National Husband Hugs Me/C177 Ceo Ye Something Big Has Happened
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National Husband Hugs Me/C177 Ceo Ye Something Big Has Happened
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C177 Ceo Ye Something Big Has Happened

"It's okay, the magazine is just ahead. I'll just walk over." Gu Huanhuan wanted to walk but felt a little apologetic. "Then can you wait for the traffic police here alone? "

The young man also did not want to keep her. " Mm, hurry up and go to work. I can handle it by myself."

Gu Huanhuan felt relieved and immediately said, "En, then goodbye."

The man originally wanted to ask her for her phone number, but after this matter, he was no longer in the mood. Anyway, now that he knew where she went to work, he could come and block her at any time in the future.

After many days of coordinating and handling, S Province's migrant workers finally gave up on blocking the government gates. Yeh Fengjue, who had been poisoned, paid a huge compensation fee to settle the matter peacefully. Just as he and his Think Tank were thinking of a way to resolve the phone incident, it seemed that God did not want to give him a chance. Another big problem had come knocking on his door.

"Director Yeh, something happened. There is an oil leak on our offshore oil mining platform." The new secretary didn't even have time to knock on the door before he pushed open the wooden door.

Yeh Fengjue was frowning as he read the documents. When he heard the news, his face changed dramatically. "When did this happen?"

"Just now, the leaking crude oil has floated to the surface of the sea for more than ten meters..."

"It was immediately driven. I will go to the scene. Also, get all the technical experts to go to the scene." Yeh Fengjue instructed as he walked towards the door. Oil was the economic lifeline of the Ye family. Compared to it, the large shopping malls, large properties, and so on were nothing.

At the same time, this news also reached Yeh Chuxuan's ears. At that time, he was still leisurely fishing by his own lake. After Chung Ho told him about this, he directly threw away the fishing rod in his hand.

"Where's the helicopter?" Yeh Chuxuan did not dare to delay. This was a big matter that involved the economic roots of the Ye family.

"It will be here soon... Third Young Master, your body..." Chung Ho asked worriedly.

"I'm fine." Chuxuan strode to the lawn where the helicopter usually landed and took out his phone to make arrangements. "I am Yeh Chuxuan. Immediately send out all of our ship cleaners, fishing boats, and polluting professionals. Put in the oil grids and "adsorption particles," surround the polluting oil first to prevent it from spreading. "

After a pause, he asked again, "Have you found the cause of the accident? Alright, I don't care what method you use, immediately block the hole for me. I'll be there in half an hour "

The helicopter was already circling in midair, and the huge wind created by the propellers made his clothes flutter. Chung Ho looked at Yeh Chuxuan, who was standing motionlessly in the wind, and felt proud of himself. Perhaps it was because of Yeh Chuxuan's calmness and strategy that he had always followed.

Su Kexin heard the sound of the helicopter and ran out. "Chuxuan..."

Yeh Chuxuan stepped on the boarding platform and did not turn back. He did not stop and went straight into the cabin.

When they arrived at their destination, the crude oil had leaked out dozens of meters. Following the direction of the ocean current, it was dark. The oil bars and adsorption particles were nervously being projected.

"Director Yeh..." The person in charge of the oil base ran over in a hurry. "The opening has been blocked."

The person in charge of this base was personally chosen by him. He could be considered his right-hand man. Now, such a thing had happened. "This matter is over. I will settle it with you again!"

The person in charge lowered his head. "It was my mistake. I accept any punishment."

"What is the situation now?" Yeh Chuxuan frowned and looked at the dark sea.

"The area of expansion is bigger, but we have controlled it." The person in charge answered. He looked up at his pale face and asked with concern, "Director Yeh, your body..."

Yeh Chuxuan glared at him and said hatefully, "If you don't cause trouble for me, my body will be better."

"I also don't want to..."

As the two of them were talking, Yeh Chuxuan's phone rang. He picked it up and looked at the phone in the old residence.

"Hello? Grandpa."

The old man's tone was slightly anxious. "You went to the sea?"

" Yes, Grandfather, don't worry. I'm looking over here. I've already controlled it. " Yeh Chuxuan said simply.

Old Master Yeh heaved a sigh of relief. "It's good that you have gone. The wind is strong in the sea. Take care of your body."

"I know grandpa."

"Where's your brother?" Old Master Yeh suddenly asked. Yeh Fengjue was the president of Yeh's Group now. He should have arrived at the scene of the accident as soon as possible.

Yeh Chuxuan looked at the group of people rushing over from afar and said to his grandpa with a smile, "He's here."

Yeh Fengjue seemed to have seen him as well. He paused for a moment and then sped up.

"Why are you here?" Yeh Fengjue asked directly, "Shouldn't you be recuperating at home?"

Yeh Chuxuan smiled. "Such a big thing happened. As a member of Yeh family, how can I stay at home?"

"Yeh Chuxuan, you are not the only one in the Yeh family. Don't forget, I am now the president of the Yeh's Group." Yeh Fengjue reminded him and everyone present.

"Of course I didn't forget, but this oil mining platform was built by me. No one knows it better than me. I think I might be able to help you."

Yeh Chuxuan's tone was very calm, but it made Yeh Fengjue feel that every sentence was laced with thorns.

"Then I have to thank you?" Yeh Fengjue raised his eyebrows, his eyes full of disdain.

Yeh Chuxuan's cold and handsome face showed a meaningful smile. "No need to thank me. We are family after all."

Initially, he wanted to let you stay in the CEO position for a while longer, but it seemed like even the heavens did not give you face. After this matter, Yeh Fengjue, I'm afraid you will have to abdicate obediently.

Yeh Fengjue did not respond to him. He asked the person in charge standing behind Yeh Chuxuan, "How is the situation now?"

The person in charge was no longer as submissive as before. He raised his head and looked directly into Yeh Fengjue's eyes, introducing the general situation to him in a neither servile nor overbearing manner.

Yeh Fengjue brought a lot of experts from the company. Most of them were acquaintances of Yeh Chuxuan.

"Professor Wang, is this appropriate to deal with?" Yeh Fengjue knew nothing about this. He could only rely on his technical team. Professor Wang was the best in oil mining.

An old professor said, "Very suitable." Then, under everyone's shocked gazes, he walked up to Yeh Chuxuan and said with relief, "You have improved."

Yeh Chuxuan smiled very gently. He slightly bent his waist and said with a humble face, "That was because you taught well back then."

"Back then, you were the smartest when teaching abroad. I understood it at once. Now I see that you can be considered half an oil expert. I can retire now." The old professor teased him.

Yeh Chuxuan rarely flattered him. "That won't do. Back then, I invited my teacher back from abroad to take charge for me. It has only just begun. If you leave, won't my subordinates cause trouble for me every day?"

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