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National Husband Hugs Me/C70 A Beautiful Child
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C70 A Beautiful Child

At that moment, the driver turned around and said to Yeh Chuxuan, "Young Master, Mr. Han called several times."

Yeh Chuxuan nodded and immediately dialed the visual number in the car. "Shaochen, how's the search for that woman?"

On the other side of the screen, Han Shaochen was in a small village in Europe. He was wrapped in a big windbreaker and looked very haggard.

"Damn it, I just followed the clues and found the woman's residence. In the end, the neighbor said that she moved away a week ago." Han Shaochen rarely swore. It seemed that he was really angry this time. "But there is good news. Guess what it is?"

Yeh Chuxuan thought for a while, and his eyes lit up. His mood also became better." Is there news of a child? "

Han Shaochen looked at him gloomily." Hey, can you let me keep you in suspense?"

"If you keep talking nonsense, I will throw you to Africa to keep a lion company!" It had been a long time since Yeh Chuxuan felt emotional because of something. Now, he was actually a little anxious.

Han Shaochen immediately surrendered. He was most afraid of these furry animals.

"I asked many people who lived nearby. They all confirmed that this woman indeed had a child. She was six or seven years old, and she was very beautiful."

Yeh Chuxuan's hard and cold heart started to soften when he heard the approximate appearance of the child. He could not believe what he would feel if this beautiful child was standing in front of him.

"Do you have a photo?" Yeh Chuxuan's voice was slightly trembling, but he did not notice it at all.

Han Shaochen shook his head. "This woman is very cautious. She did not leave any photos behind, including the information that affected her. She even wears a hat every time she looks at the camera on the road. So, sorry... "

Yeh Chuxuan's heart dropped again. Although he was a little disappointed, having news was better than having no news.

"Don't worry, since she has appeared, it means that we are in the right direction..." Han Shaochen comforted his good friend. "I will stay in Europe for a while. If there is news, I will inform you immediately."

"Yes, you be careful."

After hanging up the phone, Yeh Chuxuan recalled the child he just talked about. Han Shaochen said that it was very beautiful! His child was naturally very beautiful, and he must also be very smart.

As he thought about it, a rare warmth appeared on his face.

"Young Master, Great Young Master's car has been following us from behind." The driver suddenly opened his mouth to break the rare peaceful atmosphere.

Yeh Chuxuan's face returned to his usual cold expression. "I think he has been too free recently."

After saying that, he dialed the number.

"Hello, Jack, how is the business management of Yeh Fengjue's overseas business that I asked you to check last time?"

"It's all done. Third Master, your big brother is quite capable. He has extended his hands for a very long time. According to the information we have, he basically has his businesses all over the world."

Yeh Chuxuan smiled coldly. "Not impressive. How dare he come back and snatch my property?"

"Oh..." Jack laughed and said, "However, your big brother's heart is quite dark. He has touched everything. What, do you want us to touch him now?"

Yeh Chuxuan already knew that Yeh Fengjue had suddenly become so good overseas these few years. There must be some shady business. It seemed that his guess was right.

Yeh family had an ancestral rule that they could be poor, but they strictly prohibited anyone from involved in illegal activities. They could not allow their ancestors to fight for their reputation in front of them. The glory of their juniors would be destroyed as soon as they arrived!

"Jack, take out all of Yeh Fengjue's money-making and shady businesses!"


Yeh Chuxuan looked at the car in the rearview mirror and snorted. Dear brother, if you are so free, I will find something for you to do!


Three days later, Mu Qingqing was sent back. It was the weekend and Gu Huanhuan took her to the old place to eat. First, she wanted to thank her for her help during her difficult times and second, she wanted to celebrate her coming back to work at the magazine.

Autumn was a good season for replenishment. The two of them ordered the women's favorite black chicken medicinal pot and as they ate, Mu Qingqing talked about all kinds of strange things that happened along the way and made Gu Huanhuan laugh non-stop.

Along the way, Mu Qingqing's phone rang. It was her father. The father and daughter talked for a while and for some unknown reason, there was a sudden disagreement. Mu Qingqing hung up the phone with a bang. At this time, she realized that the smile on her best friend's face had also disappeared.

"Why are you suddenly unhappy?"

Gu Huanhuan sighed and said in a low mood, "Sigh, you can still argue with your father. I haven't seen my father for a long time. I also don't know where he is now. What is he doing?"

Mu Qingqing understood her family situation. She shook her best friend's hand and comforted, "Don't worry, uncle will be fine. Why don't we go to the Gu family to find him after dinner? Maybe he has already returned. "

"En, okay!" With Mu Qingqing accompanying her, Gu Huanhuan's courage increased a lot. "It just so happens that I also have a lot of things that I have not figured out. I need to ask him."

When they arrived at the Gu residence, it was already afternoon.

Gu Huanhuan knocked on the door for a long time before the door of the Gu residence slowly opened. The person inside was Xu Ma, whom she had not seen for a long time.

"Miss, why are you here?" Mrs. Xu went forward and asked in a low voice.

Mother Xu had worked in the Gu family for many years. She had witnessed with her own eyes the entire matter of the Gu family's main family being chased away and Little Brother supporting them. Hence, she had some tender feelings for Gu Huanhuan.

Gu Huanhuan held Mother Xu's hand and her nose twitched as she asked, "Mother Xu, is my father around?"

Mother Xu shook her head and said, "No. Sir has not returned for a period of time."

Gu Huanhuan was a little disappointed. She looked at Xu Ma, whose hair was a little white, and suddenly remembered that Xu Ma had worked in the Gu family for so many years. She had watched her grow up and perhaps knew some of the things that happened back then.

Thinking of this, Gu Huanhuan hurriedly asked, "Mother Xu, do you still remember that my mother only gave birth to me back then, or gave birth to twins?"

Mother Xu was shocked. There was some uneasiness spreading in her eyes. "Miss, why do you ask this? What happened?"

"Some time ago, someone..."

"Gu Huanhuan! What are you doing here?" A stern shout came from behind.

Gu Huanhuan and Mu Qingqing turned around and it was the arrogant Gu Qingya. Her right hand was holding onto her mother, Jiang Yan. The driver behind the two of them was carrying big and small bags. It seemed like he had just returned from shopping.

Gu Qingya pulled out her arm and strode forward. She pushed Gu Huanhuan away and stood in front of the Gu family's door. She said in an overbearing manner, "Why did you come to my house? Don't think that you can enter the house just because your surname is Gu."

Gu Huanhuan was pushed by her until she almost fell to the ground. Luckily Mu Qingqing supported her.

Although Gu Huanhuan was easy to bully, Mu Qingqing was not a person who was easy to talk to. She held Gu Huanhuan behind her and looked at the woman in disdain. She sneered and said, "Oh, Miss Gu's knowledge has improved. She even knows how to talk when she enters the house. I wonder if she has learned the term 'Jiu takes over the magpie's nest'. "

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