National Husband Hugs Me/C3 Why Not Do Something Interesting
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National Husband Hugs Me/C3 Why Not Do Something Interesting
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C3 Why Not Do Something Interesting


After being stunned for two seconds, Gu Huanhuan immediately blushed in embarrassment and quickly hid under the blanket.

Yeh Chuxuan kept staring at the woman in front of him and naturally saw all of her good figure. She had a tall figure, white porcelain skin, and beautiful long legs. And... I didn't think that this woman would have a pure and cute face, and such a good figure!

Just thinking about it made Yeh Chuxuan feel like he had a reaction. At this moment, this woman was anxiously hiding under the blanket, not daring to look at him. This shy and timid expression made him unable to control himself. This kind of temptation was simply fatal!

With this in mind, Yeh Chuxuan did not plan to endure anymore. He went to bed again and pressed her down.

"Since you don't want to get up so much, then let's do something interesting!"

As soon as he finished speaking, he hugged Gu Huanhuan and pulled her into his embrace. Then, he kissed her on the lips.

"Oh..." Gu Huanhuan was instantly shocked and her eyes widened. What did he want to do now?

Why did he suddenly kiss her?

Could it be...

Before Gu Huanhuan could react, Yeh Chuxuan suddenly...

"Ah, let me go, you hooligan... Ah... Don't touch there... I, I have a boyfriend... You can't do this..."

Gu Huanhuan tried to push this man away, but with her strength, she could not push him away no matter what.

And that man's actions became even more violent after hearing that she had a boyfriend...

"Do you have a boyfriend? Then I have to give it a try!" Yeh Chuxuan said, and his hand began to gradually exert strength. "Did he touch you like this? Hmm?"

Gu Huanhuan's face turned red. "Don't... I beg you..."

"Tell me, has he ever touched you like this?" Yeh Chuxuan was a little angry as he spoke. When he thought about how she had once been under another man, he got angry.

"Hiss..." Gu Huanhuan gasped and quickly begged, "No, no..."

She only had one boyfriend, Lu Zichen. No, he should be her fiancé, but the two of them had never had a relationship.

Satisfied with her answer, Yeh Chuxuan curled his lips and continued.

Two hours later, he finally finished venting. Yeh Chuxuan threw Gu Huanhuan onto the big bed, then went to the bathroom to wash up without any feelings.

"I'll call the servant in. Get ready. I don't like women who dawdle!" After saying that, he wore a bathrobe and left with a cold face.

Gu Huanhuan did not speak until she heard Yeh Chuxuan closing the door and leaving. Only then did she let out a breath.

Tears finally fell uncontrollably. She was actually... actually forced by Yeh Chuxuan...

How was she going to explain it to Zichen-gege...

Would Zichen-gege forgive her?

Gu Huanhuan felt depressed when she thought of this. She felt even more upset. Her body was sticky. She wanted to get up and wash up, but she did not expect that she would fall back onto the bed as soon as she got off the bed.

Her legs were sore and soft...

Really... That man was too powerful, her legs were all soft now...

Thinking of this, Gu Huanhuan felt even more embarrassed. Her face and ears turned red. At this moment, there was a slight knock on the door, followed by a sound.

"Miss Gu, the servant of my villa, Mrs Qin. Young Master ordered me to come and wait for you to wake up."

The original arrangement by Yeh Chuxuan was really quick!

"Oh... Alright!" Gu Huanhuan replied and thought of something again, "That, Mrs Qin, could I trouble you to prepare a set of clothes for me to change into, I..."

Embarrassed to the point of not knowing how to continue, Mrs Qin laughed, "Miss Gu, please rest assured. Young Master has already said that we are all ready. You just need to wash up!"

Young Master had already said...

Did he tell her everything?

He had really collapsed!

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