National Husband Hugs Me/C18 I Can't Tell You How It Feels
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National Husband Hugs Me/C18 I Can't Tell You How It Feels
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C18 I Can't Tell You How It Feels

Gu Huanhuan stood blankly in the crowd. She was at a loss. Yeh Chuxuan walked over and pulled her back. He looked at her with a bad expression and questioned, "What exactly are you doing?"

"Zichen-gege..." Gu Huanhuan murmured with a blank face.

It made Yeh Chuxuan even more irritated. Even he did not know if the anger in his heart was because Gu Huanhuan did not care about her life or because she did not care about her life because of the man called Lu Zichen.

"Do you know that you could have died at any time just now?" Yeh Chuxuan was so irritated that he grabbed Gu Huanhuan's chin and forcefully blocked her line of sight. He forced her to look at him. "Just because of Lu Zichen, you can die?"

It had nothing to do with him if she did not die for Zichen. She was just a hostage temporarily staying in the Yeh family. Did she not even have this little bit of freedom?

Gu Huanhuan angrily waved Yeh Chuxuan's hand away and shouted, "What does it have to do with you whether I die or not?"

"Woman, I spent 100 million to buy you. Your life is mine. Without my permission, you have no right to die!" Yeh Chuxuan grabbed Gu Huanhuan's arm. The strength in his hand was as if he wanted to crush her bones.

Gu Huanhuan struggled a few times but could not break free no matter how hard she struggled. She was also somewhat angry in her heart. She looked at Yeh Chuxuan and said, "If I want to die, you can't stop me. What right do you have to care about whether I live or die?"

What right did he have?

She sneered. "I, Yeh Chuxuan, never need qualification. I am qualification!"

"Yeh Chuxuan, let me go!" Gu Huanhuan immediately became angry when she was provoked by him. She used her hands and feet to hit him, wanting to break free. "Let me go..."

"Let go of you?" Completely ignoring the punches and kicks that fell on her body, Yeh Chuxuan grabbed Gu Huanhuan's arm even harder. He gritted his teeth and looked at her. "So that you can die again?"

Yeh Chuxuan looked at Gu Huanhuan angrily, but he did not expect that the crystal clear tears on her face would fall off. His heart tightened and he suddenly felt a little uncomfortable.

Yeh Chuxuan frowned and looked at the tears that kept falling on Gu Huanhuan's face.

Gu Huanhuan also did not know what kind of feeling she was feeling right now.

Being forced to be angry by Yeh Chuxuan?

Or was she disappointed because she did not see Lu Zichen?

She raised her head and was extremely stubborn, but her tears could not help but flow down.

"What are you all doing? "Han Shaochen finally caught up with her and saw this scene. He quickly pulled Gu Huanhuan out of Yeh Chuxuan's arms, took out a tissue from his body, and handed it to him.

Yeh Chuxuan looked at them in annoyance. He turned around and went back to the car. Han Shaochen looked at Gu Huanhuan, who was sobbing and still crying. He did not say anything and slowly pulled her into the car.

Because of this change, the driver did not dare to delay any longer and returned to Yeh family very quickly.

Once they got out of the car, Su Kexin was already waiting by the door. Seeing Yeh Chuxuan get out of the car, she immediately walked over. "Chuxuan, why didn't you wait for me and left first?"

As Su Kexin spoke, she deliberately glanced at Gu Huanhuan.

Yeh Chuxuan was extremely irritated in his heart. Even he himself did not know what exactly was the reason. How could he still have the mood to deal with Su Kexin? He did not even look at her before walking over to her side.

Su Kexin was rejected by the door and stomped her foot. In the blink of an eye, she saw Gu Huanhuan's slightly red eyes and sneered, "What, you are still crying? Gu Huanhuan, who are you pretending to be pitiful for?"

Gu Huanhuan looked at her and also walked over to Su Kexin's side with an expressionless face.

After getting snubbed twice in a row, Su Kexin's face also did not look good. She took a step forward and blocked Han Shaochen who was one step behind and did not rush into the door. She questioned, "What happened to Chuxuan?"

"How would I know?" Han Shaochen looked at her strangely and smiled. "I am not the worm in Chuxuan's stomach. I can know whatever he wants!"

"You..." Su Kexin knew what Chuxuan did not know. Han Shaochen knew something, but he did not want to tell her. She looked at the door again and asked, "What about Gu Huanhuan? What was wrong with her? Why did Chuxuan let her stay in Yeh family?"

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