National Husband Hugs Me/C161 Life and Death Are Unknown
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National Husband Hugs Me/C161 Life and Death Are Unknown
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C161 Life and Death Are Unknown

Since we're putting on a show, of course we're going to do the whole thing.

Outside the operating theater, the three of them were all thinking in silence. However, the operating theater was filled with danger.

"Director, the patient is bleeding too much. His blood pressure and body temperature are constantly dropping."

"Immediately intravenous transfusion, hemostatic forceps..."

"Director, the patient's heartbeat is too fast..."

Two hours later, Yeh Shuji rushed over with a long journey. He did not even wipe off the mud on his feet.

"Old Su, thank you." Yeh Shuji held his old friend's hand and said gratefully.

"We don't need to talk about this between us." Su Jinyan said politely.

Su Kexin took the opportunity to walk over and cried, "Uncle Ye, will Grandpa and Chuxuan be alright?"

Yeh Shuji patted her shoulder lovingly, "Kexin, it's all thanks to you this time... What happened to your hand?"

Su Kexin's eyes turned red, "I accidentally hurt Grandpa and Chuxuan when I saved them."

"Good child. Our Yeh family will not treat you badly." Yeh Shuji promised.

Because of Yeh Chuxuan's strict rejection of this marriage, he had also given up on this matter. But now, it seemed that if he wanted to return this huge favor, this marriage would have to be put on the agenda once again.

Su Kexin's heart jumped wildly when she heard Yeh Shuji's words. With this Imperial Decree, Gu Huanhuan, what else could you use to compete with me?

Yeh Shuji looked up at the operating theater with the lights on. He called Yeh Fengjue and Yeh Fanyu to the front and said seriously, "Immediately block all the news. This matter must not be spread out, otherwise, you know the consequences."

The words were said to the two of them, but his eyes were staring at Yeh Fengjue.

"Dad, I know." Yeh Fengjue promised seriously.

At this moment, a voice came from the call room in the operating theater. "Yeh Chuxuan's family members, please come to the call room."

The hearts of the five people jumped, and they all ran over.

The doctor at the small window was stunned when he saw Yeh Shuji, but he still handed out a list. "Yeh Shuji, I'm really sorry. The patient's internal organs are too badly damaged. There is also a lot of blood loss. We are trying our best to save him, but..."

"Bastard!" Yeh Shuji slammed the list on the table, and his refined demeanor disappeared without a trace. His lips began to tremble." You actually want me to sign this kind of contract? Is it because you are incapable or because you are shirking responsibility? "

Su Kexin went forward to take a look and only saw the four words "critical condition notice." Her tears fell down with a swoosh.

She wanted to be the granddaughter-in-law of Yeh family, but she also really liked Yeh Chuxuan. How could she not feel sad when she saw these four words?

"Yeh Shuji, calm down..." The doctor said in a low voice.

"I'll calm down? The one lying inside is my father, my son. You want me to calm down now? Tell your dean, if he can't save the living, ask him to get the hell out of here! "The irritation that was sealed in his bones could no longer be suppressed. If possible... Yeh Shuji wanted to rush in right now.

Yeh Fengjue grabbed his father's arm and calmly advised him, "Dad, this is the best doctor in the city. They will definitely save third brother."

"Dad, Third Brother will definitely be fine." Yeh Fanyu held his father's other arm and continued to ask the doctor who had been scared badly, "How is my grandpa now?"

The doctor wiped the cold sweat on his palm and said, "The old man's condition is a little better, but he is still being treated."

"Yes, that's good. But we will not sign this notice. Go and save him. If you can't save my grandfather and Third Brother, then... I burned your hospital! " Yeh Fanyu looked gentle, but there was madness in his eyes.

The doctor stumbled out of the call room with a pale face. He held the jumping doctor and thought to himself carefully, Who is this family? They always beat and kill people. It's too scary. They won't come out next time even if they beat them to death.

Yeh Shuji heard what his youngest son said. He turned around and glared at him, but did not say anything.


In another hospital.

After Gu Huanhuan was sent over, she stayed in the emergency center. Two hours later, she woke up in a daze. She looked at her surroundings and confirmed that she was in the hospital. She heaved a sigh of relief.

The pain in her fingers gradually spread to the nerves in her brain. Gu Huanhuan inhaled a breath of cold air in pain and looked down. There was an intravenous drip on the back of her hand and her ten fingers were wrapped into dumplings.

Suddenly thinking of Yeh Chuxuan and Old Master Yeh, Gu Huanhuan quickly called a nurse who passed by. "Hello, where are the two people who were sent in together with me?"

The nurse's expression was very cold. "Only you, where are the other two people?"

Gu Huanhuan was stunned. "We were clearly pulled down by an ambulance together. How could it be me alone?"

The nurse glanced at her bed plate and said, "Miss Gu, you were indeed pulled over by an ambulance, but you were the only one in the car."

"Could it be that there was not a single old man and young man, they had an accident..."

The nurse obviously had an urgent matter and did not want to talk to her anymore. She directly interrupted her words, "Miss Gu, at that time, you were the only one sent over, but today the snow is thick and the road is slippery. Our Emergency Medical Center has received a lot of patients who were in a car accident. If you are sure that there are two more people, when you can get out of bed, you can go to the nurse station and ask. "

Gu Huanhuan said, "Thank you." Just as the nurse was about to turn around and leave, she stopped and said, "Miss Gu, if you can get out of bed, please go to the payment office first. Your treatment fees have not been paid yet."

" Oh, okay. "

Gu Huanhuan was a little confused. Why was she sent in alone? She clearly remembered that she was sitting in an ambulance with Yeh Chuxuan. The last wave of dizziness hit her and she fainted.

Forget it. She did not think too much. After hanging up this bottle of drip, she would find out. A nurse as famous as Yeh Chuxuan must know.

After hanging up the drip, the temperature of the body was still a little high. But Gu Huanhuan couldn't lie down and struggled to get off the bed. Only then did she realize that her feet had already swelled up and she did not feel it lying flat on the bed. She stepped on it. Stepping on the ground made him feel pain and itch. Furthermore, he couldn't even put it in his shoes.

He staggered as he sat on the bed. Tears were about to flow out of his eyes.

"Hey, don't move, don't move. Where are you going?" The nurse who looked after her ran over and held her arm.

Gu Huanhuan exhaled and endured the pain and asked, "Nurse, what happened to my leg?"

The nurse seemed to be a lot easier to talk to. "Your leg was soaked in the snow water for too long. It's frostbite. It's best not to get out of bed for the next few days unless you go to the toilet."

"Is it that serious?" Gu Huanhuan was surprised.

The nurse glanced at her. "What do you think? If you soak your legs for another hour, wait for amputation."

"Huh?" Gu Huanhuan widened her eyes and expressed her doubt, "Beauty, you are not joking with me, are you?"

The nurse laughed. "What I said is a little serious, but it is not impossible."

Gu Huanhuan smiled helplessly. She thought of the things she had been worried about and asked the nurse, "Beauty, do you know Third Young Master Yeh?"

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