National Husband Hugs Me/C5 The Dream Is Still Reality?
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National Husband Hugs Me/C5 The Dream Is Still Reality?
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C5 The Dream Is Still Reality?

She had a face identical to hers, but she wore a sexy dress and held onto a man's arm. That man was Yeh Chuxuan!

This... This is...

Gu Huanhuan could not believe it. She continued to flip through the photos one by one. They were all photos of her and Yeh Chuxuan.

But... this was impossible. She did not remember that she knew this man in front of her.

Gu Huanhuan thought about it. Her back felt a little cold as she looked up at Yeh Chuxuan. His face was extremely cold.

"How is it? Do you remember?"

"I... I..."

Gu Huanhuan did not know how to answer. The truth was right in front of her. There were also photos to testify that she was a magazine photographer. Of course, she knew that these photos could not be photosynthesized by PS. There was only one possibility...

Did she lose her memory?

No, it was impossible... She didn't even remember that she had lost her memory!

"You still don't want to admit it?" Yeh Chuxuan raised his eyebrows.

Gu Huanhuan took a deep breath and put the photo in front of his desk, trembling. "If... if I say I don't remember at all, or that I might have lost my memory, would you believe me?"

"Don't play dumb for me!" Yeh Chuxuan sneered. "I have already investigated all of your information. Hand over the child and I will let you go. Otherwise... you will not be able to leave for the rest of your life!"

"You can't do this. I really don't know. Third Young Master Yeh, I beg you, please let me go. I..."

Gu Huanhuan was about to cry. This thing happened mysteriously and mysteriously, making her accept her incompetence.

"Faang Ho!" Yeh Chuxuan shouted loudly. The door of the study was immediately opened and a man in a black suit walked in.

"Yes, Young Master!" Faang Ho said.

"Take this woman back to her room. Don't let her step out of the villa until she is willing to tell us where the child is!"

Yeh Chuxuan's words determined Gu Huanhuan's fate.

Gu Huanhuan really wanted to cry. Faang Ho made an inviting gesture. She could only glare at Yeh Chuxuan and leave.


When she returned to the room and laid back on the bed, Gu Huanhuan was still a little confused. What was going on?

When she woke up, she was sold by her biological father, followed by pictures of her and Yeh Chuxuan?

What other children were there?

She had gone crazy, this damned place!

How could she escape?

Gu Huanhuan could not figure it out and decided not to think about it. She laid on the bed and slept -

She seemed to have a dream. In her dream, it was actually on a big bed. She had a pregnant belly...

She was actually giving birth!!

Gu Huanhuan was immediately startled awake. She sat up from the bed and looked around. This was the Yeh family, and it was still the room in the morning. However, it was already dark at this moment.

"Phew..." Taking a breath, Gu Huanhuan wiped the cold sweat on her back and thought of the dream she just had.

She actually dreamt that she was giving birth...

And she even felt that the dream was so real...

Subconsciously touching her stomach, Gu Huanhuan was somewhat unable to differentiate at this moment. Could it be that she really gave birth to Yeh Chuxuan's child?

Otherwise, why would she have such a strange dream?

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