It seemed that the two of them passed the test and made her look much more handsome.

As for Yang Ming, she automatically ignored him.

In the past, Yang Ming might have been able to let her take a look, but now he was totally not worthy of her attention.

"Alright. Although we are about to leave, if there is anything you need from us in the future, you can come and find us. If you can do it, you must help us."

Guan Shang, who was a few months older, said in a mature manner when he saw the situation.

Jin Zhi didn't say anything. His expression was cold and aloof, as if he was rejecting people from thousands of miles away.

Jin Mengzi, on the other hand, was gentle and enthusiastic as she followed Guan Shang's reply.

Following Gong Lizi's lead, a group of people brought along all kinds of food and headed towards the nearby empty field.

As for Yang Ming, he seemed to have been forgotten by others.

Yang Ming hesitated for a moment and followed at the back of the group, silently moving forward.

When the last few people saw this, they could not help but sneer. What a pity!

"This is reality. No matter how hard you work in the past, if you don't have the qualifications... If you can't pass the test, you will be a piece of trash. Even though the dean has arranged a way out for you. However, that way is completely useless. If you don't have any strength... How are you going to survive in Ninja World? "

"That's right. The strong are respected in this world. If you don't have strength, you can't even be compared to a dog. Especially now that the second war of Ninja World has just ended, who knows if the third war will start soon!"

"No matter what, he will be reduced to such a state. This can't be blamed on anyone. If you want to blame someone, you can only blame your bad luck!"

Upon hearing this, Yang Ming didn't pay any attention to it. With a calm expression, he walked away unhurriedly.

He had returned to his previous life, and his mentality had already become as good as a diamond. How could he be affected by these words?

On the contrary, it made him realize what the Ninja World was!

Without strength, in the eyes of the Ninja in the Ninja World, ordinary civilians' lives were even worse than dogs'.

Furthermore, as long as they were strong, they could do whatever they wanted!

This was the true face of the Ninja World!

It was completely different from what he remembered!

The group of people surrounded Guan Shang, Jin Qiao, and Jin Mengzi like stars surrounding the moon. The three of them were valiant and vigorous. Under Gong Lizi's lead, they arrived at a forest.

This place was already ten kilometers away from the orphanage. In order to enrich the food, Gong Lizi specially chose a region near the water in addition to the meat she brought along.

After settling down, everyone started to move.

Some washed vegetables, washed meat, or used local materials to catch fish.

Although everyone was young, their daily life skills were at the peak of perfection.

This was something that they had honed over the years.

Guan Shang and the other two were like old masters. They sat in the middle and watched everyone work. They were only responsible for tasting.

After a while, the ingredients that everyone had gathered were almost done, and they began to make the ingredients.

Some were barbecued, some were fried, and some were fried.

Very soon, a thick fragrance assailed their nostrils.

Everyone was excited as they gathered together and waited for the meal to begin.

"This place has already left the border of the village!"

At this time, someone noticed that they had unknowingly left the village.

Although they were less than half a mile away from the village, they were no longer within the range of the village.

They were no longer protected!

"It's just a little bit. Don't worry. Who dares to cause trouble near Grass Country?"

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