National Husband Hugs Me/C180 He Had Suffered a Double Loss
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National Husband Hugs Me/C180 He Had Suffered a Double Loss
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C180 He Had Suffered a Double Loss

Yeh Fengjue arrived early. After exchanging glances with the people in the front row, he sat down on the first chair in his right hand.

Everyone waited for nearly half an hour, but Yeh Chuxuan still hadn't come. Someone started to complain, "Yeh Chuxuan's arrogance is too big. He actually made so many people wait for him!"

"Second Uncle, drink some tea to calm your anger. Didn't the old man also not come?" The middle-aged man sitting opposite him advised him in a harmonious manner.

"When did he compare with the old man?" The old man sneered.

The middle-aged man sighed. "Indeed, things have changed. I remember when Third Young Master Yeh was the president. Sometimes, when he waited for an hour, no one said anything."

"The past is the past, now is the present. The most important thing for a person is to see their position clearly..."

"Second Master is right." A deep voice sounded at the door. Everyone turned their heads to look. A tall and handsome man wearing a black windbreaker with a smile on his perfect three-dimensional face. He just stood quietly in the warm spring sun. It was the most dazzling scenery in the world.

With Yeh Chuxuan's arrival, the noisy Hall of Loyalty immediately quieted down. He stood at the door and looked at the crowd. His deep eyes fell on Second Master. "Second Master just said that the most important thing to a person is to see their own position. I wonder if Second Master has seen it clearly? "

If the Yeh Chuxuan in the past was a sharp sword that could show off its power, then he was now a peerless treasured sword that could conceal its power but was ready to unleash its power. Although he had been sick for many days and had not shown his face, his aura was much stronger than before.

Second Master's heart couldn't help but tremble, and his tone became much weaker. "Of course I know where I am."

Yeh Chuxuan stepped into the Hall of Loyalty, like an emperor stepping into his own court. He smiled very lightly. "It's good that you remember."

The first chair on the left was empty. Yeh Chuxuan walked over and sat down. The servants of Yeh family immediately poured him a cup of hot tea.

A moment later, Old Master Yeh walked in with a jade cane in his hand, followed by Yeh Fanyu.

"Today, I think everyone knows why the Yeh family reopened the Hall of Loyalty. As the patriarch, I hope that all of you can put the Yeh family in your eyes. " The old man sat in the main seat of the hall and said to the two candidates, "If you have anything to say, just say it yourselves."

Yeh Fengjue glanced at Yeh Chuxuan and saw that he was not in a hurry to drink tea. He was the first to speak. "I know that Third Young Master has performed well as a CEO these years, but as long as you uncles give me this opportunity, he said. I promise that all of you here will receive double the benefits in a year. "

As soon as he said this, many people started whispering to each other and discussing animatedly.

"Yeh Chuxuan placed the teacup in his hand on the table and made a crisp sound. The hall immediately became quiet again.

"Double the income? Big brother is indeed ambitious." Yeh Chuxuan stood up from his chair with a smile and paced on the floor made of green bricks. "Looks like big brother is determined to get this seat."

"That is because all the uncles are giving you face." Yeh Fengjue responded coldly.

"Oh ~" Yeh Chuxuan slowly walked up to Second Master. He bent down and whispered into his ear, "Second Master, the youngest son you raised outside is very cute. If your uncles and brothers know about it, guess. Will they skin him and that woman alive? "

Second Master's facial expression changed dramatically. He stared at Yeh Chuxuan in horror. "You... How did you know?"

Yeh Chuxuan flicked the invisible dust on his fingertips and laughed so hard that it made one's teeth feel cold. "Second Master, if you don't want others to know, don't do it. Now, do you see your position clearly? "

Second Master lowered his head bit by bit. When Yeh Fengjue saw this scene, his heart trembled slightly.

Yeh Chuxuan walked to another person and bent down to personally make him a cup of hot tea. "Uncle, did Yeh Fengjue give you enough benefits to pay back your gambling debts?"

The middle-aged man avoided his gaze. "What gambling debts? What are you talking about that I don't know?"

"Don't know?" Yeh Chuxuan put down the white porcelain teapot. "Uncle is old and has forgotten his character. Do you want me to pass you all the bills?"

The man immediately waved his hand. "No need, no need."

Yeh Chuxuan nodded and turned around to leave. The man raised his hand to wipe the sweat on his forehead.

As if taking a stroll in his own backyard, Yeh Chuxuan leisurely poured a few cups of tea for the elders and whispered a few words. Everyone clearly felt that the wind in the hall was changing bit by bit.

Finally, Yeh Chuxuan returned to his seat and said calmly and secretly with a warning, "I really didn't expect that Grandpa and I would have an accident. Everyone had such thoughts, but I also clearly told everyone present. The position of president is not something that anyone can get just because they want it. This feeling is much better than what Big Brother has experienced in the past few days."

Yeh Fengjue's face was gloomy. Before he could say anything, the few people Yeh Chuxuan had knocked on just now had already jumped out to clarify.

"Third Master is right. I think Third Master is the most suitable to be the president."

"Second Master!" Yeh Fengjue shouted coldly. He did not expect this old man to turn against him in front of him.

"I agree with Second Master. Old man, it was us who lost our minds. It was our fault that we had to vote. Since Third Master is in good health now... He should regain control of the Yeh's Group." Fourth Brother, who had a weakness in someone else's hands, couldn't sit still anymore. What was money? The evidence in Yeh Chuxuan's hands was enough to make him lose his reputation in the Yeh family.

The two people who had caused the most trouble suddenly openly supported Yeh Chuxuan. The crowd at the scene was in an uproar.

Yeh Chuxuan, on the other hand, had a feeling that he was not involved. He drank the tea in his cup bit by bit.

Yeh Fengjue finally could not sit still and shouted angrily, "Fourth Uncle! What do you want to do?"

Fourth Uncle looked like he did not know what was going on. "Great Young Master, we don't want to do anything. We were just confused. Third Young Master is brave and resourceful. He has made a lot of money for us over the years. Of course, we have to support Third Young Master."

"Yes, yes, yes. We also think so..."

Yeh Chuxuan's followers were stunned for a moment. Then, they were amused. The group of people Yeh Fengjue had recruited had turned against them. Was there a need to vote?

"Calm down!" Old Master Yeh watched the big show. Finally, it was time for the curtain to fall. "Looks like everyone has a choice. Housekeeper Lin, bring the ballot box up."

Yeh Fengjue slammed the table and strode to Yeh Chuxuan. He grabbed Yeh Chuxuan's collar and said viciously, "Yeh Chuxuan, don't be too proud. We'll see."

"I will accompany you to the end." Yeh Chuxuan looked at his red eyes and said calmly.

Ignoring the astonishment of the crowd, Yeh Fengjue turned around and walked out furiously. He just happened to bump into Housekeeper Lin. He snatched the wooden chest from Housekeeper Lin's hand and threw it at the big tree outside.

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