National Husband Hugs Me/C163 The Suspicion Appeared
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National Husband Hugs Me/C163 The Suspicion Appeared
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C163 The Suspicion Appeared

Yeh Shuji took a deep breath and asked, "Where is my son?"

President Zhang avoided the disaster and wiped the cold sweat off his forehead. "He has been pushed to the nursing home, next to the old man."

The few of them ran downstairs again with messy steps.

Yeh Shuji's strong heart could not bear such a heavy blow. Although Yeh Chuxuan often talked back to him and retorted him, he was like his son the most.

"Child, you must wake up..." Yeh Shuji's voice was weak, as if he was talking to himself, "You have two lives on you. You will not die so easily, right?"

At this moment, he was not the high ranking official who planned everything. He was just a father who looked forward to his son's health.

Su Kexin held her father's arm. She was nervous and sad. She was thinking about what she would do if Yeh Chuxuan really did not wake up or became a vegetable.

She had grown up and her dream had always been to marry Yeh Chuxuan. Now that her dream was about to be shattered, what should she do?

Han Shaochen heard the news at three o'clock in the night. He did not even have time to put on his coat before he rushed out of the house. Outside the monitor room, Yeh Shuji, Yeh Fengjue, and Yeh Fanyu were sitting with worried faces.

He first ran to the window to take a look at his good friend, then came to Yeh Fanyu and asked in disbelief, "Fanyu, what happened? Why is Chuxuan like this?"

Yeh Fanyu's eyes were red as he summarized the general situation.

"The speed is too fast?" Han Shaochen asked back, but immediately retorted, "Impossible. Chuxuan is cautious. This kind of thing will never happen."

He looked down at the calm Yeh Fengjue and said to Yeh Shuji, "Uncle, Chuxuan and I grew up together. I will definitely investigate this matter thoroughly. If it was really a simple accident, he would treat it as bad luck. But if I find out that someone has done something to him, I will fucking chop him up! "

Yeh Shuji felt a little relieved." Shaochen, you have been with Chuxuan more than I, the father, have. Tomorrow, you will personally go to the scene and see if there are any clues. "

"Uncle, don't worry. Leave this to me." Han Shaochen paused and said, "Later, I will arrange a few bodyguards to protect grandfather and Chuxuan. If this matter is man-made, then... We have to take precautions. "

"You are right. Go and do it." Yeh Shuji looked at his two sons and said, "Before Grandpa and Chuxuan wake up, the three of us will be here. Call me if you have any clues. I will inform you when they wake up."


Before Han Shaochen left, he stood in front of the window and looked at it for a long time.

A vegetable? Chuxuan, why is this label related to you? If you don't wake up, I will laugh at you for the rest of your life. So, don't let me down, and don't let those people who trust you down either.

"Eagle, something happened to Chuxuan." Han Shaochen dialed his partner's number. "I don't trust others. I only trust you. Come to the hospital and watch him 24 / 7."

If something like Gu Changsheng happened again, he would apologize with his death.

He was not sleepy at all and was afraid that someone would tamper with the car. Under the moonlight, Han Shaochen drove the car up the mountain overnight.

The valley was quiet and cold at night. The melted snow in the day froze into ice again. The car that Yeh Chuxuan had crashed into was still there. There was a warning barrel on the broken fence.

Han Shaochen parked the car by the side of the road. He wanted to go down and find out what had happened, but reason made him give up the idea. He waited patiently until the sun had just risen in the east before he got off the car carefully.

The window was broken. According to Yeh Fanyu, it should have been Su Kexin who broke it. Han Shaochen was a little surprised. He did not expect that the young lady, who usually only knew how to make things difficult for others, would have such courage.

The front of the car was badly deformed. Han Shaochen bent down and searched for a long time in the car. Finally, he found what he needed under the passenger seat. It was the car recorder.

After waiting for a while, the crane sent by the traffic police arrived at the scene. It hung the car up and sent it directly to the vehicle inspection department. Han Shaochen also followed.

"What did you say? There's no problem with the brake system of the car? "Han Shaochen is obviously not satisfied with this result.

The uniformed staff member said seriously, "Yes, there are no problems. If Mr. Han doesn't believe me, you can check it yourself."

Han Shaochen said coldly, "No need."

Was it really an accident? He still did not believe it.

He returned to his office and copied the data from the recording device. The scene was very calm at first. When he turned around, a squirrel appeared in the middle of the road. Then, the scene leaned towards the road. Immediately after, the recorder vibrated, and the car suddenly sped up.

Han Shaochen's heart was lifted. According to the normal procedure, he should have stepped on the brakes at this time. Why was the car speeding up? And it was getting faster and faster?

In the video, the front of the car was like a Buddha statue that had lost control of itself as it crashed into the road. Then, it dived straight down, and then it turned black.

Han Shaochen calmly turned the picture back a little bit. From the moment Squirrel appeared, he looked again. This time, the moment the car went out of control, he seemed to have heard Yeh Chuxuan's confused exclamation.

Putting the loudest sound, Han Shaochen clearly heard the questioning sound.

Obviously, Yeh Chuxuan was also a little surprised at that time. That was to say, at that moment, something unexpected happened to the car.

Han Shaochen stared at the scene. His hands on the table were tightly clenched together. This was definitely a murder. The car must have been tampered with.

Han Shaochen grabbed the car keys on the table and decided to go to the car inspection department again. This time, he called a friend who was very good at cars.

After a detailed check, the friend said to him, "The police checked that there was no problem. There was no problem with the car brake system."

"How is that possible?" Han Shaochen was very surprised.

"Young Master Han, there is indeed no problem." His friend said.

Han Shaochen looked at the broken luxury car and was momentarily at a loss. What exactly had gone wrong?


After a night of rest, the frostbite on Gu Huanhuan's leg had healed a lot. She originally wanted to call Mu Qingqing, but she didn't know where her phone was. She supported herself against the wall and paid the hospital fees. When she passed by the nurse station, she asked, "Nurse, when can I be discharged?"

The beautiful nurse was filling in the patient's information. She looked up at her and said, "At least three days later."

"So long?" Gu Huanhuan really wanted to go to the Central Hospital to see how Yeh Chuxuan was doing.

"Your hand injury needs to be changed every day, and your fever hasn't gone down yet. We have to let you get out of the hospital healthy and healthy, right?"

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