National Husband Hugs Me/C12 I Know the Truth
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National Husband Hugs Me/C12 I Know the Truth
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C12 I Know the Truth

In the next few days, Gu Huanhuan finally knew what a tragedy was. It turned out that the woman called Su Kexin was going to live in Yeh family's villa during this period of time.

What a joke! With that look in her eyes, she knew that she would not be easy to get along with, okay?

Gu Huanhuan immediately started to think of a way again. No, she definitely could not stay in this place anymore. She must think of a way to leave!

Even if there was no way, she had to create a way to leave!

She had been calling Gu Changsheng these few days and still could not get through. Gu Huanhuan thought of an idea and might as well go and find Gu Changsheng and ask him about it!

In the study room.

Ye Shaochen grabbed Gu Huanhuan's chin, "Woman, what trick are you playing again?"

"I'm not playing tricks." Gu Huanhuan took a deep breath. "I came to tell you about my twin sister. My mother has passed away, but my father is still alive. You can ask him about investigating my sister!"

"You think I'll fall for your trick?"

"Yeh Chuxuan, do you believe that this is the only result I have? I'm begging you. Why don't you take me to see my father? After I ask you, you will know, and I will know. Isn't that so?" Gu Huanhuan earnestly said. She just wanted to leave this place.

Yeh Chuxuan narrowed his eyes. This matter was temporarily suppressed by him on the surface. He didn't want to involve Gu Changsheng because he was afraid that this matter would leak out and cause more trouble in the future. But what this woman said...

"Are you sure Gu Changsheng knows the truth?"

"Who does my father not know?" Gu Huanhuan was furious. "I didn't even know I had a twin sister!"

Yeh Chuxuan paused. Gu Huanhuan did not know what he was thinking. She was so nervous that she wanted to die. In the end, she only heard him say, "Okay, I will take you there!"


Gu Huanhuan was so happy that she died. It was as if she saw the hope of leaving this place. In the end, she received a cold look from Yeh Chuxuan. She immediately covered her mouth and did not dare to be excited anymore.

This man was really annoying!


Yeh Chuxuan drove and brought Gu Huanhuan to the Gu residence.

Su Kexin, who was in the room upstairs, watched the two of them leave. Her eyes were filled with jealousy as she clenched her fists.

In the past few days in the Yeh family, she had already figured out Gu Huanhuan's background. This damned slut, what right do you have to compete with me for Chuxuan? Since you want to die, then don't blame me for being impolite.

On Gu Huanhuan's side.

The Gu family's villa was actually not far from the Yeh family. Not long after, the car stopped in front of the Gu family's villa's door.

Yeh Chuxuan glanced at Gu Huanhuan. Gu Huanhuan smiled brightly. She knew that he did not intend to get off the car with him.

"Tsk, what's so great about it!" Gu Huanhuan muttered softly and put down her seatbelt, preparing to get off the car.

Yeh Chuxuan narrowed his eyes. "What did you say?"

Gu Huanhuan was shocked. Did he hear her retort just now? Suddenly, she changed her words like a dog's leg. "No, no, I didn't say anything. Hehe... Wait here, I'll go look for my father!"

After saying that, Gu Huanhuan immediately got out of the car as if she was escaping.

Walking to the front door of Gu's house, Gu Huanhuan pressed the doorbell. Very quickly, there was a reaction in the villa.

"This is the Gu residence. May I ask who it is..."

"I am Gu Huanhuan. I am looking for my father!" Gu Huanhuan said. However, the moment she finished speaking, there was no sound from the other end of the walkie-talkie.

Gu Huanhuan frowned. Could it be that her father was not at home at this time? Or was he still at the company?

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