National Husband Hugs Me/C133 She Was Being Followed?
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National Husband Hugs Me/C133 She Was Being Followed?
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C133 She Was Being Followed?

Yeh Chuxuan paused for a second and said, "Not yet."

"Ah? Not yet!" Yeh Fanyu was a little surprised.

Even though Yeh Chuxuan had unlimited tolerance for his younger brother, he still asked impatiently, "What's the matter? Just tell me. I'm still busy."

"I was thinking that if you have a female companion, I will take a look in advance. If she is very beautiful, then I will find an ordinary beauty, if..."

Before he could finish, Yeh Chuxuan patted his head with the document in his hand. "What are you thinking about all day long? If you are worried that the female companion you find is not beautiful, you can just accompany Grandfather to the stage. Who forced you to find a girl? "

Yeh Fanyu was enlightened. "That's right. Why didn't I think of that? Third Brother, you busy yourself. I'm going out! "

He picked up another stack of documents and swept his gaze across the desk. He suddenly stopped in his tracks.

"Third Brother, where's the thing I gave you?"

"Oh, my friend likes it, so I gave it to him. Why? I can't bear to part with it." Yeh Chuxuan teased.

"No, no. I gave it to you as a gift. You can give it to anyone you want." Yeh Fanyu immediately said, but the expression on his face was a little subtle. "I'm going out."


At night, Yeh Chuxuan came to the Yeh family's old residence to report his mission.

"Did you catch the motorcyclist?" Old Master Yeh asked in surprise.

"Yes, I did." Yeh Chuxuan ate his meal with a very natural expression. "But before I could ask anything, I already died from taking drugs. I found a camera and a cassette tape at his place of residence. But the person behind the scenes is still looking for him. "

The story was very simple, because the simpler the story, the easier it was to believe.

As for the person behind the scenes, he would naturally come out when it was time.

When Old Master Yeh heard that the person was dead, he no longer had the desire to eat. He simply added a few mouthfuls and quickly put down his chopsticks.

"You should pay more attention to this in the near future to prevent anyone from stirring up trouble with this matter." Old Master Yeh reminded.

"Grandpa, I'm keeping an eye on it. Don't worry about the new year."

A satisfied smile emerged on Old Master Yeh's face. If it was said that when he first handed over the Yeh's Group to Yeh Chuxuan, he was still a little worried, but after these few years of rapid development... Yeh Chuxuan had proved his ability, and he had basically let go of it.

Of course, he was relieved to leave the matter to his favorite grandson.


Berry Magazine.

The end of the year was the busiest time for every company, and the magazine was no exception. New Year's Day, New Year's Magazine, and the following Valentine's Day Magazine... Gu Huanhuan and her colleagues were so busy that they almost went crazy. There was even the phenomenon of working overtime all night.

It could not be helped. Who asked everyone to return home during the holidays?

However, what troubled Gu Huanhuan recently was not working overtime, but that she kept feeling that someone was watching her in the dark, just like the last time at the mall.

The previous few times, she thought that it was her elder sister. She was still a little excited and waited for a long time. In the end, no one came to look for her. After that, she didn't care. She should go to work, eat, and eat.

When she told this matter to her good friend, Mu Qingqing said, "Did you get scared last time? Why don't you go to the hospital to take a look at the neurology department?"

Gu Huanhuan glared at her. "I'm serious with you."

"I'm telling the truth. Why don't you call Yeh Chuxuan and see if there's any news from him?"

At night, her colleagues were all busy working overtime. Gu Huanhuan sat in front of the computer. After thinking about it, she felt that Mu Qingqing's words made some sense. She did not contact Yeh Chuxuan for a few days. She did not know if there was any news over there. Maybe being followed was a very important clue?

Thinking about this, Gu Huanhuan picked up her phone and dialed. After three sounds, it connected.

After a short silence, Gu Huanhuan coughed and said, "Young Master Yeh, hello."

"Yes, what is it?" Her voice was very low and seemed to carry a tired atmosphere.

Gu Huanhuan bit the bullet and asked, "Is there any news from my sister?"

"You are still in the office?" Yeh Chuxuan asked back.

Gu Huanhuan nodded.

"Then come to the company. We'll talk when we meet. Bring two servings of supper when you come. " A certain someone who had worked overtime until now was already hungry. Of course, there was also a partner sitting across from him.

Gu Huanhuan was stunned when she heard that. She was just about to ask what to eat? The other party hung up the phone.

"How rude." Gu Huanhuan muttered to herself over the phone, but from Yeh Chuxuan's tone, it seemed like there was news?

She could not help but get excited. She stood up and looked at her colleagues. No one seemed to notice her, so she quickly grabbed her bag and slipped away.

She bought two servings of seafood porridge downstairs and ordered a few more side dishes. Then she took a taxi to Yeh's Group.

Standing in front of the CEO's office, Gu Huanhuan was a little hesitant. It was late at night. If he was the only one inside, then...

The door suddenly opened from the inside, scaring the woman. She looked up and instantly relaxed. "Han Shaochen, you are here too."

Han Shaochen let her in. "Yeah, who asked me to be the big boss?"

A certain someone who was being complained was sitting on the sofa reading a bunch of documents. When he saw her, he arranged a place on the coffee table and said, "Put the supper here."

The two of them seemed to be really hungry. No one talked and only focused on eating. Gu Huanhuan sat by the side and her gaze could not help but fall on him.

These few days they had not seen each other, they seemed to have lost weight and looked a little tired...

Someone suddenly raised his eyes and Gu Huanhuan was like a frightened little bird. Her eyes immediately turned away but her heart was still pounding.

The corner of her mouth slightly curved and she put the last piece of beef into her mouth.

Then, Gu Huanhuan very consciously cleaned up the battlefield.

"What else do you have on the phone for?" Yeh Chuxuan leaned on the sofa, his white shirt slightly wrinkled.

Gu Huanhuan organized her thoughts and said cautiously, "I have been feeling weird these days. Whether it is walking on the road or going out to eat, even going home, ___ said. She felt that there was someone following behind her, but when she turned around, there was no one. Just like last time at the mall. You know, I'm a photographer, so I'm naturally sensitive to cameras. So, I think someone secretly took pictures of me?"

Yeh Chuxuan and Han Shaochen looked at each other, as if they did not find this strange.

"Your intuition is very accurate. There are indeed people following you." Yeh Chuxuan said with a calm expression.

"Ah? Really?" Gu Huanhuan almost jumped up from the sofa and suddenly felt a chill on her back. "Then... who is the one who patted me again? Why did you pat me? "

Yeh Chuxuan passed the information he had just read to Gu Huanhuan and said, "It is a private detective in A City."

Gu Huanhuan took it and took a look. The pictures were full of the bits and pieces of her life over the past few days. Even when she was feeding a stray cat by the roadside, she did not leave it behind.

"Private detective? Why?" There was a huge question mark on Gu Huanhuan's face.

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