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National Husband Hugs Me/C185 Get the Hell out of Here
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C185 Get the Hell out of Here

Yeh Chuxuan's words were like a rock smashing into Gu Huanhuan's head, making her angry and painful. Wasn't this clearly directed at what she had just said?

Gu Huanhuan looked up at the man and calmly asked, "Director Yeh, I just accidentally bumped into you and apologized. Do you have to humiliate me and my colleagues like this?"

Yeh Chuxuan turned his head to face her slightly angry eyes and said coldly, "As an employee, is this the attitude you have when talking to the boss?"

Gu Huanhuan was also angry. "As a boss, can you insult an employee as you wish?"

"Gu Huanhuan, shut up!" Xiao Lu Yan quickly walked over and stopped her from continuing.

Their eyes met and sparks flew in all directions.

"Do you know that I can let you leave at any time?" Yeh Chuxuan gritted his teeth and said.

Gu Huanhuan was so angry that she lost her head. She casually said, "You are the CEO. Of course, you can fire whoever you want to fire. I will not serve a big boss like you."

"Aiya, what is this? It was just a bump. Was there a need to make such a big fuss? "Han Shaochen quickly came up to ease the atmosphere. He first smiled and said to Yeh Chuxuan, "Director Yeh, don't lower yourself to the level of a little girl." After saying that, he turned to Gu Huanhuan and winked at her. : "Huanhuan, where are you going to find a job now? Hurry up and apologize to Director Yeh. This matter is over."

Gu Huanhuan's stubborn temper rose. She turned her head and did not apologize.

"Chief Editor Xiao, give her a salary and ask her to get out of the magazine immediately!" Yeh Chuxuan roared in a low voice. If it was not in public, he really wanted to crush this woman's bones.

Gu Huanhuan immediately stuffed the camera hanging on her neck to Xiao Lu Yan. "Get lost. The world is so big. I don't believe that I can starve to death."

After saying that, she angrily turned around and left the magazine.

The few colleagues who came back with Gu Huanhuan were all stunned. They all said that Third Young Master Yeh was ruthless to women. They did not expect him to be so ruthless. If there was a disagreement, he would directly ask others to get lost.

Han Shaochen howled in his heart, Why did these two people have to go through so much trouble? Was there still a chance for him during his vacation?

At this moment, Yeh Chuxuan even wanted to kill someone. It had been two months since they last saw each other. He did not expect this woman to have such a temper.

Gu Huanhuan walked quickly on the road. She felt that her lungs were about to explode from anger. Didn't she just bump into him? What was the big deal?

At any rate, they had known each other for a while. Even if she had offended you before, was there a need to humiliate me in front of so many people? It was simply too much.

Yeh Chuxuan, you are the most stingy man in the world!

After going berserk for more than ten minutes, Gu Huanhuan's mood gradually calmed down. Looking at the people who came out of the office building after work, her mind was clear and she realized the most realistic problem: she lost her job.

And it was because of her impulsiveness that she got lost.

"Oh my god!" Gu Huanhuan wanted to cry but had no tears. Why did she fight for that breath? She just had to lower her head and admit her mistake after listening to Han Shaochen's words. Now that things had become so stiff, how would she find out about her sister in the future?

Silly, the biggest fool in the world.

Just as Gu Huanhuan was feeling deeply guilty, her phone rang.

"Qingqing -" Gu Huanhuan was weak.

"Wow, Gu Huanhuan, I heard that you were fighting Third Young Master Yeh at the door. You are my idol. The atmosphere in the office exploded because of you..."

Gu Huanhuan chuckled and said, "You guys enjoyed watching the show. I have lost my job. What is there to be happy about?"

"Don't say that. Where are you? I came to find you."

Gu Huanhuan reported the coordinates and then sat on a cold chair by the roadside to look at the people coming and going.

On the other side, Han Shaochen was driving to an unknown place when he heard Yeh Chuxuan, who had been silent all the way, say, "To the bar."

"No," Han Shaochen refused without hesitation. "You haven't recovered yet, so you can't drink."

"I said, go, drink!" Yeh Chuxuan said word by word.

Unexpectedly, Han Shaochen also insisted. "You have recovered. How many drinks do you want? I will accompany you, but not now."

"Han Shaochen!" Yeh Chuxuan shouted angrily.

"I know you are unhappy. I will take you to a place." Han Shaochen stepped on the accelerator, and the car sped forward.

As night fell, Gu Huanhuan and Mu Qingqing sat in the restaurant and gorged themselves.

"Hey, the last time I lost my job, you were urging me to find a job. Why aren't you saying anything this time?"

Mu Qingqing smiled and said, "Can it be the same? Last time, you didn't have a single cent in your pocket. Didn't you go to work and eat? This time, even if you don't work, it will be enough for you to spend the rest of your life. Why should I rush you? "

Gu Huanhuan poked the tofu on the plate and said," But I can't just eat and wait to die like this. That is too unambitious. Why don't I find another job. "

"Hmph, forget it." Mu Qingqing dispelled this thought. "If you resign normally, it would be easy to find one. Oh my god. You got fired after fighting with Third Young Master Yeh. Which company would dare to use you? Isn't this going against Third Young Master Yeh? "

"Is it that serious?" Gu Huanhuan complained unhappily, "Could it be that Yeh Chuxuan can cover the sky with one hand?"

"It is that serious!" Mu Qingqing spared no effort to attack her. "Besides, 'A' City is only so big. Who in your photography circle doesn't know who? Maybe your brilliant deeds will soon spread."

"Ah - - don't say anymore. I regret it so much." Gu Huanhuan looked depressed. "What should I do in the future?"

"What are you afraid of? You need Qian Youyan now, and you still have a skill. You are a standard beauty with fair skin..."

"Hey, that's right." Gu Huanhuan suddenly had a flash of inspiration and excitedly said to her friend, "I have thought of what I am going to do. I can open a photo studio myself and specially take pictures of real children. What do you think?"

Mu Qingqing tilted her head and thought for a moment. "This is a good idea. You have so many shops now. It is better to take one back and do it yourself than working for others."

The more Gu Huanhuan thought about it, the more excited she became. "I can renovate it into the style I want. I can also choose various props and canvas for myself. I can also..."

The woman smiled as she spoke, as if a photo studio that belonged to her was right in front of her.

"Come, cheers. I wish Boss Gu good luck opening the door in advance."

The two glasses clinked, producing a crisp sound.

In the Sword Strike Dojo, two fully armed men were exchanging blows with each other, their swords sharp and piercing, aiming straight for the opponent's vital points.

After another round, one of them finally could not hold on any longer and directly fell to the ground. He took off his hat and panted as he said: "You... Have you calmed down?"

"Get up!" The other person stabbed him in the thigh with his sword.

"Wait, I'm out of energy," the man panted and wiped the sweat off his forehead. He turned around and shouted at the people watching the battle, "Come and help me. This guy is crazy."

The man raised the sword in his hand and mocked him, "Look at you. Step down."

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