National Husband Hugs Me/C74 Was This a Fallout Shelter?
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National Husband Hugs Me/C74 Was This a Fallout Shelter?
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C74 Was This a Fallout Shelter?

Mrs Qin held the umbrella and brought Gu Huanhuan to the villa and asked, "Miss Gu, why are you here?"

Gu Huanhuan used her drenched sleeve to wipe the rain on her face and said rather awkwardly and guiltily, "I have something to discuss with Young Master Yeh."

Mrs Qin replied with an "Oh," and said, "Young Master is not at home now. Wait in the living room for a while!"

"Then... when will he come back?" Gu Huanhuan lowered her head and stepped on the golden gingko that was soaked in the rain. Her heart was a little unsettled. She was afraid to see him, but she was also afraid that he really was not there. This kind of feeling was really...

"When will Young Master come back? Why would he tell us?" Mrs Qin saw that she was a little uneasy and said gently, "But Young Master seldom spend the night outside. He should come back today."

Gu Huanhuan nodded and did not say anything. She did not have a chance to turn back now.

Yeh family's villa was still the same as when they left. It did not change because of anyone leaving.

Gu Huanhuan stood at the door of the living room and did not know if she should go in or not. If she went in like this now, she would probably step on this expensive carpet.

Mrs Qin saw through her thoughts at a glance. She turned around and brought a pair of new slippers and said, "Although there are no clothes that can be changed, there are still shoes. Put them on and warm up inside."

"Thank you, Mrs Qin." Gu Huanhuan lowered her head and changed her shoes. Her tears almost fell. In the past, she would often argue with Mrs Qin here but she did not expect that she would be the best to her in the end.

The wet high heels were filled with rain and the stockings had long wrinkled into a ball. Gu Huanhuan carefully placed the shoes that she had changed into at the corner of the door and walked into the warm living room.

The black leather sofa was emitting a dim light and the vase on the turning table was no longer the elegant Nine Li Fragrance. Instead, she changed into the bright Yu Beauty. A few high-end financial magazines were neatly placed on the coffee table. At first glance, it was obvious that they were the type that Yeh Chuxuan often read. If Gu Huanhuan was careful enough, she would definitely realize that these few financial magazines also had a different fashion magazine mixed within them.

The rain continued to rain. Gu Huanhuan did not dare to sit by the window and could only stand by the window. If it was not for the sudden rain, perhaps she would still be wandering outside the villa. Perhaps her mother was helping her make a choice. In that case... Gu Huanhuan could no longer retreat and be timid.

About ten minutes later, a car lamp flickered in the dark fog and slowly drove towards the villa.

Gu Huanhuan's heart suddenly jumped. She knew that it was Yeh Chuxuan who came back. He had clearly told her to be calm, but when he was really going to appear, he was still so nervous.

Was he afraid of facing him? Or was he worried that he would not agree to her request?

The car steadily stopped in front of the villa. Housekeeper Lin had been holding the umbrella and waiting. Yeh Chuxuan got out of the car. The long gray windbreaker made him stand up straight.

"Send the food to my room later." Yeh Chuxuan ordered as he walked in with big strides.

Housekeeper Lin followed closely behind. Just as he was about to say Gu Huanhuan's arrival, his eyes had already caught her figure. His footsteps paused slightly and he quickly walked towards the living room.

He coldly looked at the woman who was completely drenched and in a sorry state. She also lowered her head and did not dare to look at him in the eye. Yeh Chuxuan felt a little annoyed. He took off his coat and threw it on the sofa. He also sat on the sofa, as if waiting for her to explain. Housekeeper Lin secretly glanced at Young Master's face. En. Luckily, he left with a meaningful look in his eyes.

Yeh Chuxuan sat on the sofa with his legs crossed and stared coldly at the woman. After a while, he saw that she was about to tear the soaked woven shirt apart. He lost his patience and asked her directly, "What are you doing here?"

Gu Huanhuan finally raised her head to look into his eyes. There was a familiar coldness in his eyes. She opened her dry mouth and her voice was a little hoarse, "I... I want to ask you something..."

All of her actions were under Yeh Chuxuan's control. Of course he knew what she wanted, but she was able to put down her face and come back to beg him. This was something he did not expect.

However, when he thought about how she had eaten, drank, and had sex with men while she was away, and how she had completely forgotten about him, how could he agree to her request so easily?

"Huh, Gu Huanhuan, do you remember what you said when you stood here?" Yeh Chuxuan sneered. He really could not stand her dejected look.

Gu Huanhuan shrank her feet. Her toes were all curled up together. She lowered her head uneasily and whispered, "I remember."

When she left, she stood in the living room and said resolutely, I wish we will never meet again after old age!

"Do you still dare to come if you remember? What do you think I, Yeh Chuxuan, am? Sanctuary?" The more Yeh Chuxuan spoke, the angrier he became. He wished he could crush her bones.

Although Gu Huanhuan expected him to be very angry, when she really faced him, her heart ached. She wanted to leave this place immediately, but when she thought of her father, her feet seemed to be filled with lead, and she could not move at all.

She took a deep breath and met his gaze. "Young Master Yeh, I'm sorry, I... I really have no choice but to come and find you, and... And... "

Yeh Chuxuan was annoyed by her "and" and was about to get up and leave when... Mrs Qin gently brought a cup of hot water and put it on the coffee table. Yeh Chuxuan looked at Mrs Qin's face. He asked," Who let her in? "

Mrs Qin stiffly bent her waist and said with a guilty expression, "Sorry Young Master, I let Miss Gu in because it is raining..."

"I see that the rules in this villa are getting more and more lax..." Yeh Chuxuan interrupted her and said coldly, "Who said that strangers could be let in so easily?"

Mrs Qin was scolded until her face turned pale and Gu Huanhuan could not look over to defend Mrs Qin, "Don't blame Mrs Qin. She also pity me. If you have any anger, come at me."

Yeh Chuxuan coldly flew over. "Who do you think you are? Do you deserve it?"

Gu Huanhuan choked and the accumulated anger in her heart gradually rose. "Young Master Yeh, I may not be much to you. But a while ago, I was working as a horse and a cow in the villa. In the end, I was dismissed by you. Did I say anything? Also, because I was caught by you wrongly, I almost lost my job... "

Yeh Chuxuan suddenly said in a cold voice," Since that's the case, why are you still here? "

Uh... Gu Huanhuan was stunned, You idiot, didn't you come to ask for help?

Gu Huanhuan coughed and immediately adjusted her attitude, "What I mean is, even if we are not familiar with each other, we are not strangers. At least we have been together for more than two months."

"Haha..." Yeh Chuxuan sneered twice and stared at her with some ridicule. "Gu Huanhuan, do you think you can talk to me about friendship just because you have been a servant here for two months?"

"No, no, no..." Gu Huanhuan quickly waved her hand to deny it. How could she have the courage to be friends with him? "Young Master Yeh, I really had no choice but to come to you. You just saw... Seeing that I have been injured countless times at your place, help me."

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