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Naruto: Wooden Sen SeY Cultivation System/C9 Let's Stop Here Otherwise It Won't End Here
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C9 Let's Stop Here Otherwise It Won't End Here

As he said, using the Ninja Technique to kill three little ghosts was an insult to his status!

Black clothed teenager held Ku Wu in his hand and came before the three of them. He raised Ku Wu high up in the air and was about to attack!

At this moment, a faint sigh suddenly sounded!

"Don't you all think that you have gone too far?"

Following which, a slightly tall child walked out from the side. He looked at Chu Koichi and the others and said indifferently.


Hearing this voice, everyone looked over in surprise!

Black clothed teenager, who was about to attack, also stopped what he was doing and frowned. He looked at the person who spoke. He wanted to see who dared to stand out at this time and seek death!

Yang Ming came in front of the three of them and reached out his hand to stop them. He protected the three of them behind him. He looked at black clothed teenager, Chu Koichi, and the others and said indifferently.

"Let's stop here. If this matter gets out of hand, it won't end well for us!"

"Gekka Ming, if you want to die, don't drag the others into this matter!"

When Yang Ming said this, Gong Lizi immediately shouted fiercely!

Originally, three people's death was already enough. With Yang Ming's interference, it was afraid that Chu Koichi would be implicated even more.

Once he really attacked, she wouldn't be able to stop him!

Yang Ming would implicate everyone!

"Oh? That's it, kid. Who do you think you are to talk to me?"

Chu Koichi looked at Yang Ming with a sneer. His tone was filled with disdain.

"I am not a thing. My name is Gekka Ming. When you speak, you better be polite. Otherwise, if you offend someone you shouldn't offend, you will be the one to suffer in the end!"

Yang Ming frowned and said in a lecturing tone.

When he said this, everyone in the surroundings felt a chill run down their spines.

Gong Lizi even left immediately, as if something very terrifying was going to happen next!

As for the four orphans, their bodies were trembling, their faces were pale, and some of them directly plopped down!

It was as if something terrible was going to happen next!

"Gekka Ming, if you want to die, just die by yourself. Why did you pull us together? Didn't you see Jin Mengzi get punished just because of one more sentence?"

Everyone looked at Yang Ming and glared at him.

They were furious that Yang Ming had implicated them!

"I will provoke someone I shouldn't have provoked?"

When Chu Koichi heard this, he didn't get angry. Instead, he laughed. He looked at Yang Ming and nodded.

"Okay! Good! Good!"

He said the word 'good' three times in a row. It was obvious that he was extremely furious!

" This is the first time since I graduated that someone dared to talk to me like this. Gekka Ming, you are very good. I will remember your name! "

"Leave no one alive. Kill them all!"

Chu Koichi shouted at black clothed teenager.

"It's over! This time, it's all over! Chu Koichi, kill all of us!"

"Gekka Ming, it's all your fault. You will die a horrible death!"

"Gekka Ming, it's all your fault. I won't let you go even if I become a ghost!"

Hearing these words, everyone couldn't help but feel despair!

They looked at Yang Ming and kept cursing!

"Kid, you really have the guts to refute Brother Chong in front of me. You are the first person I have seen in all these years!"

"But you have to pay the price for this!"

Black clothed teenager held Ku Wu in his hand and looked coldly at Yang Ming. Suddenly, his body moved and he directly charged over!

Ku Wu waved his hand, and a cold light flashed. It was incomparably sharp!

He moved horizontally towards Yang Ming's neck!

Black clothed teenager's attack was as fast as lightning, and it almost instantly arrived in front of Yang Ming!

Seeing this, everyone hurriedly closed their eyes, not daring to look!


With a crisp sound, black clothed teenager's hand, which was holding Ku Wu, was grabbed by Yang Ming at an amazing angle!

Ku Wu was only a hair away from Yang Ming's neck!

However, the difference of a hair's breadth was a thousand miles!

It was this hair's breadth of difference that black clothed teenager could not rush in no matter what. Instead, his wrist was grabbed, and he was restricted!

"So it turns out that he has such strength. No wonder he is so confident!"

Seeing this, black clothed teenager felt bitter and helpless. Yang Ming's body flashed and dodged. As for black clothed teenager, he took a step back and looked at Yang Ming!

His expression gradually became serious!

"I was just playing with you just now, now I will let you see my true strength!"

Black clothed teenager sneered. The Chakra in his body circulated. His movement technique suddenly became faster.

He punched and kicked, and rushed towards Yang Ming!

His speed and strength were at least twice as fast as before!


Seeing this, Yang Ming laughed lightly and threw out a punch!

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