National Husband Hugs Me/C137 Can You be More Reserved?
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National Husband Hugs Me/C137 Can You be More Reserved?
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C137 Can You be More Reserved?

Buying clothes, doing nursing, and sitting at the stylist, she took a breath.

"Tell me, what do you want to do with all the trouble this afternoon?"

Mu Qingqing smiled mysteriously. "I will bring you to the most awesome big party in 'A' City tonight. Of course, you have to tidy it up properly."

Gu Huanhuan immediately reacted and instinctively rejected, "I am not going!"

"Why not?" Mu Qingqing glared at him and directly said to the stylist, "Help my sisters to look pure, the purer the better."

Gu Huanhuan was intimately pressed on the chair by the stylist and could only use words to protest, "I don't want to go!"

"Gu Huanhuan, is there something wrong with your brain? Just because of that who did not invite you? Think about it, this is the most awesome annual gathering in 'A' City. Many people don't even have the chance to go, and there's also that celebrity you like the most. Don't you want to get close to your idol? " Mu Qingqing used her favorite handsome man to entice him.

Gu Huanhuan began to hesitate.

"Besides, the big boss is so busy tonight. How could he have time to talk to us? We're just going to broaden our horizons, see handsome men, and eat delicious food. We might even be able to grab a big prize and go home. Why don't we go to such a good thing? "

Gu Huanhuan's heart finally moved when she heard the delicious food. "Do you have an invitation letter?"

Mu Qingqing was extremely pleased with herself." With our Shaochen around, isn't an invitation letter a casual matter? "

Gu Huanhuan rolled her eyes from the mirror and smiled, "Mu Qingqing, can you be more reserved?"

"Being reserved can be worth a few money. In these days, if women are reserved, good men will run out!"

The few people who helped the two stylist laughed softly behind them.

When the sky was almost dark, the two of them finally finished packing. Gu Huanhuan changed her clothes and came out. Not only Mu Qingqing, but even the stylist in the store were shocked.

Her jet-black long hair was tied up, only leaving a pinch on her earlobe. It appeared that her neck was even longer and more slender. It was a sky-blue fluffy dress. Gu Huanhuan's skin was as white as snow, and the woman's starry eyes were watery. Her skin was white and red, and her lips were pink and full, like a castle princess who had walked out of a fairy tale. She looked like a peerless pearl that made the whole shop sparkle.

Gu Huanhuan felt a little embarrassed when she was looked at by the crowd. She asked anxiously, "Is it not good? Then I will go and change..."

"Change what?" Mu Qingqing stopped her foolish actions and praised, "Oh my god, we should go and buy a pair of crystal shoes. You are Sinderella tonight."

The stylist also sighed, "After working for so many years, I finally see a real beauty. Miss Gu, why don't you be our spokesperson? You will definitely be famous in 'A' City."

Gu Huanhuan smiled and refused. "No, no, I'm afraid that you will hang me out and scare the customers away."

Mu Qingqing was dressed in a fiery red dress that clung tightly to her skin. Her coquettish makeup coupled with her devilish figure made her look like a fox demon that had walked out from the depths of the forest.

"Let's go and have a party!"

Holding the princess's hand, they drove straight to the most luxurious hotel in 'A' City.

Although there were countless handsome and beautiful men and women gathered at the annual meeting, Gu Huanhuan's appearance still brought a small wave.

However, the person involved did not seem to notice at all. "Qingqing, look, look, the male celebrity that I like. It turns out that he looks even more handsome in real life."

Mu Qingqing lightly patted her arm and softly said, "Can you not be so infatuated? No matter how handsome you are, can you be more handsome than Third Young Master Yeh? You are already immune to him. This kind of level is also worth being so excited about?"

"Sigh, you don't understand." After saying that, he ignored Mu Qingqing and was thinking about how he should get an autograph later.

Han Shaochen carried a glass of red wine and walked over. He gently hugged Mu Qingqing's waist and whispered in her ear, "Little demoness." Mu Qingqing used her slender fingers to poke her chest.

Gu Huanhuan coughed dryly, "Hey, there are still people panting here. Can you not show off your affection?"

Han Shaochen teased her elegantly, "Yo, which family's princess came here?"

"Of course it's from the Gu family," Gu Huanhuan said, trying to please Han Shaochen. "I want an autograph from a celebrity later. Can you introduce me to her?"

"No!" Han Shaochen frowned, as if he was disgusted. "Gu Huanhuan, you came here to chase a celebrity? It's too cheap!"

As the three of them were talking and laughing, there was a commotion at the door. The magnesium light kept flashing. Han Shaochen let go of his girlfriend's waist. "Third Young Master is here. You guys play by yourselves first."

When Gu Huanhuan heard this name, her originally calm heart was gently pulled and her breathing gradually became disordered.

At the place where her gaze was focused, the man was wearing a black tuxedo. His face was as clear as jade and he had an imposing appearance. The corner of his mouth was only slightly curved but it made countless women fall over. Next to him was a dignified and elegant woman with a white arm around his arm. At a glance, one could tell that she was a rich family's young lady. At this moment, she was calmly smiling at the camera...

So, this was what was worthy of his female companion.

Gu Huanhuan's eyes heated up. She turned around and poured herself a glass of champagne, Gu Huanhuan, you big idiot, why are you so sad? You have nothing to do with Yeh Chuxuan, is there a need to be sad?

Along with Yeh Chuxuan's arrival, Yeh Fengjue, Ye Family's Father, Old Master Yeh and many other elders of Yeh family also appeared. There were also many high ranking officials that could only be seen on TV.

The famous host of the country was talking about auspicious things on the stage. Everyone from the Yeh family was sitting in the front row. Yeh Chuxuan lowered his voice and asked his father, "Why hasn't Fanyu come yet?"

Yeh Shuji frowned and said, "The car broke halfway. I asked the driver to pick it up."

"Next, let us invite the president of Yeh's Group, Yeh Chuxuan, to give a speech!"

Yeh Chuxuan got up and walked to the stage. In the spotlight, he was the most eye-catching existence in the world.

He slightly bowed and said, "Hello everyone, I am Yeh Chuxuan. Thank you all for attending the annual meeting of Yeh's Group. Over the past year, with everyone's joint efforts, Yeh's Group has once again achieved extraordinary achievements."

Gu Huanhuan stood in a corner and looked at the person on the stage from afar. He seemed to have gotten used to this kind of scene, so he was confident and calm.

"No wonder so many women wanted to push him down. Now it seems like they really have the capital." Mu Qingqing stood beside her and praised from the bottom of her heart.

Gu Huanhuan silently said in her heart, Being pushed down by him might not be a good thing!

"Hello ladies, this is your number plate. There will be a lucky draw later." The handsome young man wearing a shirt and tie handed the pink small card to them. Mu Qingqing took it and looked at it: 308, 309.

"Why do I feel like I am hanging at Yi Hong Courtyard?" Gu Huanhuan teased and threw the 309 card into her handbag.

... "Finally, I thank everyone for coming again, thank you!"

The crowd burst into applause. Gu Huanhuan also followed the symbolic applause but did not realize that there was a person late at the door.

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