National Husband Hugs Me/C131 Familiar Strangers
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National Husband Hugs Me/C131 Familiar Strangers
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C131 Familiar Strangers

There were nearly a hundred monitors hanging on the wall of the monitoring room, constantly monitoring every corner of the mall, of course, except for the fitting room in the clothing section.

"Ms. Gu, which floor were you on? Which store?" The manager asked politely.

"The fifth floor." But which shop was it? Gu Huanhuan's eyes saw the clothes in her friend's hand and pointed to the shopping bag and said, "It's this one."

The manager looked at it and asked the staff to bring out the specific location and zoom in.

The camera was right across from the shop and the pixels were relatively clear. Gu Huanhuan placed her hands on the table and stared at the huge surveillance camera on the wall, afraid that she would miss everyone inside.

She and Mu Qingqing walked into the shop and there were people coming and going outside. After about ten minutes, Mu Qingqing suddenly ran out.

"Stop!" Huanhuan and Qingqing shouted at the same time.

"Pour it back a little." Gu Huanhuan pointed at the picture and said, her voice slightly trembling.

The picture fell bit by bit. Half a minute before Mu Qingqing ran out, a woman appeared in the picture...

She had a tall figure, long vertical hair, a light long trench coat, and a black bag in her hand. The key was that the side profile was almost exactly the same as Gu Huanhuan's...

Gu Huanhuan felt that her breathing was about to stop. From the beginning when she spoke nonsense, to her father personally confirming it, and now seeing it with her own eyes, her mood was like a roller coaster. It was unknown whether she was happy or sad.

"Qingqing, she is my elder sister." Gu Huanhuan held her good friend's hand and looked at the motionless woman on the screen. She could not even bear to blink her eyes.

Mu Qingqing put her arm around her shoulder and comforted her with a smile. " Yes, she is your elder sister."

"I have a elder sister, I have family." Tears of joy instantly rolled down his face. His parents left one after another, having a older sister. Henceforth, she was no longer a single person in this world. Her voice was almost choked with sobs, "Qingqing, I have a sister..."

Mu Qingqing took out a tissue to wipe her tears. "Silly, what are you crying for? You should be happy."

"Yes, yes..."

Yeh Chuxuan came down from this kind of situation. Seeing the woman cry, he frowned and asked, "What happened?"

Gu Huanhuan wiped her tears and smiled. She pointed at the picture on the wall and said, "Look!"

Following her finger, Yeh Chuxuan's eyes lit up. Although it was only the side of his face, he was basically certain that it was this woman.

After searching for so long, it turned out that she was by our side after going around for a while.

Or did it mean that if we don't look for her, she will deliver herself to us?

"Director Yeh, I'm really sorry just now. Look, I don't know either..." Ever since Yeh Chuxuan came in, the manager had been standing at the side and secretly rubbing his hands, thinking about how to apologize.

Yeh Chuxuan looked at him. "You also do things according to the rules. Go out and do your work. The technical staff can stay behind."

"Okay, okay..." The manager was eager to leave this place. He bent down and said to Gu Huanhuan, "Sorry," and then left.

"Young Master Yeh, it's her, right?" Gu Huanhuan asked with a tearful smile in her eyes.

"It should be her." Yeh Chuxuan gave her an affirmative answer and then said to the staff in the monitoring room, "Keep an eye on this woman and see where she went."

The technical staff was dumbfounded. "Director Yeh, if we want to find her layer by layer, I'm afraid it will take quite some time."

Over a hundred cameras, how could it not take time?

"Let's see where she went last and where she disappeared." Yeh Chuxuan said.


The technician followed the route provided by Mu Qingqing and quickly pulled up the video. The screen showed that after she got off the elevator, she first went to the children's clothing store to see her clothes. After she came out, she bought a drink and then left the shopping mall.

It was unknown whether it was a coincidence or it was intentional. That face was basically a side profile or a back view. The face had never appeared on the camera.

What should we do next?

Yeh Chuxuan's gaze landed on Gu Huanhuan, making her feel a little scared. She could not help but touch her hair and ask softly, "Why are you looking at me?"

Yeh Chuxuan would not believe such nonsense about what happened. A City was so big, how could there be so many coincidences? If her guess was correct, then she must have deliberately let Gu Huanhuan find out. But why did she do that?

"Did you notice anything wrong along the way?" Yeh Chuxuan suddenly asked.

Gu Huanhuan frowned and thought for a while. She said in her heart, "I feel like someone has been following me, but when I look back, there is no one."

"Tell them the route you took to enter the mall. Maybe we can find more clues."

Although she did not know why Yeh Chuxuan did that, his intelligence was unquestionable. Gu Huanhuan decided to listen to him.

While the technical staff was looking for the picture, Yeh Chuxuan dialed Han Shaochen's number. "She appeared. She is probably still in A City. Send someone to find her immediately. Do not let go of any hotel or hotel. Just look for her according to Gu Huanhuan's appearance."

When Gu Huanhuan heard this, she felt a little strange for some reason.

According to Yeh Chuxuan's thinking, the technical staff really quickly found the picture of a woman. She seemed to be shopping alone, but she was on the same route as Gu Huanhuan. She was neither far away nor close. In addition, there was a lot of customers in the mall at night. Therefore, Gu Huanhuan and Mu Qingqing would not notice that someone was following them.

The truth was in front of her, Gu Huanhuan's mind was a little messy.

"No, why did she follow me?" Gu Huanhuan asked in confusion.

"Maybe I want to see how you are now?" Yeh Chuxuan deduced that this was the biggest possibility he could think of.

"Since she saw me, why didn't she come up to me?" Gu Huanhuan was a little sad.

Yeh Chuxuan looked at her with disdain and said coldly, "If you were her, would you do this? Suddenly appear in front of an identical person?"

Gu Huanhuan's excited mood gradually calmed down. No matter what, she had seen her now, right?

But to find her, with Gu Huanhuan's own strength, she definitely could not do it. She still had to rely on Yeh Chuxuan.

"That, Mr. Yeh, if you find my sister, can you tell me?" Gu Huanhuan said somewhat awkwardly.

Yeh Chuxuan crossed his arms in front of his chest and leaned against the computer table. He looked at her deeply and asked seriously, "Why?"

"I... I... I..." Gu Huanhuan hesitated for a long time and finally said, "This time, I am not the one who provided you with the clues. Anyway, you need to find her. We will help each other."

Yeh Chuxuan's lips curled into a smile. "Gu Huanhuan, I do not see how you can help in this matter."

"Then you just used my photo to look for someone. Does this count as my indirect help?" Gu Huanhuan looked up and asked.

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