National Husband Hugs Me/C68 The Reason Why He Was Rejected
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National Husband Hugs Me/C68 The Reason Why He Was Rejected
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C68 The Reason Why He Was Rejected

As soon as the bubbling surface entered her mouth, the phone rang. It was a stranger number. Gu Huanhuan spat out the bubbling surface again and quickly answered the phone, "Hello? Hello."

"Is it Gu Huanhuan? This is the Love of the Century. You submitted your resume this morning. May I ask if you can come for an interview in the afternoon?"

Gu Huanhuan did not expect that there would be a response so soon after she submitted her resume. She quickly said, "Yes, yes, yes. What time is it in the afternoon?"

"Three o'clock in the afternoon. Do you know the location?"

Gu Huanhuan nodded. "I know. It's written on the recruitment notice."

" Okay, I'll see you in the afternoon. "

After hanging up the phone, Gu Huanhuan jumped up happily. It was already past one o'clock. She quickly finished eating the bubbling surface and ran into the room to find the clothes for the interview.

When she went out, it was drizzling outside. A cool breeze blew over. Gu Huanhuan wrapped her windbreaker and held up her umbrella as she walked towards the bus station.

Now, she could only sit on the bus. Fortunately, the Shadow Tower bus arrived.

The bus in 'A' City was always full, even if three subway trains were opened. However, it was still not enough to satisfy the needs of the people. Gu Huanhuan squeezed all the way until the back of the carriage was relatively loose before she put the umbrella under her feet. Her gaze fell on the misty rain outside.

Six years ago, it was also a rainy day on the day of her mother's death. The heavy rain that fell from the sky seemed to be sending her mother off. Until now, she still could not forget when the small black box in the rain was slowly placed into that small world. Her own despair.

But she came back to life with that love for her mother.

From that day onwards, every rainy day, she would think of her most beloved mother.

As she was deep in thought, Gu Huanhuan suddenly felt a hand on her waist. Her heart skipped a beat. She turned her head to look and saw a strange man smiling at her vulgarly.

This is... Did he meet a bus pervert?

Gu Huanhuan wanted to scold him, but she was also a little afraid. She could only move to the side. Unfortunately, there were too many people on the bus. They could not escape from vulgar man's evil clutches.

His hands kept moving downwards, and they were about to touch his butt. Gu Huanhuan was so anxious that tears almost fell. She suddenly remembered what Mu Qingqing had told her. If you meet a pervert, kick his butt! But in this kind of situation, she could not kick him either.

In a moment of desperation, Gu Huanhuan stepped back and the sharp heels of her high heels fiercely stepped on vulgar man's shoes. He was in pain. "Ah!" He immediately let go of Gu Huanhuan.

The people on the bus looked over and wanted to know what happened. Gu Huanhuan pretended to be sorry and said, "Sorry, sorry. The car is shaking and stepping on you."

It was common to accidentally step on other people on the bus. When the other party apologized, everyone returned to normal.

Vulgar man looked at Gu Huanhuan hatefully. He wanted to refute but did not know what to say. He stretched out his hand again with ill intentions and the bus arrived at the station.

Regardless of whether they reached the destination or not, Gu Huanhuan decided to get off the bus. She did not dare to stay here any longer.

Hence, the moment the car door opened, Gu Huanhuan picked up her umbrella and squeezed into the car door. When she passed vulgar man, she used her high heels to step on him. She could not wait for him to curse and Gu Huanhuan had already followed the crowd out of the car.

"It is so disgusting..." Gu Huanhuan exhaled.

Because of the rain, it was very difficult to get a taxi. When they arrived at the interview location, more than half an hour had passed.

Gu Huanhuan was rejected by the interviewer. They could not accept a person who did not abide by the concept of time. The interviewer's original words were, Could it be that the customer came to take wedding photos, put on clothes, and put on makeup? But did the photographer not know where he was?

Gu Huanhuan did not explain. Being late meant being late. Time was fair to everyone.

Dejected, she returned home. She hastily washed up and did not even eat before lying on the bed.

The next day, she received another interview notice. Gu Huanhuan confidently went for the interview. This time, she went out three hours earlier than usual and was rejected again. The reason was so firm that she could not refute it.

The interviewer was the deputy manager, a woman with delicate makeup and fashionable clothing. As soon as Gu Huanhuan sat down, her eyebrows knitted together. Without looking at Gu Huanhuan's various experiences, she said bluntly, "Sorry, we can't apply for you."

Gu Huanhuan was very surprised. He did not even ask anything?

"You are too beautiful, so we can't hire you."

Gu Huanhuan was shocked and did not know whether to laugh or cry. But even if she died, she still had to understand. She asked, "Why is that?"

The interviewer shrugged and leaned against the chair, saying, "We used to have a photographer who was very beautiful and had an artistic style. Oh, just like you. But not long after, our boss's husband took a fancy to him. In the end, you know..."

Of course, the boss was furious. He fired the beautiful cameraman and then gave the order to kill. In the future, the cameraman that he would hire would either be a male or an ordinary looking one.

For someone like Gu Huanhuan, it was very obvious that she exceeded the standards by too much.

Gu Huanhuan smiled helplessly. She picked up her bag and said, "This reason, I really have no way of rejecting it. Alright, I understand your boss. Goodbye!"

On the third day, when Gu Huanhuan was still under the covers, the phone rang again. She grabbed it in a daze and pressed the answer button." Hello? Who is it?"

" Gu Huanhuan, you won! " A cold voice came from the other end of the phone. Gu Huanhuan suddenly woke up and looked at the phone blankly. It was actually "Witch Xiao"!

"Chief Editor... You are looking for me?" Perhaps because Gu Huanhuan was used to being oppressed, the moment Gu Huanhuan heard her voice, she immediately sat up and her voice became much weaker.

Witch Xiao coldly snorted, "I did not expect your backer to be so strong. Why are you still pretending to be a noob? I came back to work today."

Gu Huanhuan was confused. She did not understand what the first sentence meant, but she understood what the latter sentence meant. She could go back to work now!

She wanted to ask another question, but the busy tone of the phone rang. It was indeed Witch Xiao's style!

"Hahaha, I can go back to work again!"

Gu Huanhuan jumped happily on the bed for a while and then ran to the bathroom.


When she returned to the magazine again, Gu Huanhuan's excitement was indescribable. She also noticed that her colleagues seemed to be much more enthusiastic about her.

As soon as they entered the magazine, the receptionist sister already smiled and asked "Good morning" and even brought a cup of hot coffee for her, "Sister Huanhuan, the weather is cold. Drink some coffee to warm up."

Before she walked to her desk, Little Zhang from the Management Department, who usually did not interact much, actually ran over and gave her two movie tickets. She said that it was the premiere and that there would be a big star there.

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