National Husband Hugs Me/C14 He Felt Sorry for Her
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National Husband Hugs Me/C14 He Felt Sorry for Her
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C14 He Felt Sorry for Her

"We don't know..." Jiang Yan was afraid of Yeh Chuxuan's eyes and could only say. At the same time, she was afraid that he would not believe her. "These are all true. If you don't believe me, you can go and investigate!"

Yeh Chuxuan's face was cold. He looked at the two of them, then took Gu Huanhuan's hand and left.

Back in the car, Gu Huanhuan was still in a state of shock. She muttered, "My father is in trouble..."

Although her father did not treat her well and even sold her, she also did not want anything to happen to her father!

"I will investigate this matter clearly!" Yeh Chuxuan said, seemingly comforting her.

Gu Huanhuan turned her head to the window, and her tears could not help but fall. Such a big matter, Jiang Yan would not lie. Maybe her father really...

"My father is in trouble. Yeh Chuxuan, I really do not know what twin sister and child are. Can you let me go?" Gu Huanhuan said in a low voice and hid the trembling in her voice.

Yeh Chuxuan was stunned and then sneered, "You can leave if you want to. Hand over the child and I will personally send you home!"

Gu Huanhuan's tears immediately fell even more fiercely. Her life was a mess right now and she did not even have a direction. This man was so strong that he would not let her go so easily.

Thinking of this, Gu Huanhuan made up her mind. She gritted her teeth and went to open the car door.

She really did not want to go back to the Yeh family...

Sensing the unusual situation in the car, Yeh Chuxuan immediately raged, "Gu Huanhuan, what do you want to do?" As he spoke, he was about to pull her back.

Gu Huanhuan had already opened the car door. She unbuckled her seatbelt, jumped, and rolled towards the ground.

Yeh Chuxuan immediately stopped the car and opened the car door to exit. When he saw Gu Huanhuan on the ground, he suddenly picked her up and scolded, "You damn woman, are you an idiot? Do you know how dangerous it was just now?"

Gu Huanhuan choked on the dust and coughed a few times. She only felt some pain in her arm, but fortunately, it was not a big deal.

"I really don't know anything. Can you let me go? Wuwuwu... " Gu Huanhuan said and cried, "My father sold me, but she is still my father. I don't want anything to happen to him..."

Yeh Chuxuan's heart was violently shaken. He subconsciously held the woman in his arms tightly, but he did not say anything. After a while, he said softly, "I promise you that as long as there is a clue, I will let you go!"

Gu Huanhuan, who was in his arms, nodded while crying.

Back in the car, Gu Huanhuan cried and fell asleep. Yeh Chuxuan drove to the Yeh family.

When they arrived, Gu Huanhuan was still sleeping. Yeh Chuxuan waited for a while and found that she was not awake yet. He opened the car door and carried her to the room upstairs.

"Chuxuan..." Su Kexin saw Yeh Chuxuan come back and immediately went downstairs to welcome him. When she saw Gu Huanhuan in his arms, she was stunned.

"Shh!" Yeh Chuxuan put his finger on his lips and said softly, "Lower your voice. Don't disturb her!"

Then he carried Gu Huanhuan upstairs.

Su Kexin widened her eyes and looked at Yeh Chuxuan's back as he left. She was stunned on the spot.

She had known Yeh Chuxuan since she was young. The two of them could be considered childhood sweethearts. This was the first time she saw such gentleness on his face, but... it was directed at another woman!

Gu Huanhuan, Gu Huanhuan, you slut!!

Fury filled Su Kexin's heart. She swore that she must get rid of this woman!

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