National Husband Hugs Me/C10 Instinct That Woman Is Her
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National Husband Hugs Me/C10 Instinct That Woman Is Her
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C10 Instinct That Woman Is Her

This man is horrible!

Gu Huanhuan was immediately discouraged and muttered, "I didn't want them to wait for me..."

Yeh Chuxuan's face immediately became even darker. Han Shaochen, who was beside him, could not help but laugh. "Interesting, very interesting..."

In the end, he instantly received a cold look from Yeh Chuxuan. He could only hold back his laughter and look at Gu Huanhuan who was a little stunned.

"It is not impossible for you to leave. I do not need you to pay me back. You just need to give me the child, or tell me the truth of what happened six years ago..."

Gu Huanhuan gritted her teeth and collapsed. "I don't know the child, and I don't know the truth..."

"Then you will stay here for the rest of your life!!"

Yeh Chuxuan said coldly. He really did not have any patience. After he finished speaking, he directly got up and went upstairs.

When Han Shaochen saw this, he immediately got up and followed him. He suddenly thought of something. He turned to Gu Huanhuan and said, "There are surveillance cameras in the courtyard of Yeh family. There is an electric fence around the walls. Those who touch the electric fence will die. I estimate that Chuxuan has turned off the electric fence this time. You are lucky. Don't do such a dangerous thing next time. Little beauty!"

After saying that, she immediately went upstairs as well.

Gu Huanhuan, who was behind him, gasped. There was an electric net? He really almost died!

The butler saw that Young Master and Han Young Master had left. He stepped forward and said, "Miss Gu, you must not do such a thing again in the future. It is too dangerous!"

Gu Huanhuan sighed, "I know..."

"Other than the wall being very dangerous, there are also many rules in Yeh family. I have told you that the room with the bell at the door of this villa must not be entered. Young Master will be angry, and... "

Following that, the butler pulled Gu Huanhuan and told her about some of the forbidden precautions of the Yeh family. As Gu Huanhuan listened, she became even more depressed. It seemed that she would have to stay here for a long time.

Before finding that child or that twin sister of hers, she would not be able to leave!


In the study room.

Yeh Chuxuan was sitting behind his desk, smoking a cigar with a gloomy face.

As soon as Han Shaochen entered the room, he smelled a faint smell of tobacco. "Didn't you say you quit smoking? Don't tell me you want to borrow cigarettes to relieve your worries!"

"You sure talk a lot!" Yeh Chuxuan frowned and said. "How's the investigation going?"

Han Shaochen was immediately dissatisfied. "They don't care how I investigated. They only asked about the result..."

"Cut the crap!"

"All right, all right..." Seeing that Yeh Chuxuan was not in a good mood, Han Shaochen did not have the mood to make fun of him. He sighed and said, "I have thoroughly investigated the entire Gu family. I did not find anything about Gu Huanhuan's twin sister, Gu Yule. Even some old servants did not know about this!"

... "" After Yeh Chuxuan heard that, he took a deep breath of the cigar. The cigar was filled with smoke, but he did not say anything.

Han Shaochen continued, "If it was not for the birth certificate from Maria's Hospital, I'm afraid no one would know that Gu Huanhuan has a twin sister. I want to start with Gu Changsheng..."

Yeh Chuxuan shook his head. "We are not the only ones keeping an eye on this matter. Don't alert the enemy for the time being!"

"Then what should we do?" Han Shaochen asked, "I see that you did not get any useful results from Gu Huanhuan either. Does she really not know anything?"

"I have never seen Gu Yule before, but I have a feeling that the woman who gave birth to my child six years ago is Gu Huanhuan!"

Therefore, he would definitely not let her leave so easily!

Han Shaochen was surprised and a little surprised by Yeh Chuxuan's reaction. He had never used intuition to prove anything!

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