National Husband Hugs Me/C195 I Don't Have a Family I Only Have Myself
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National Husband Hugs Me/C195 I Don't Have a Family I Only Have Myself
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C195 I Don't Have a Family I Only Have Myself

Gu Huanhuan shook her head, "I don't know."

The policemen looked at each other. If that man died, then this matter would be troublesome.

Gu Huanhuan cowered on the chair and asked timidly, "If he died, would I go to jail?"

"This depends on the evidence at the scene." The police saw her pale face and could not bear to comfort her. "Don't worry. If what you said is true, you are defending yourself. Nothing will happen."

Gu Huanhuan was silent. Now she only wanted the man she stabbed to live. It was not because he could not sit in jail, but if he died, then she would have a guilty conscience for the rest of her life.

Under Gu Huanhuan's guidance, 20 minutes later, the police car found the iron door with embroidered hair.

Carefully pushing the door open, it actually opened.

The three police officers exchanged glances and kicked open the door with a gun. They shouted, "Police, don't move!"

The house was so small that it was clear at a glance. There was no one inside. The camera was still by the bed. They walked to the bathroom. Other than a pool of blood on the floor, there was nothing else.

"They ran away, but they shouldn't have gone far. Look, the cigarette butt on the ground hasn't been extinguished yet."

"He's still alive?" Gu Huanhuan asked.

One of them nodded, "He should still be alive."

The three police officers looked around the room and found a few circles of black tape, nylon rope, and a box of cards.

"Looks like he's a repeat offender." The police put the evidence they found into the bag. Seeing Gu Huanhuan looking down for something, they asked, "What are you looking for?"

"My phone was snatched by them. I don't know where it was left."

"Don't look for it. They must have left it on the road."

He took a photo and extracted the blood and hair in the room. The friendly-looking policeman said to Gu Huanhuan, "Come with us to the police station and make a statement. This is a criminal case. We need to file a case. Where's your kitchen knife? "

" Yes, yes. " Gu Huanhuan took out the kitchen knife from her backpack and gave it to him. Compared to staying at home, Gu Huanhuan felt that staying in the Public Security Bureau was much safer.

Seeing that she was in a sorry state, he reminded her again, "Later, you should contact your family and get some clothes for you to change. It is very easy for you to get sick like this."

Gu Huanhuan's eyes dimmed and she simply said, "I don't have a family. I only have myself."

Suddenly, she felt that she was quite miserable. Both her parents died and her sister went missing. There were always people who wanted to take her life for no reason...

When she arrived at the Public Security Bureau, the female police officer on duty took a set of clothes for her to change into. Her body was not so cold.

In the interrogation room, Gu Huanhuan carefully narrated everything that happened when she came out of the small restaurant. The feeling of vulgar man's blood dripping on the back of her hand, she thought that she would never forget it for the rest of her life.

The two police officers looked slightly tired. The older police officer asked, "You said that the person behind the scenes was Su Kexin?"

Gu Huanhuan's eyes were a little dull. "I guessed. Those two people seemed to have tacitly agreed."

"So it is like that." He nodded. "We will look for Su Kexin to ask. These two people have already escaped. If we catch them, the charges might still be effective. If we don't catch them..."

"If we cannot catch them, we cannot convict her, right?" Gu Huanhuan suddenly smiled. Her smile was desolate and disappointed. She muttered to herself. She said, "She has such a father and has the backing of the Yeh family. How could she be convicted? "

At this moment, the door of the interrogation room opened. The policeman who came back from the scene looked at Gu Huanhuan and said to the two policemen, "The evidence that we brought back from the scene, quickly come and take a look."

Only Gu Huanhuan was left in the bright room. The surroundings were silent. She really wanted to sleep, but when she closed her eyes, she saw vulgar man's frightened face and his falling body.

After an unknown amount of time, two policemen walked in. "You go back first. We will look for you if there is any progress."

"Oh..." Gu Huanhuan stood up from the chair and her legs were somewhat numb. When she walked to the door, she said, "Big brother, can I stay here for a night?"

It was so dark on the road and she did not dare to go back alone.

The police seemed to understand her situation. They nodded and brought her to the on-duty female police officer's lounge. "You can rest here."

"Thank you." Gu Huanhuan's nose was a little sour.

The policewoman gently hugged her. "Miss, you were scared. It's fine. You will be fine when you wake up tomorrow after sleeping."

"Yes." Gu Huanhuan held back her tears.

The blue checkered sheets were very clean and the blanket gave off the smell of sunlight. There seemed to be a kind of stabilizing force in this place. In less than a minute, Gu Huanhuan, who was curled up on the shelf bed, fell into a deep sleep.

In the office, a few police officers were chatting.

"I didn't expect that after looking for these two guys for so long, we finally found our lair."

"This time, we must catch them!" One of them drank a mouthful of water and continued, "Is Gu Huanhuan alright?"

"She's fine. When the kidnappers violated her, the camera was on and the sound was the evidence. Moreover, the person who was stabbed did not die. She did not commit suicide. She can leave at dawn."

"Sigh, this girl is quite powerful. She managed to escape from these two bastards."

"Yeah, but her background is also quite miserable."

The few of them fell into a momentary silence...

This time, Gu Huanhuan slept until noon before waking up. When she walked out of the Public Security Bureau, the sun was shining brightly, dispelling the humidity and timidness all over her body.

"Gu Huanhuan, this case involves a lot of things. Don't go and find Su Kexin first. It is easy to alert the enemy. Just pretend not to know and live as usual." Before leaving the Public Security Bureau, the criminal police interrogating her last night said to her.

Live as usual? Gu Huanhuan smiled bitterly. She should work hard.

But now, what she wanted to do the most was to go home and take a hot shower, then go to the Hidden Sunset Temple to ask for a signature. Regardless of whether it was useful or not, just treat it as asking for peace of mind.

Yeh's Group.

Han Shaochen, who had returned from his vacation, was full of sweetness. He sat on the chair in the CEO's office and asked someone, "I heard you are getting engaged?"

Yeh Chuxuan buried his head in the official documents and ignored him.

"Actually, Su Kexin is not that bad either, except for her bad personality. She is not good looking and also has a temper of a young lady. She is good at everything else." Han Shaochen took out a nail clipper from somewhere and casually grinded his nails.

Yeh Chuxuan threw the signed documents in front of him and asked coldly, "Are you deliberately making things difficult for me?"

"No, I haven't seen you in a long time. I'm here to care about you. " Han Shaochen blew on his fingers, glanced at his good friend and said, "But you seem to enjoy it, so I feel relieved. How about this, we'll have dinner together in two days, and then we can get together. I'll also formally introduce my girlfriend to you guys. "

Yeh Chuxuan smiled. "What's wrong? The most famous playboy in 'A' City is not spent anymore?"

"I've had enough fun. I don't want to play anymore," Han Shaochen said seriously. "She's good. I want to get married."

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