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National Husband Hugs Me/C67 Ye Chuxuan's Jealous Heart
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C67 Ye Chuxuan's Jealous Heart

"I wonder if I have the luck to propose a toast to two beautiful ladies?" As he spoke, the man's gaze had already turned towards Gu Huanhuan.

Mu Qingqing was the most clear about this kind of thing and immediately understood that this man came for her best friend. Hence, she got up and poured some red wine into their cups. "Of course you can. Huanhuan, let's toast to this gentleman."

Gu Huanhuan quickly raised her cup and the three of them touched it and took a sip.

After drinking the wine, the man did not have any intention to leave and instead said to Gu Huanhuan, "So the beauty is called Huanhuan. Can you leave a phone number and we can meet often in the future?"

Even a fool could understand the meaning of the man's words. Gu Huanhuan was stunned for a moment. Why was it so direct to ask for a phone number now? However, she did not want to meet him often in the future.

When Faang Ho saw this scene from afar, he was a little hesitant. Should he report this situation to Young Master?

Recalling the difference between Yeh Chuxuan and Gu Huanhuan, he thought that he should report everything in detail. As for Young Master's reaction, hehe... He was really looking forward to it!

Mu Qingqing saw that Gu Huanhuan was in a daze and naturally knew what she was thinking. She immediately went up to smooth things over, "Sir, this little sister of mine is not someone you can casually ask out. However, if you want to find the Mei girl to eat, you can also call me. I can't be considered a great beauty, but at least I can be considered a little beauty "

We're all here to mingle. With a way out, the man tactfully changed his strategy and said with a smile:" Hahaha, how may I address you? "

"My surname is Mu, Mu Qingqing."

"Miss Mu, nice to meet you. This is my business card. Remember to call me. Next time, I'll be the host. We'll get to know each other."

Mu Qingqing took the business card. There was a long line of work written on it. One look and one could tell that it was used to deal with customers. As for the one that was given to Gu Huanhuan, she saw with her sharp eyes that there was only a name and a phone number on it.

It was still the same evil heart that refused to give up.

After the unfamiliar man left, the two of them had almost finished their meal at the table. They no longer had any interest in staying any longer and paid the bill to go home.

After Faang Ho compiled all the information he had today, he handed the information to Yeh Chuxuan with his own hands. Actually, he could not come, but everyone had a curious heart.

Yeh Chuxuan did not seem to be surprised by Gu Huanhuan's unemployment. This matter would end like this in every company.

Leaning on the chair, Yeh Chuxuan closed his eyes and thought for a while. He opened his eyes and dialed the secretary's number. "Notify all the higher-ups to have a meeting tomorrow morning."

He threw a photo of the information to Faang Ho and said coldly, "Go and investigate this man's family background and work situation. We need to find out more about him. We need to see if he has anything to do with Yeh Fengjue. Also... whether he has any connections with the Gu family. "

At this moment, Faang Ho felt that Young Master was worthy of being called Young Master. While he was waiting to see Young Master's gossip, Young Master's attention had already shifted to every possible clue that might appear.

"Yes!" Faang Ho nodded. Just as he was about to leave, Yeh Chuxuan suddenly stopped him. "Faang Ho, you should know what you should know in the future. If you don't know what you shouldn't know, then just rot it in your stomach."

Faang Ho was stunned for a moment. He just nodded instinctively. He only felt that something was not right after he went out. He should not have known. What did it mean?

In the photo, Gu Huanhuan's red dress was particularly eye-catching. Her smile was delicate and gentle. There was also a large patch of snow white skin on her chest. Yeh Chuxuan looked at it and felt a burning anger in his heart. She dressed like this just to seduce men?

Gu Huanhuan, you are really capable!


The next morning, in the conference room of the Empire Corporation, also known as the Yeh's Group. More than ten high-ranking officials were waiting for Yeh Chuxuan's arrival. They had been informed that they had a meeting this morning since last night. It had been a long time since Yeh Chuxuan had formally informed all the high ranking officials to have a meeting. Everyone was guessing whether it was because of Yeh Fengjue's return. There was some big movement within the group.

A moment later, Yeh Chuxuan, who was wearing a black handmade suit, strode into the meeting room. He sat on the president's chair and looked around with a cold gaze. He said, "There are two main things for today's meeting. First: Purchase the Baery Magazine. No matter what methods you use, within three days, I want the results. "

The higher-ups all looked at each other in dismay. For these elites who only looked at high-end financial magazines, what was "Baery Magazine" for? They had never heard of it before.

When everyone calmed down again, Yeh Chuxuan said, "Secondly, Yeh Fengjue has returned. Even if I don't tell you what he has come back for, you should know. The fact that the Yeh's Group was able to reach this stage today is because of the hard work of everyone present. If you don't want to destroy all the capital and honor in your hands, just keep your eyes open. "

When Yeh Chuxuan took over the Yeh's Group, he had poached a large number of elites from overseas and returned to the country. He also gave them a small portion of the company's shares for free, although it was a very small portion of the company's shares. Personally, he could guarantee that he would not have to worry about food and clothing for the rest of his life. It was also because of this that everyone worked hard for the company. Now, the capital in their hands was already very considerable.

Now, Yeh Fengjue came back and wanted to snatch the company?

That would also depend on whether this large group of backbone elites would agree or not.

"Third Young Master, don't worry. We aren't just here for nothing." One of the men with blue eyes and a high nose bridge said that they had known Yeh Chuxuan since they were overseas and had kept the title of "Third Master."

"That's right. Even if Yeh Fengjue wants to come back and rob us, we have to see if he has the ability to do so."

"That's right, that's right."

Everyone present had been floating in the Shang Ocean for many years. What kind of storms and waves had they not seen before?

In fact, in these few years, Yeh Chuxuan had managed the Yeh's Group like an iron bucket. However, the heart of a person could not be understood, and the desire of a person was boundless. He still had to sound the alarm when necessary. "Of course I trust all of you here. However, if someone stabbed me in the back at this time, don't blame me, Yeh Chuxuan, for not talking about our relationship in the past. Get to work! "


While the elites of Yeh's Group were gathered together to discuss how to get the Baery magazine, Gu Huanhuan was eating bread and working hard to submit her resume on the internet.

In the morning, the mouse moved and more than ten copies were thrown out.

In A City, the circle of fashion magazines was actually only that big. There were only a few fashion magazines with good sales. Gu Huanhuan had disappeared for so long. Such strange gossip had long spread in the circle. Hence... Her resume this time was mainly for the film studio at the top.

During lunch, Gu Huanhuan simply cooked a bubbling surface. Now that she had no income source, she could only rely on "saving money" to pass the day.

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