National Husband Hugs Me/C162 Vegetable?
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National Husband Hugs Me/C162 Vegetable?
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C162 Vegetable?

"Third Young Master Yeh? The CEO of Yeh's Group?" The nurse was interested.

"Yes, yes, that's him."

"Of course I know him. Who in A City doesn't know him?" There were two big words written on the nurse's face: Love-struck.

Gu Huanhuan wanted to know him, so she asked, "Did he come to your Emergency Department today?"

The nurse shook her head. "No. Why would Third Young Master Yeh come to our Emergency Department?"

Gu Huanhuan became anxious. "Why not? Did Yeh Chuxuan and Third Young Master Yeh not come to your emergency room in the car accident today?"

The nurse looked at Gu Huanhuan as if she was looking at a fool. "If Yeh Chuxuan got into a car accident and came to our hospital, he would have exploded long ago, okay? And how could he get into a car accident? I say, did you get a fever? Why did you ask him? Do you know him?"

" Ah? Oh, I don't know, I just casually asked..." Gu Huanhuan was at a loss. What was going on? She continued to ask unwillingly, "Nurse, then how did I get to your hospital?"

"An ambulance was sent over." The nurse seemed to have thought of something and continued, "But it was not an ambulance from our hospital. It was an ambulance from the Central Hospital."

"Central Hospital?" Gu Huanhuan gave a big greeting on her face.

The nurse was not surprised and said, "This is also a common thing. If the Central Hospital does not have beds or there are too many patients, they will usually send us here. However, our hospital's standards are also very good. "

At this point, the mystery in Gu Huanhuan's heart had a trace of an idea. If she did not guess wrong, Yeh Chuxuan and Old Master Yeh should be in the center hospital, and she was sent here.

She did not know how they were now.

"Oh, don't forget to pay the fee. The payment office urged me a few times." The nurse kindly reminded him.

Gu Huanhuan was embarrassed. "Well, I can't leave now either. When my feet are slightly better, I will pay the fee."

The nurse was a little puzzled. "I don't think it's convenient for you to be alone. You'd better inform your family to come to the hospital and take care of you."

Gu Huanhuan squeezed out a bitter smile. "But I'm the only one in my family."

The nurse was stunned and then smiled apologetically. "Sorry, I don't know."

"It's okay. I'm used to it."

In the operating theater of the Central Hospital.

The sky was completely dark. The electronic watch outside the door showed that the surgery had been going on for more than ten hours.

Yeh Shuji, Yeh Fengjue, and the other five people all had different expressions on their faces. None of them had eaten, and none of them were in the mood to eat. Suddenly, the door of the operating theater opened.

"How is it?" Yeh Shuji strode forward, his eyes full of worry.

It was President Zhang who came out. He looked tired, and his voice was a little hoarse. "The old man's surgery has been completed. He will be sent to the ICU now. As long as he survives for twenty-four hours, the surgery will be successful."

Yeh Shuji's face looked a little better. He chased after him and asked, "Where's Chuxuan?"

President Zhang's expression became serious. "Yeh Shuji, Young Master Yeh's injury is too serious. He is still in the resuscitation room."

After nearly ten hours of torture, Yeh Shuji's mood stabilized a lot. There was a hint of pleading in his tone. "You must save him."

"Yeh Shuji, we will do our best." After saying that, President Zhang did not dare to stay long. He turned around and entered the operating theater again.

Su Jinyan patted his old friend's shoulder and said, "Old Ye, you and Fengjue, Fanyu go and see the old man. Kexin and I are guarding here. The surgery will take some time."

Yeh Shuji nodded. "Sorry to trouble you."

"Say such polite words again. Hurry up and go."

The father and son went all the way to the ICU. The moment they saw the old man, Yeh Shuji's eyes turned red. In the control room, Old Master Yeh's body was full of tubes. His eyes were tightly shut, and there was not a trace of blood on his face.

His grandfather, who had always been energetic and energetic, was currently lying on the bed without any signs of life. Yeh Fanyu leaned on the window and softly called out, "Grandpa." Tears trickled down his face.

Yeh Fengjue put his arm around his younger brother's shoulder and scolded him in a low voice, "What are you crying for? Isn't grandfather fine?"

Yeh Fanyu immediately stopped crying and wiped away his tears, afraid that his father would be angry again.

Because it was an sterile ward, the three of them could only look through the window.

Yeh Shuji sat on the chair outside and rubbed his face with his hands. He asked his two sons in a deep voice, "Has the incident report from the Public Security Bureau been reported?"

Yeh Fengjue handed a bottle of water to his father and said, "It's out. It's said that the snow is too slippery and the car is too fast. When it turns around, it directly charges into the concave ground next to it."

"Where is Chuxuan's car? Did you check it carefully?" Yeh Shuji frowned. He did not believe this report. Yeh Chuxuan clearly knew his grandfather was in the car, so how could he drive a fast car in the snow?

Yeh Fengjue's eyes were dark, and he could not see the emotions in them clearly. "The damage to the car is too serious, and the mountain road is not easy to enter now. The police said that when the snow melts, we should hang the car up and check again."

Yeh Shuji leaned on the chair and his brain was working fast.

Instinct told him that this matter was not so simple, but if he wanted to know the reason, he would have to wait for Yeh Chuxuan or the old man to wake up before he could find out.

"Come, let's go up and take a look." Yeh Shuji stood up and prepared to go to the operating theater, but his vision suddenly darkened for a moment, and his feet became slightly unstable.

Yeh Fengjue and Yeh Fanyu immediately supported their father and asked worriedly, "Dad, what's wrong?"

Yeh Shuji shook his head and pushed his two sons' hands away. "Maybe it's because he didn't eat anything for a day and had some low blood sugar. He's fine."

"Dad, why don't you go back and rest for a while..."

Before Yeh Fengjue could finish speaking, he was interrupted by Yeh Shuji's cold voice. "Chuxuan is still in the operating theater. How can I still be in the mood to rest?"

Yeh Fengjue and Yeh Fanyu looked at each other and did not speak anymore.

The three of them returned to the door of the operating theater. This time, they did not have much time to wait before the lights in the operating theater were turned off.

President Zhang came out with a group of doctors. Yeh Shuji and the others were shocked when they saw this scene. Could it be...

"How was the surgery?" Yeh Shuji suppressed the fear and sadness in his heart and asked calmly.

President Zhang took off his mask and said with a heavy expression, "Yeh Shuji, we have done what we needed to do. Besides the serious organ damage, Young Master Yeh's brain was also hit. Whether he can wake up or not depends on his strong survival ability."

"What do you mean?" Yeh Shuji frowned.

"That is to say, the surgery was basically successful, but the possibility of him waking up is not very high, and it is very likely that he will become a vegetable..."

Before President Zhang could finish speaking, Yeh Shuji raised his fist. Su Jinyan saw him and quickly hugged him. "Old Ye, don't be impulsive, don't be impulsive. Didn't President Zhang say that? This was only a possibility. You have to believe Chuxuan. He will definitely wake up! Old Night!"

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