National Husband Hugs Me/C173 A Clue Appeared
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National Husband Hugs Me/C173 A Clue Appeared
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C173 A Clue Appeared

From morning on, more than a dozen nurses have come to the ward in all sorts of names. Number of nurses. Temperature, medicine bottles, blood pressure tests and so on, and every one of them is obviously well-dressed. Rather than saying that they were here to work, it would be better to say that they were here to see Yeh Chuxuan. And seduce him at the same time.

Yeh Chuxuan did not care. In his eyes, every woman was the same, but Su Kexin seemed to have been knocked over by jealousy. Every time a nurse came in, she would get angry.

"Do you have any male nurses in your hospital? I want to change to another male nurse!" Su Kexin finally could not hold it in anymore and said angrily.

The beautiful nurse smiled and said, "Of course, but our male nurses are all in the operating theater. This kind of simple nursing work is all female nurses."

"No, I want a male nurse!"

Yeh Chuxuan was a little annoyed by her quarreling and scolded in a low voice, "Su Kexin, stop messing around."

Su Kexin was stunned and said with grievance, "Chuxuan, they..."

"What happened to them? Can you change your temper, child? Does the whole world want to revolve around you? " Yeh Chuxuan lectured him without any hesitation," This is a hospital, not your Su family. If you don't say what you want to say, then say it. Others have no obligation to spoil you like Uncle Su. If you are still like this... Don't come to the hospital for the next few days. "

Su Kexin was scolded until her tears welled up. She was afraid that Yeh Chuxuan would really not let her come, so she quickly begged for forgiveness and acted like a spoiled child. "Chuxuan, I'm sorry. I won't do it again in the future. Don't be angry..."

The beautiful nurse was shocked by Yeh Chuxuan's imposing manner until her eyes lit up. Oh my god, Third Young Master Yeh was too upright, too manly!


In the hotpot restaurant.

Mu Qingqing stared at her best friend for a long time and asked, "You went out to play for a few days, why did you lose weight again?"

Gu Huanhuan touched her face with her hand and said unnaturally, "Is that so? Going out to play takes too much physical strength, so of course, you lose weight."

"What happened to your hand?" Mu Qingqing saw the gauze wrapped around her fingertip and frowned. "Don't tell me it is frozen."

Gu Huanhuan's heart jumped and she lied, "How is that possible? This finger was cut by the glass when I went for a walk by the sea and picked up the shell."

"Why do you think you are so stupid?" Mu Qingqing did not doubt it because in her heart, Gu Huanhuan would not lie to her.

Gu Huanhuan avoided a disaster and quickly took a piece of beef from Mu Qingqing's bowl, "Eat meat and eat meat."

The two of them buried their heads in eating for a while and Mu Qingqing suddenly asked, "Do you know about Yeh Chuxuan?"

When a certain person heard his heart thump, he did not dare to reveal anything on his face, "I know. Didn't the news say so? He had a car accident."

Mu Qingqing sipped the mutton and sighed, "He is really lucky. He actually did not die even after falling from the mountain."

" He did not fall down the mountain. He was hanging on a tree. " Gu Huanhuan answered subconsciously. After she finished speaking, she realized that her stinky mouth was too fast.

"How did you know I hung it on a tree? Did you see it?" Mu Qingqing asked casually.

Gu Huanhuan scolded herself in her heart before saying, "It was said on the Internet. How could I see him?"

"Oh..." Mu Qingqing put the cooked mutton into the bowl of oil and looked up at her best friend and asked, "Then didn't you go to the hospital to see him?"

Gu Huanhuan stopped what she was doing and squeezed out a smile. "No, he probably doesn't want to see me either."

"Huanhuan, you guys..." Mu Qingqing felt that her mood was not right.

"Qingqing, Yeh Chuxuan and I will not have any relationship. Even if something had happened in the past, it was all in the past." Separated by the hot hot pot, Gu Huanhuan looked at her good friend and said firmly. This was for her to hear, and also for herself to hear.

Mu Qingqing was stunned for a moment and seemed to understand the meaning of her words. She did not continue to ask and only said, "Huanhuan, no matter what your choice is, happiness is the most important."

"Yes, I know." Gu Huanhuan said with hot eyes. She knew that no matter what, this friend would always support her.

Yeh Chuxuan's awakening had made Yeh Fengjue move even faster. In just a few days, not only had he changed the blood of the Yeh's Group's headquarters, but he had also recruited a lot of people from the Ye Family.

The strange thing was that Old Master Yeh didn't seem to stop Yeh Fengjue this time. He just wanted to sit on the mountain and watch the tigers fight, as long as it didn't harm the foundation of the Ye Family.

Two days later, Han Shaochen and Chung Ho rushed to the hospital. Yeh Chuxuan's spirit had improved a lot, and he was doing some simple exercises in the ward.

"Kexin, you go out first. We have something to talk about." Yeh Chuxuan said.

Su Kexin did not stay. Although she was arrogant and rude, she still had a brain.

"Tell me, how is it?" Yeh Chuxuan held his waist and walked slowly.

Chung Ho said, "I went to the Hidden Sunset Temple to check. On the fourth night of the morning, someone did enter Young Master's car."

Yeh Chuxuan did not smile in surprise. "He is indeed capable. The car did not make a sound, but he could actually enter. Where is he? "

Chung Ho looked at Yeh Chuxuan and said guiltily, "The sky is too dark. I can't see his face clearly, but the general direction of his escape has been determined. We are following his route."

Yeh Chuxuan nodded and said, "Speed must be fast."

"Yes." Chung Ho bowed and said.

Yeh Chuxuan looked at Han Shaochen, who was sitting leisurely on the sofa, and asked unhappily, "What are you doing here?"

"I want to see how you are recovering." Han Shaochen smiled and said, "Hurry up. Yeh Fengjue is crazy now. I can't stay in the company for a minute."

Yeh Chuxuan sneered. "Why didn't he resign you as well?"

"I wanted to, but I don't know what he was thinking." Han Shaochen frowned and complained, "I heard that he has colluded with many people from the Yeh family in the past few days. He is planning to re-elect the president of the Ye family in the General Assembly."

Yeh Chuxuan took a leisurely stroll and said, "Then let him mention it."

"Aren't you worried?" Han Shaochen was surprised.

"There are some people you don't want to let him try. How does he know how much he weighs? " Yeh Chuxuan said casually, "I've been in charge of Yeh's Group since I was twenty-two years old. For more than six years, I'm familiar with each and every pattern of it, and I know its weakness like the back of my hand. Do you think the Ye family will be his just because of Yeh Fengjue? What a joke! "

When Han Shaochen heard this, he instantly let out a sigh of relief. "You should have told me earlier. It has made me worried for the past few days."

"Only by putting on an act will Yeh Fengjue believe that I am really helpless right now. It is also a good opportunity for me to see how many people there are in the Ye family."

Han Shaochen laughed. "Alright, then I will go back and continue acting. However, when will you be able to leave the hospital?"

Yeh Chuxuan looked at the bird flying in the sky outside the window and smiled. "Soon."

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