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C65 You've Been Fired

It was fine sitting in the shop, but as soon as the wind blew on the street, the alcohol started to cause trouble in her body. Gu Huanhuan waved her hands and her feet did not listen to her orders as she threw herself at the lights on the road.

"Aiyo, my grandaunt, you don't want to take your life anymore?" Mu Qingqing pulled her arm forcefully to stop her suicidal behavior, "If I knew that you could drink so little now, I would not have let you drink."

"Hur hur... Burp..." Gu Huanhuan burped and touched Mu Qingqing's face. She said with a smile, "Little girl is so pretty, accompany me to sleep tonight."

Mu Qingqing placed her arm on her shoulder and walked towards Gu Huanhuan's residential area," Sorry, I have 3000 male pets in my harem and all of them are waiting for me to arrive. You, this woman, cannot line up. "

"Tsk, if you don't accompany me then so be it. I will sleep with my baby."

"Right, right, right. Your baby is soft and big, it is most suitable to sleep with you..."

The two women walked into the neighborhood with many twists and turns. The security guard saw that someone he knew had come out to greet them, so he let them in.

In a black car behind, the man was holding a red wine in his hand and swaying it. It was not until the two women's figures disappeared into the neighborhood that he said to the driver, "Let's go."

It seemed that he would not be able to get anything out of them today!


Yeh Chuxuan sat behind the huge desk and looked at the stack of documents sent by Faang Ho. He sneered, "You actually went to celebrate. You are in a good mood."

He looked at it and frowned. An hour? It seemed like he had to make her remember this next time! Also, did Faang Ho have a brain or not? Was it interesting to listen to all this nonsense?

At the end of the report, Yeh Fengjue appeared. Although he had not made a move yet, he should be soon.

Yeh Fengjue, what kind of surprise will you give me? I'm looking forward to it...


The moment Gu Huanhuan was thrown onto the bed, she fell asleep. Mu Qingqing helped her take off her clothes and shoes and used a wet towel to wipe her face. She poured another cup of water and placed it on the bed before leaving.

Although she slept fast this time, it was not stable.

In the dream, Lu Zichen did not appear. Gu Huanhuan seemed to have come to a bar. She was pulled to the bed by another man. The man's face was blurry. She opened her eyes wide and wanted to see clearly, but it was as if she was covered with a layer of gauze. No matter how hard she tried, she could not see clearly...

Then, the dream was switched to the hospital. She was pressed to the bed and shouted at the top of her lungs. Suddenly, a child crawled out from under her...

"Ah!" With a scream, Gu Huanhuan was scared awake by the nightmare. She suddenly sat up from the bed and looked around. The lights in the room were still on. This was her home, and the one just now... was a dream.

It was already autumn. The moonlight outside the window was bright and cold. In the quiet night, one could only hear his own heartbeat.

Gu Huanhuan wiped the sweat on her forehead and fell into confusion. If that was a dream, why was her heart so painful? It was as if she had experienced it personally.

Could it be that she really gave birth to a child? Then why did she not remember anything?

Her throat was so dry that it was almost smoking. Gu Huanhuan picked up the water by the bedside and poured it into her throat with a gurgling sound. Her muddled mind became much clearer.

Knocking her slightly painful head, Gu Huanhuan consoled herself, "Don't be afraid. This is just a dream, don't be afraid..."

When she woke up again, the sky was already bright. Gu Huanhuan was in a very good mood. The feeling of returning to her own home was very good. She did not need to worry about people entering her room for no reason, nor did she need to be forced to work.

She quickly washed up, put on makeup, changed her clothes, and then happily went to work.

Gu Huanhuan worked in the editing department of 'Bairui', a fashion magazine in 'A' City. Due to her outstanding ability, she had just worked for two years and was promoted from an assistant photographer to a full-time photographer. She specialized in taking photos of magazines such as clothing, cosmetics, and so on.

When she came to the company, the receptionist girl was very surprised to see her. However, she still said, "Sister Huanhuan, you're here!"

Gu Huanhuan smiled and nodded. Then she took a deep breath and walked into the office.

She did not know what welcomed her, but she had to face it.

Other than Mu Qingqing, the other colleagues all had strange expressions. Gu Huanhuan saw an unfamiliar face. It should be the newly hired photographer, and he was sitting in her seat.

"Hello, this seat is mine." Gu Huanhuan tried her best to keep a smile on her face.

The man looked at her arrogantly and leaned against the chair with his arms crossed before his chest. "Even if it used to be yours, it is now mine. It was Chief Editor Xiao who invited me here. If there is anything, go and talk to her."

As soon as he finished speaking, a cold voice came from behind. "Gu Huanhuan, come to my office."

He did not need to look back to know that it was Witch Xiao.

Gu Huanhuan quietly walked into Witch Xiao's office.

"You have already been fired. Let's go through the formalities today." Xiao Lu Yan sat on the rotating chair and went straight to the point.

Even though she had been given a precautionary measure, Gu Huanhuan still could not accept it. She really liked this job. She did not need to deal with people. She only needed to grasp the angle of the light and the shooting items.

"Chief Editor Xiao, why did you fire me? Is it because I am not capable enough?"

Xiao Lu Yan coldly snorted, "You are capable enough, but I cannot hire an employee who has disappeared for two months in an instant. If they are like you, how will the magazine continue to do it?"

Although Gu Huanhuan had no choice, she knew that it was her fault. Without any transfer of work, the magazine would definitely suffer a lot of losses. She quickly bowed and apologized, "I'm sorry, Chief Editor. This is indeed my fault. I came to work at the magazine as soon as I graduated, and I really like this job. Please give me another chance, I swear... Such a thing will never happen again! "

"Alright, then explain to me why you suddenly disappeared."

Gu Huanhuan was speechless when she heard the question. Could she say that she was kidnapped by the famous Third Young Master Yeh in A City? She felt that it was a dream even if she thought about it. No one would believe her if she said it out loud.

"I... I..."

Gu Huanhuan stammered and could not come up with an explanation. Witch Xiao sneered, "What, I gave you a chance but you can't even come up with a reason?"

Gu Huanhuan hurriedly explained, "No, Chief Editor. I cannot tell you the reason but please believe me. I had no choice but to. I really did not do it on purpose."

Xiao Lu Yan was somewhat impatient, "No choice? This was a society governed by law. What could make you disappear for so long? You can lie to a child with such a reason, but it is too ridiculous for you to use it to fool me. "

" No, I'm serious... " Gu Huanhuan was so anxious that her face turned red.

"Shut up!" Xiao Lu Yan slammed the table, pointed at the door and said sternly, "I don't need such irresponsible employees like you. Now I officially inform you. You have been fired. Pack up your things and leave! Immediately! Immediately!"

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