National Husband Hugs Me/C168 Ye Chuxuan Woke up
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National Husband Hugs Me/C168 Ye Chuxuan Woke up
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C168 Ye Chuxuan Woke up

"Okay, I'll wait!" Yeh Fengjue gave a fake smile and watched the seven elites leave.

After a day, more than ten senior executives of Yeh's Group were fired, but very quickly, these important positions were filled up, and the stocks that were continuously falling were also showing signs of rising.

When Han Shaochen heard this news, he wasn't surprised at all. He secretly laughed in his heart: Yeh Fengjue, you can't wait anymore? Or are you so sure that Third Young Master Yeh won't wake up?

On the fifth day of the accident, Yeh Chuxuan was still sleeping. The bloody war in Yeh's Group hadn't ended yet. Even Yeh Fanyu couldn't stand it any longer. He ran to the CEO's office.

"Brother, aren't you going too far by doing this?" Yeh Fanyu said angrily.

Yeh Fengjue looked up from the document. His eyes were cold, which had been hidden for a long time. "What did you say?"

Yeh Fanyu was stunned. His attitude could not help but become respectful. "Director Yeh, I mean, it is not appropriate to cut off so many people at work. Besides, they did not make any mistakes. "

"Fanyu, those who do not listen to me, do you want to keep them for the holidays?" Yeh Fengjue looked at the door and said, "I'm busy. If you have anything else to do, we can talk after work."

Yeh Fanyu walked out with a belly full of anger.

He got up and walked to the window. It was snowing outside again. Yeh Fengjue felt like he was in the sky. It felt like he was stepping on everything under his feet. It was so good.

On the sixth day, the doctor came out of Yeh Chuxuan's ward with a worried look on his face while shaking his head.

"Doctor, your expression..." Yeh Shuji's anger had been worn out in the hospital for the past few days. Even if he wanted to hit him now, he did not have the mood to do so.

The doctor obviously did not want to face the patient's family. The other party was too strong, but he still had to bite the bullet and say, "Yeh Shuji, if Young Master Yeh does not wake up tomorrow, I'm afraid..."

"Isn't there still more than ten hours?" Yeh Shuji interrupted him and looked at Yeh Chuxuan. "He will definitely wake up."

That night, Old Master Yeh forced himself to support his body and sat in a wheelchair to the ward next door. Although it was only one wall away, it was the first time he saw Yeh Chuxuan after the car accident. The moment he saw his grandson, the eyes of the old man who had been strong for more than 80 years couldn't help but turn red.

"Child, how long do you want to sleep for?" The old man held Yeh Chuxuan's hand and began to talk about the past. "Do you remember when you were young? You were disobedient and often got beaten up by your father. Your grandmother always stopped you, afraid that she would break you. When you were ten years old, you could not control yourself anymore. Your father sent you overseas to study. But you were very good at it. You went to Harvard University in one go. Do you know how happy Grandpa was at that time? At that time, I thought, Well, now I have a successor. I can take a break now. In the past few years, you have led the Yeh's Group very well. Grandpa was very pleased. But now, you're lying here. Do you really want me to sell my life away at my age? "

Yeh Shuji was originally accompanying him by the side. After listening to what Yeh Shuji said, he lowered his eyes and walked out of the ward.

"Child, actually, I know that you feel very guilty about what happened when you were young. You still haven't forgiven yourself until now. It is precisely because of this that you have to live well. Only then can you be worthy of him, and also be worthy of everyone who loves you."

The old man's voice was exceptionally gentle in the silent ward, but it was filled with deep sadness.

The sleeping Yeh Fengjue seemed to have fallen into a bottomless black hole. There was no hope at all.

"Chuxuan... Chuxuan..."

Who is calling me?

"Chuxuan... Don't you remember me? I am the elder brother, Brother Shaozhe!"

When he opened his eyes, there seemed to be a bright light in front of him. He ran over with all his might, and the figure of a child appeared in front of him.


The little boy wore a white short-sleeved shirt and black shorts. His exquisite facial features were like a doll. He was looking at him with his big clear eyes, smiling innocently and cutely.

Yeh Chuxuan's heart was tightly clenched, and his tears fell without warning. "Is it really you?"

"It's me. I haven't seen you for so long. Don't you recognize me?" He said with a smile.

Tears welled up like a spring. Yeh Chuxuan knelt on the ground and said hoarsely, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

The little boy walked over and touched his hair with his little hand. "Why are you still so stupid? Don't apologize to me, you are me. As long as you live well, as long as I am in your heart... I'll live. "


"[Hurry up and go back. If you stay here, dad and grandpa will be worried.]" The little boy said.


The little man suddenly became serious: "You're making me angry."

Yeh Chuxuan looked up and wanted to grab the little boy's hand, but he missed.

"You are the most obedient. You have to take good care of dad and grandpa for me..." The little boy's figure became more and more transparent.

Yeh Chuxuan was anxious. He wanted to catch him, but there was only the void. "Don't go, don't go."

"You have to live well, understand?"

"Don't leave, big brother, don't leave, big brother..." Yeh Chuxuan cried loudly.

In the ward, Yeh Chuxuan's heart suddenly started to beat fast. His fingers moved slightly, and the old man was delighted. Before he could call for help, he saw Yeh Chuxuan suddenly sit up from the bed and shout, "Don't go!"

Yeh Shuji heard the sound and quickly ran in. He was shocked when he saw that his son looked like he had been possessed by a ghost. He called a few "doctors," then ran to Yeh Chuxuan and gently called him, "Chuxuan, Chuxuan..."

Yeh Chuxuan's eyes turned slightly and fell on his father's anxious and worried face. He paused for a long time before calling out, "Dad..."

Yeh Shuji hugged him excitedly. Tears flowed out of his eyes. "Child, you finally woke up. You finally woke up..."

Yeh Chuxuan mumbled, "Father, I saw brother."

Yeh Shuji's body froze. He let go of him. His eyes were red as he asked softly, "What did he say to you?"

"He said..." Yeh Chuxuan frowned, as if he was thinking. "He said, let me take good care of you."

Yeh Shuji shed a tear. "Father knows that he has always been filial."

Yeh Chuxuan was stunned for a moment. He turned around and asked the old man beside the bed who was a little sad, "Grandpa, are you alright?"

"Grandpa is fine. It's good that you are awake..." The old man let out a long sigh of relief. Now he could finally relax.

Yeh Chuxuan's brain was still a little dull. He did not have any strength left in his body. "Grandpa, how long have I slept?"

"Six days. It has been a full six days." Old Master Yeh said.

The doctor who was waiting at the door looked at this scene with excitement. He sighed in his heart. He did not need to face the violence of this family anymore!

When the three of them calmed down a little, the doctor walked into the ward with a smile and said, "Yeh Shuji, let's do a checkup for Young Master Yeh."

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