National Husband Hugs Me/C19 Either Take Good Care of Her or Let Me Go
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National Husband Hugs Me/C19 Either Take Good Care of Her or Let Me Go
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C19 Either Take Good Care of Her or Let Me Go

"Well, you should ask Yeh Chuxuan. Why did you ask me?" Han Shaochen looked like he was taking it for granted. He stepped over Su Kexin's long legs in front of her and walked past her.

Su Kexin looked back at the back of the person who went up to the third floor and stomped her feet hard.


Gu Huanhuan returned to her room. She was already exhausted. She changed her clothes and hurriedly took a shower. She did not even have time to eat dinner before she fell asleep.

But lying on the bed, she could not sleep no matter what.

Thinking of the figure that flashed by during the day, her heart was filled with disappointment, grievance, and indescribable irritation...

In the dead of the night, the lights in Gu Huanhuan's room were still on. She sat at the head of the bed for a few hours and held the phone in her hand.

... "Gu Huanhuan, are you stupid?" Mu Qingqing's roar sounded on the phone, "It has been a year. Lu Zichen has been missing for a whole year. How long are you going to lie to yourself? If Lu Zichen really remembers you, if he's not dead... He would have come looking for you long ago! It's not like he doesn't know where you live? Listen carefully, he didn't forget you... He died!"

The hand holding the phone trembled violently.

No, that's not it, that's impossible... She had a feeling that Lu Zichen was not dead, absolutely not!

He must have had no choice but to leave, that was why he did not come to find her for such a long time, that was why he disappeared...

Gu Huanhuan repeated these words in her heart, but at this moment, even she herself did not believe it!

Just like what Mu Qingqing said, he knew where she lived. If he really had her in his heart, he would have come to find her a long time ago.

In her heart, if she did not believe that he was already dead, then...

Shaking her head violently, Gu Huanhuan hung up the phone but still could not sleep. She leaned on the bed and it was unknown what she was thinking.

Just as Gu Huanhuan was immersed in her own thoughts, the door of her room suddenly rang and a figure directly barged in.

Seeing Su Kexin suddenly appear in her room, Gu Huanhuan fiercely frowned, "Is Miss Su unable to find her own room?"

What she meant was that this was not your room and she was inviting you out!

This woman clearly did not come with good intentions and Gu Huanhuan was somewhat nervous!

Su Kexin looked at Gu Huanhuan and sneered. Her face was filled with anger. She walked two steps to the front of the bed and grabbed her. After pulling her off the bed, she reached out to hit her. "Gu Huanhuan, you dare to snatch Chuxuan from me. I will beat you to death!"

Gu Huanhuan's face turned to the side to avoid her claws but Su Kexin did not yield and waved her hand with all her might.

Gu Huanhuan only felt a pain on her collarbone and immediately three bloody wounds appeared.

What the heck, this woman's nails are so sharp... I really want to kill her!

It hurts to death!

Gu Huanhuan was already a little irritated when she was locked up in the villa by Yeh Chuxuan. This Su Kexin had always been strange to her and now she even made a move on her. No matter how good her temper was, she could not bear it anymore.

Gu Huanhuan's face became angry and she kicked Su Kexin away and kicked her to the ground. "I am not interested in Yeh Chuxuan and it is not that I want to stay here. You are his fiancée. Go and ask him to let me go!"

Su Kexin rolled on the ground and immediately got up. She was so angry that she was half dead. This woman actually dared to hit her!

"Gu Huanhuan, you slut. You actually dare to hit me. Do you know who I am? See if I will beat you to death today!" Su Kexin said and rushed forward again.

She also wanted Yeh Chuxuan to chase Gu Huanhuan away. But... Yeh Chuxuan did not listen to her!

Gu Huanhuan saw her rushing over again. She grabbed Su Kexin's collar and pushed her towards the door of the room. She stood at the door and shouted, "Uncle Lin!"

The whole villa could hear her angry voice.

Butler Uncle Lin was already upstairs and when he heard her voice, he immediately rushed down in a hurry. When he saw the blood mark on Su Kexin's and Gu Huanhuan's shoulders, he immediately understood what happened.

Gu Huanhuan threw Su Kexin to his feet. "Tell Yeh Chuxuan, either let me go or take good care of this woman. Don't think that I am a pushover. If she dares to attack me again, don't blame me for being impolite!"

After saying that, the door was slammed shut and Uncle Lin and Su Kexin were both locked outside the door.

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