National Husband Hugs Me/C123 A Man must be Cruel to Himself
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National Husband Hugs Me/C123 A Man must be Cruel to Himself
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C123 A Man must be Cruel to Himself

Old Master Yeh picked up the jade staff next to the chair and knocked it hard on his arm. "You still want to argue? If you are in A City, tell me, who is this person in the computer?"

Yeh Fengjue pretended to get closer and looked at the screen again. He pointed at the person in the screen and said, "Grandpa, look at the side profile of the person in the screen. There is not a single camera on the face, although it looks like me at first glance. But I can't rule out the possibility that it is someone else. There are so many people in this world who are similar to me. Just by relying on this unknown USB and a side profile, you can convict me. This is too unfair."

Yeh Chuxuan, who had been watching from the side, had a slight change in expression. He took a deep look at Yeh Fengjue. He suddenly said, "Grandfather, Father, I think what Big Brother said is right. Big brother had such a business overseas, so he knew a lot of people. We can't rule out the possibility that someone wants to pretend to be him and deal with the drug dealers, and then frame our Yeh family. I believe in big brother. He would never do such a shady business. "

Everyone knew that these two brothers were always fighting each other in secret. Now, Yeh Chuxuan actually stood up to speak to Yeh Fengjue. Not only Yeh Fengjue felt strange in his heart, even Old Master Yeh and Ye Family's Father were a little surprised.

Even so, Old Master Yeh still did not buy it. He suddenly thought of something and ordered the butler," Old Chen, take off his coat! "

Yeh Fengjue immediately refused, "Grandfather, there is no need for the housekeeper to do it. I will take it off myself."

After saying that, he took off his coat with a pained expression. The red gauze on his right arm was exposed in front of everyone.

When the old man saw the wound, his anger immediately rose again. "Bastard, you still say it's not you? Yesterday's news clearly said that the narcotics police had hit the right arm of the escaped person. What else do you have to say now?"

Yeh Fengjue seemed to be very helpless as he explained, "Grandfather, it really wasn't me. This wound was when I went out last night. I ran into a group of gangsters bullying a girl, so I went up to them and said a few words. I accidentally got injured by them with a knife. "

"Did the hoodlums hurt you?" Ye Family's Father smiled coldly. "I would like to know what kind of hoodlum he is. His combat strength is so strong, but he can actually hurt you?"

All the men in the Yeh family would be thrown into the army for a few years after they became adults. Therefore, Yeh Fengjue's excuse could only lie to Gu Huanhuan. It was not believable to say that in front of the elders of the Yeh family.

But Yeh Fengjue had no other choice.

"Dad, even if it's a horse, it will still lose its front hooves, let alone a human."

Yeh Chuxuan's handsome face moved slightly, and he said, "Dad, it's actually very simple to examine this matter. The knife wound and the gun wound are very obvious. As long as we look at Big Brother's wound, we can naturally prove his innocence. Right, brother!"

Yeh Fengjue turned his head and looked at his younger brother coldly. When he faced his grandfather, his face was filled with grievance. He started to play the family card. "Grandpa, of course there's no problem with looking at the wound, but don't you trust me too much? I am your biological grandson. You watched me grow up. Do you really believe that I would do that kind of thing? "

When one was old, one's heart would soften. Old Master Yeh, who had spent half his life in the army, was no exception. But this matter is too serious. Up until now, the butler had yet to find the person who sent the USB. So, was he trying to frame the Yeh family or was he really trying to blackmail the Yeh family? He had to know.

Ye Family's Father saw that the old man was hesitating, so he said to his eldest son, "Yeh Fengjue, now it's no longer about trust or trust. This is the bottom line and foundation of Yeh family. As elders, of course we don't want this to be true. But now, all the blame is on you. We won't bet on the entire Ye Family because of your mistakes. We will bet on the glory of the Yeh family's ancestors for hundreds of years. Steward Chen, attack! "

Yeh Fengjue seemed to have made up his mind and said firmly," Alright, for my innocence. Uncle Chen, you attack."

Seeing Yeh Fengjue's attitude, Yeh Chuxuan could not help feeling suspicious in his heart. He actually dared to let Yeh Fengjue examine his wound?

Uncle Chen said, "Great Young Master, it hurts a little. Bear with it." Then he started to remove the gauze.

The gauze was removed one after another. In the end, Yeh Fengjue took a deep breath in pain. The wound finally showed up in front of the four of them. Under the powder, there was a long incision. Although it had been carefully treated, it was still a little scary at first glance.

"Master, it's a knife wound." Steward Chen observed carefully.

The corner of Yeh Fengjue's mouth revealed a victorious smile.

More than an hour ago, at Yeh Fengjue's apartment.

After hanging up the phone, he asked the private doctor, "Can you tell the difference between a gunshot wound and a knife wound?"

"Ordinary people can't tell, but if you have been in this field, you can definitely tell."

Yeh Fengjue frowned and thought for a moment. He directly tore the gauze that had just been wrapped around his hand and handed the knife to the doctor. "Make the wound look like it had been cut."

The doctor was stunned. "This... This has a huge impact on the compound of the wound."

"As long as it doesn't die." Yeh Fengjue's eyes were full of malice.

No, he should be more ruthless. How could he get through this?

The doctor took the knife helplessly. "It might hurt a lot. Bear with it."

Yeh Fengjue stuffed a piece of new gauze into his mouth and gestured for him to do it.

After thinking about what had happened just now, Yeh Fengjue exhaled. He could finally get through this. He heard Steward Chen say, "But this knife wound is a little strange."

The old man frowned. "Why is it strange?"

Steward Chen said, "Usually, when a knife cuts on the arm, the wound will be very neat, but this wound..."

"Speak!" the old man said in a deep voice.

"There are some blunt holes around this wound, and it doesn't look like it was cut by a knife." Steward Chen stopped talking. He still had one more thing that he did not say. It was obvious that the wound was caused just now.

Although Steward Chen was loyal to the old man, he had to leave some way out for himself.

At this moment, Yeh Chuxuan finally understood where Yeh Fengjue's confidence came from. It seemed like he was really ruthless to himself in order to get through this!

"Grandfather, even if the blade of a hoodlum isn't sharp, you still have to blame me?" Yeh Fengjue defended himself.

Ye Family's Father continued, "You mean the knife used by gangsters to cut people is a woodcutter from the 1980s and 90s?"

Yeh Fengjue looked at his father and smiled. "Dad, you are the parent of A City. The security management is so bad. Don't you have any responsibility?"

"Don't change the topic for me!" Old Master Yeh knocked on his walking stick, his eyes showing shrewdness and displeasure. "Don't think of me and your father as idiots. Don't tell me you won't hurt your father with a gun? Fengjue, this is all left of us playing. There is no obvious evidence. Don't even think about passing today's trial. "

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