National Husband Hugs Me/C126 How Many Nights Do You Know Each Other All in All?
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National Husband Hugs Me/C126 How Many Nights Do You Know Each Other All in All?
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C126 How Many Nights Do You Know Each Other All in All?

Old Master Yeh burst into laughter and teased his grandson, "If you want to be Third Brother's seat, it depends on whether you have the ability to do so."

"You can learn if you don't have the ability. Grandpa, if I really have the ability of Third Brother, will you give me the seat?" Yeh Fanyu looked at his grandfather with a pair of pure eyes. His smile was pure and gentle.

Old Master Yeh lightly tapped his grandson's leg with the stick, smiled and said, "Wait until you have the ability of Third Brother."

Yeh Fanyu's face was full of melancholy. "Aiyo, Third Brother is so powerful. If I want to catch up to him, how long will it take? Me, I'd better be a small manager."

The third generation of the grandfather and grandson were joking, but they did not know that some of them were sincere, while others were fake.

Besides, the two Young Master who had just left the house had just walked to the front of the car and started fighting.

Yeh Fengjue threw a punch from the back and was quickly dodged by Yeh Chuxuan. He turned around and grabbed his brother's arm. "Big brother, what are you doing?"

"You don't know what I'm doing?" Yeh Fengjue gritted his teeth. He had lost more than ten million yuan in this fight. He had almost lost his life. How could he swallow this anger?

Yeh Chuxuan sneered. "How would I know what you want to do, big brother?"

Yeh Fengjue pounced forward and pressed him on the car. His eyes were full of viciousness. He lowered his voice and said, "You dare to say that you are not behind this?"

Yeh Chuxuan pushed him away with force. His slender fingers flicked the dust on his clothes. "I don't understand what Big Brother said. Since the person in the video is not Big Brother, why would he say that he is behind this?"

"Okay! Yeh Chuxuan, let's wait and see!"

Someone said calmly, "I'll accompany you to the end!"

Getting in the car and leaving, the moment the car brushed past, Yeh Chuxuan stuck his head out and said to his big brother, "I have a doctor with good medical skills. He will definitely not give the patient another stab when he is treating the patient. Do you want to introduce him to Big Brother?"

Yeh Fengjue sat in the car with his eyes closed. He spat out a few words, "Thank you, no need!"

After work, the favorite hotpot restaurant.

"What? You rejected Yeh Fengjue's proposal?" Mu Qingqing, who was cooking the lamb in the pot, shook her hand and the lamb fell down.

Gu Huanhuan ate until her forehead was covered in sweat. "Yes, otherwise what? You still agree?"

Mu Qingqing gave her good friend a thumbs up and praised, "Awesome! That is the Yeh family's Great Young Master, although his reputation is a bit lower than Third Young Master Yeh's. You can marry into a wealthy family with just a nod. He actually rejected her just like that? You are indeed awesome! "

" Why did he want to enter the Wealthy Class? " Gu Huanhuan patted her chest and said proudly, "I am also considered a rich woman now. I have enough to eat and drink and also have a job. I can do whatever I want. Why do I still want to be a wife in the Wealthy Class? I don't care about elder sister! Most importantly, I don't like him."

Mu Qingqing brought a pair of chopsticks of beef to her friend with incomparable respect and asked with a smile," As expected of a silly girl. Come, sisters will reward you with a piece of beef. "

Gu Huanhuan reached over to catch the bowl of beef and asked worriedly, "Tell me, I will reject Yeh Fengjue in front of him and make him lose face. Will he take revenge on me?"

"Worried for nothing. Is the structure of the Yeh family's Great Young Master really that small? He might even turn around and forget who you are."

Gu Huanhuan heard this and started to eat happily again, "You are right. I was too narrow-minded."

Mu Qingqing looked at her best friend's beautiful face and asked with a sly smile," But speaking of which, if the person who proposed today was not Great Young Master, but that Third Young Master, would you also refuse? "

Gu Huanhuan's eyelids jumped and her heart tightened slightly. She immediately retorted, "Who cares about Great Young Master? Third Young Master will not marry anyway. Hey hey hey, what's wrong with you, woman? Why do you keep mentioning others for no reason? I still want to ask you, what's the matter between you and Han Shaochen?"

Mu Qingqing smiled gently, emitting the joy of a woman in love," Nothing much. I just saw it correctly. I think the other party is not bad. Let's try it together. "

"Then... Then you guys have only met a few times and that's all..." Gu Huanhuan was so shy that she could not say anything that exposed her bones.

Mu Qingqing looked at her good friend with disdain, "Since it is to try, of course I have to give it a try in all aspects? Why do I feel that it is not suitable if I don't give it a try?"

Gu Huanhuan laughed and asked in a low voice, "Looking at your condition, you are trying pretty well, right?"

"Of course!" Mu Qingqing smiled and said, "Let me tell you..."

Gu Huanhuan quickly interrupted her words, "Stop, stop, stop. Don't tell me those topics that are not suitable for children. I am a good baby."

"Tsk, it has already been eaten and wiped clean by others. You still say that it is a good baby?" Mu Qingqing teased.

It was unknown whether it was because of the hot pot or because someone felt guilty, but his face immediately turned red. He quickly changed the topic, "That, later we will go shopping. Whatever you like, just say it. I will pay the bill."

Mu Qingqing only wanted to clap and cheer, "Huanhuan, you are so beautiful today!"

Gu Huanhuan smiled brightly, "That is necessary. Hurry up and eat."

Life finally returned to the right track and what Gu Huanhuan was worried about did not happen. At this moment, Yeh Fengjue was busy taking care of a mess overseas. Because at the end of the year, every person in charge of the Ye family had to report on this year's work at the family meeting. There would also be specialized people coming to check the accounts. So, he needs to find a way to fill that huge hole as soon as possible.

This might be the most carefree and carefree Gu Huanhuan had been through during this period of time, but good days always came to an end.

As soon as he arrived at the magazine in the morning, Gu Huanhuan was summoned into Xiao Lu Yan's office.

"Contact Director Yeh. He has a job for you." Xiao Lu Yan gave her a business card.

Gu Huanhuan was a little relaxed recently. She was stunned. "Which Director Yeh?"

Xiao Lu Yan's eyes moved from the computer to her face. "How many Director Yeh do you know?"

Gu Huanhuan lowered her head to look at the business card. On it was written that it was the senior assistant of the president of Yeh's Group, Han Shaochen. She laughed. When did this guy become Yeh Chuxuan's assistant? And senior?

"Knock knock knock!" Xiao Lu Yan knocked on the table and Gu Huanhuan immediately stopped smiling.

"Looks like you know CEO Han. Then quickly pack up and report to the company."

"But Chief Editor, what kind of work can the company give me? And I still have a few women's clothing that I haven't taken pictures of." Gu Huanhuan declined and did not want to go.

But Xiao Lu Yan did not give her a chance and directly said, "Now is it you who says you won't go if you don't want to? What nonsense was there to say? I will give the work you have to do to others. I will go over this morning. "

" Oh... "Gu Huanhuan came out of the office with her head hanging low and started to pack her things.

The colleague sitting opposite her saw her like this and thought that she had been resigned. He quickly asked, "Huanhuan, why did you pack your things? Don't tell me you were fired."

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