National Husband Hugs Me/C179 Are You Here to Force Me to Abdicate
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National Husband Hugs Me/C179 Are You Here to Force Me to Abdicate
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C179 Are You Here to Force Me to Abdicate

But the international market is the base camp, and if the foundation is lost...

"Michael, I will go back in a month." Yeh Fengjue's face was full of determination. It seemed like he wanted to end the battle quickly.

"Okay, night."

Yeh Chuxuan's body recovered very quickly. Many people in Yeh's Group were waiting for him to take up the post again. However, after waiting for a while, he still didn't show any signs of movement.

Therefore, some of the people from the Yeh family who had always followed him could not sit still. They called him one after another and asked, "Third Young Master, when are you going to return to the company? Yeh Fengjue is almost finished with my shares."

"Liu, it's not that I'm not going back. Yeh Fengjue's position as the CEO is allowed by the old man. Why should I go back now? Vice president?" Yeh Chuxuan looked at the already pointed lawn and casually said.

"Vice president? How can this be? Don't worry about it. Let's go and ask the old man about this. "

That night, many visitors came to the Yeh family's old residence.

" Uncle, Third Young Master has recovered. Should we return to the company? " The person asked straightforwardly.

Old Master Yeh was drinking tea when he heard this. His hand stopped moving when he heard this. He looked at the four or five descendants of the Yeh family sitting in the main hall and smiled. "You came to request orders for Chuxuan?"

"Uncle, the reason Fengjue temporarily took over the position of president was because of an unexpected situation. Now that the three young masters have recovered, of course they have to return to their respective positions. There can't be no one guarding the overseas region."


Everyone looked out and welcomed the bright lights. An elder of Yeh family led seven or eight people into the hall in a hurry.

"Did you just say that Fengjue and the Third Young Master will be yours? This is too unfair. What's wrong? Fengjue just cleaned up the mess and wants to kick him away?" This was Old Master Yeh's cousin, and he had a very high prestige in the Yeh family.

The few people who arrived first looked at each other. The person with the highest seniority stepped forward and said," Second uncle, Fengjue was under orders at that time, but he was temporarily the president. How many things happened? This has never happened before when the Third Young Master was around. "

The old man coldly harrumphed." I don't like hearing you say this. Fengjue just took charge of the Ye Clan. Of course, there are some things that I don't understand, so it's normal for something to happen. But shouldn't this oil leak be counted on Yeh Chuxuan? This was what he had insisted on building back then, and the money he spent was all from the group. Now that something has happened, Chuxuan must be responsible!"

As soon as the old man finished speaking, someone else echoed, "Yes, that's right. Third Young Master must give us an explanation for this matter."

"Second Uncle, did you forget? This matter was during the period when Yeh Fengjue was in power. How could it be counted on Third Young Master?"

"Isn't he the one who has been managing it?"

"Ever since the Third Young Master was injured, he has put down all the authority in his hands. What do you mean he has always been managing it? Second Uncle, you guys are too good at framing people. We would like to ask, when the oil leak happened, Third Young Master endured the pain in his body and handled the accident at the scene. What about Yeh Fengjue, the CEO at that time? Where is he? "

Old Master Yeh slowly sipped his tea with his lowered eyes. Before the two of them arrived, the people behind them had already started fighting. If it wasn't for this incident, he wouldn't have known that the internal strife of Yeh family had reached such a stage.

It seemed like only the more domineering and powerful characters could suppress these people.

"Enough!" Old Master Yeh lightly shouted and placed the teacup in his hand on the table. "It's really hard to come by. Everyone came to the old residence at night without sleeping. Everyone, thank you for your hard work. Why don't you tell me what you want to do? "

The elder who came later remembered the huge benefits and mustered up his courage to say, "Big brother, we admit that Third Young Master is indeed talented, but he is too strong. He is the one who decides everything. He doesn't care about us elders at all. In comparison, we think Fengjue is more suitable for this position. "

"Right, right, right. Uncle, Fengjue is the eldest grandson of the Yeh family. Although he has been managing the overseas business all these years, his talent is not inferior to Chuxuan's. Now, he is temporarily the president of the company. We all think that he is doing very well... "

Yeh Chuxuan's supporters argued indignantly, "How much money did Third Young Master make for you all these years? I wonder what benefits Yeh Fengjue promised you, but now you are turning against us. "

"You little bastard, don't speak nonsense. We are all thinking about the future of Yeh family..."

"Enough, enough. Stop arguing!" Old Master Yeh knocked on the dragon-headed cane in his hand and pointed at his cousin. He asked, "Tell me, what do you want to do?"

The old man immediately became excited. "Big brother, we all know that you think highly of Third Young Master, but we have to consider our thoughts. Since that's the case, why don't we vote fairly and choose the president. This is the only way to convince the entire Yeh family. "

As soon as these words were spoken, the huge main hall immediately quieted down. It seemed like this was the most fair method.

Old Master Yeh didn't speak immediately. He was silent for a moment, then suddenly said with a smile, "I only saw it now. So you are here to force me to abdicate tonight?"

The faces of everyone present instantly changed. They hurriedly said, "No, no, the old man didn't mean that..."

"No?" Old Master Yeh's eyes lit up as he replied with a question, "I, the patriarch, haven't died yet. Why are you in such a hurry to choose a new master?"

"Old man, we really don't mean that. We just feel that they are the descendants of Yeh family and have the right..."

"Alright!" Old Master Yeh interrupted him and said seriously, "Since you guys want to be fair, I will be fair to you guys as well as to them."

He also wanted to see who had the ability to suppress the restlessness in the room.

The atmosphere in the hall, which had been tense a moment ago, became much more relaxed because of Old Master Yeh's words.

Late at night, Old Master Yeh called many big shots in the Yeh family's military.

"I think these little brats are just bored. Big brother, I won't participate in this matter. You have the final say in this matter. I will listen to you!" This was the senior of the Yeh family, who had been the general of the army for many years.

"F * ck! Weren't these few years pretty good? These bunch of brats are making trouble for me. Big brother, if you find anyone unpleasant, throw them into the army. I'll give them a smoothie and see who dares to behave atrociously for me in the Yeh family. " This was the old man's younger brother. He had been in the army for so many years. A grumpy temper still hasn't changed a bit.

After hanging up a few phone calls, Old Master Yeh's anger eased up a lot.

Yeh family's villa.

Yeh Chuxuan was lying on the deck chair on the balcony. After hearing the news from the butler, he laughed disdainfully.

Vote? It seemed that Yeh Fengjue had indeed secretly roped in quite a number of people from the Yeh family. How could he make the old man, who had always been a dictator, compromise? But this was good as well. I'll let you have a good look at how you died.

The next day, the old mansion of the Yeh family opened the Hall of Loyalty, which had not been used for a long time. Everyone in the business world of the Yeh family was gathered here. Some of them were here for their own interests, and some were here to watch the show.

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