National Husband Hugs Me/C6 Was It Possible That She Had Really Given Birth?
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National Husband Hugs Me/C6 Was It Possible That She Had Really Given Birth?
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C6 Was It Possible That She Had Really Given Birth?

Thinking of this, Gu Huanhuan suddenly thought of her good sister and best friend Mu Qingqing, whom she grew up with.

If she really had a child, Mu Qingqing would definitely know!

She hurriedly turned on the light to look for her phone. Gu Huanhuan saw her handbag on the sofa and immediately walked over. She took out her phone from her bag.

There was still electricity!

Gu Huanhuan quickly opened her contact list and saw her father Gu Changsheng's phone number.

Tears could not help but fall. Gu Huanhuan stubbornly wiped them dry. She never would have thought that her biological father would actually sell her to a strange man!

Her fingers moved and Gu Huanhuan dialed Gu Changsheng's phone number. She wanted to know what was going on... Perhaps she wanted to lie to herself!

However, after two consecutive calls, no one answered.

Gu Huanhuan bit her lips and did not insist. She directly dialed Mu Qingqing's number.

The phone rang and three seconds later, it was picked up.

"Hello, Huanhuan, you wretched girl. You clearly made an appointment to go shopping today. But you didn't come when I arrived at the old place. It really pisses me off. What? You only thought of me now? You came here to apologize? Let me tell you, it's too late. Hmph! "Before Gu Huanhuan could say anything, Mu Qingqing roared like a firecracker. Obviously, she was so angry that she was about to die.

Hearing her voice, Gu Huanhuan's mood instantly became better. She hurriedly bowed and said, "Qingqing, my good Qingqing, I was wrong. It's all my fault, but I really can't attend the appointment. I encountered some difficulties... "

Mu Qingqing's expression changed when she heard that she had encountered difficulties. She was no longer angry and quickly asked, "What difficulties? What happened? That's right, you don't usually stand me up without informing me! "

" I... " Gu Huanhuan bit her lips and did not know how to open her mouth. Her tears could not help but fall, "My father sold me..."

"What?" Mu Qingqing instantly jumped up and her entire body exploded.

Immediately after, Gu Huanhuan told her everything that happened yesterday and today...

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! My God, so you are now in the Yeh family, in Yeh Chuxuan's villa? " Mu Qingqing's eyes lit up at this moment. Yeh Chuxuan, was there a mistake? Such a powerful and handsome man, her dishes!

Gu Huanhuan was somewhat speechless. "Student Mu Qingqing, can you pay attention to the main point? I am now imprisoned and he wants me to hand over the child. There is also a photo as proof. I want to ask you what I should do. I don't want to discuss Yeh Chuxuan with you!"

" Aiya, who asked the man who imprisoned you to be Yeh Chuxuan? The Prince Charming in the hearts of women, the lover of the masses!" Mu Qingqing curled her lips and stopped laughing. "Since he has investigated so clearly, and there are photos as proof, she said. Then prove that it is true. You just need to give the child to him!"

Gu Huanhuan instantly became angry, "Mu Qingqing, is your brain flooded with water? If I really gave birth to a child, of course I would give it to him. The key is that I did not give birth. Where can I find a child for him? "

"That's true..." Mu Qingqing muttered and began to think.

Gu Huanhuan saw that she did not speak anymore and remembered the scene in the dream just now. She could not help but ask, "Qingqing, let me ask you. When I was 18 years old... was it possible that I really had a child?"

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