National Husband Hugs Me/C2 Hand over the Child from Six Years ago
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National Husband Hugs Me/C2 Hand over the Child from Six Years ago
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C2 Hand over the Child from Six Years ago

"What? Don't remember? You dare to do it, but you don't dare to admit it? " Yeh Chuxuan sneered and reached out his hand to grab her neck. He pinched her hard. "Six years ago, you drugged me and tried to give birth to the child of Yeh family. Now... where is the child? Hand it over!"

Gu Huanhuan stared blankly at Yeh Chuxuan in front of her. She was stunned by his words. Was this man sick? What nonsense was he talking about?

When did she drug his wine? When did she give birth to his child? Six years ago, that was a joke!

"Cough, cough, cough..." Gu Huanhuan was pinched by him until she suddenly coughed a few times and said with a whimper, "Can you let go of me first... It hurt... It hurt. "

Just as Gu Huanhuan finished speaking, Yeh Chuxuan glared at her but still obediently withdrew his hand and said coldly, "I don't think you dare to play any tricks anymore!"

"First of all, Third Young Master Yeh, I don't remember what happened six years ago at all. It's been too long, and I don't know you. I think you must be mistaken! Secondly... I am a person, not a commodity. Even if Gu Changsheng is my biological father, he does not have the right to sell me. I cannot sell myself to you. Yeh Chuxuan, you must let me go. Otherwise, I will call the police! " Gu Huanhuan said with a very firm look.

" Call the police? " Hearing the two words in her mouth, the man who originally had a cold expression suddenly could not help but laugh. Staring at the stubbornness on her face, he laughed very disdainfully. "Woman, I think you haven't figured out the situation, right? In Imperial, the police are all surnamed Ye. What do you think? "

"You..." Gu Huanhuan was so angry that she choked.

Yeh Chuxuan's face suddenly turned cold. "Gu Huanhuan, I have investigated the matter six years ago very clearly. I do not have time to talk nonsense with you. Tell me, where is the child? Where did you hide the child? "

As he spoke, his palm moved around her neck. He felt as if he could choke her to death if he dared to lie.

Gu Huanhuan felt so wronged that she died. She began to struggle with grief and indignation, "Let go of me, you bastard. I don't know you. How could she have given birth to your child? Are you crazy? I have never promised to sell myself to you. You caught me here for no reason. Go and find Gu Changsheng. Let go of me! "

Yeh Chuxuan smiled evilly and listened to her curse coldly. He didn't show any expression on his face, but his body continued to press down on her. After a while, he suddenly bent down and whispered into her ear.

"Did no one tell you? A man's sexual desire in the morning is the strongest. If you continue to move, I can't guarantee that you will be able to walk out of this room today... Speaking of which, your timid and pure appearance last night... It really makes me unable to stop!"

Just as he finished speaking, Gu Huanhuan's entire body stiffened and did not dare to move anymore. His meaning could not be any more obvious. If she dared to cause trouble again, he did not mind getting rid of her on the spot!

"Only like this will you be obedient!" Yeh Chuxuan smiled lightly, seemingly very satisfied with her obedience. "Alright, quickly get up. I want you to personally admit what happened six years ago!"

After he finished speaking, he got up and let her get up.

Admit it personally?

Gu Huanhuan was surprised. What the hell was going on!?

"I really don't know about what happened six years ago. Why don't you go and find Gu Changsheng? Did you spend 100 million to buy me here for a child? I really didn't give birth to your child! " Gu Huanhuan was really speechless. All of this happened so mysteriously.

Yeh Chuxuan was stunned at first, then a cold glint appeared in his eyes. "Are you questioning what I said?"

"You..." Gu Huanhuan was almost angered to death by this damn man. She gritted her teeth and said, "Six years ago, I was only 18 years old. I really do not know anything. And isn't 100 million money? Go and find Gu Changsheng to get it back. I don't care! I want to go home!"

Gu Huanhuan said, lifted the blanket and prepared to get off the bed. She had been hiding under the blanket previously and did not realize it. Now that she lifted it, she was completely dumbfounded. She did not expect that she was completely naked!

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