National Husband Hugs Me/C75 I Can Do Anything You Want
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National Husband Hugs Me/C75 I Can Do Anything You Want
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C75 I Can Do Anything You Want

"What if I don't help?" Yeh Chuxuan raised his eyebrows and smiled faintly.

Gu Huanhuan thought of Han Shaochen's words and decided to take a gamble. So she said something that did not fit her style, "If you don't agree, I will stay here and not leave."

After saying that, she did not care whether her body was wet or not and sat on the carpet.

"Pfft!" Mrs Qin, who was standing by the side, could not hold back her laughter. After getting a warning from Yeh Chuxuan, she quickly turned around and left.

Yeh Chuxuan had never seen such a shameless Gu Huanhuan. Yeh Chuxuan's mood actually turned for the better. His slender fingers knocked on the armrest of the sofa. "Gu Huanhuan, where is your pride and backbone?"

Gu Huanhuan's face turned slightly red and her eyes looked around. "Sometimes, you can also not take these things."

"Then don't you want your face too?" Yeh Chuxuan teased her in a good mood.

Gu Huanhuan saw that there was a turning point and immediately got up to sit in front of him. "If you are shameless, can you help me?"

Her black eyes seemed to have been washed by the autumn rain outside the window. It was so bright that no one could move their eyes away.

The clothes of the woman were all wet and stuck to her body, revealing her beautiful figure. The curves of her chest were exposed, revealing a snow-white neck. Water droplets were left on her sexy collarbone. She suddenly got so close. A refreshing autumn rain with the scent of a woman fell on Yeh Chuxuan's nose. A wave of anger rushed to his lower abdomen. It made him want to go forward and bite her.

Was this... her beauty trap?

This woman probably didn't know how lovely she was right now.

In order to hide his impulse, Yeh Chuxuan leaned back on the sofa and looked down at her disdainfully. "Gu Huanhuan, there is no free lunch in this world."

Hearing this, Gu Huanhuan felt even more hopeful and immediately said, "As long as you can help me, you can do anything."

"Anything?" Yeh Chuxuan raised his eyebrows and sized her up and down.

Gu Huanhuan recovered from Yeh Chuxuan's gaze and realized how ambiguous her words were. Her face immediately turned red and she immediately denied it. "No, no, no, it doesn't include what you think."

Yeh Chuxuan smiled coldly. "Gu Huanhuan, you know what I want to do? You think too highly of yourself. "

Not the best! Gu Huanhuan thought to herself.

The water that Mrs Qin brought over was not so cold anymore. Yeh Chuxuan reached out and took a sip and continued to ask, "Tell me, what do you need me for?"

Finally speaking of the main point, Gu Huanhuan's spirit was lifted. "Please help me find my father. Ever since he went to B City, he has been looking for my father. Until now, there is no news. I have been to the Gu family many times and he did not come back. I am a little worried, so I want to ask you to help me look for him."

Sure enough, Yeh Chuxuan thought to himself. He wanted to know the truth of what happened twenty years ago. Perhaps he could only find Gu Changsheng, so he had already sent out his men. However, there was still no news until now. He, Third Young Master Yeh, had yet to find anything, let alone any news from the Gu family.

"Be my servant for a week! I will consider your request." Yeh Chuxuan suddenly opened his mouth and said. A strange smile flashed across his eyes.

Yeh Fengjue had almost finished cleaning up his mess and returned from overseas. Since this woman was restless outside, he would leave her by his side.

Gu Huanhuan was stunned for a moment. She finally understood that this was the condition that Yeh Chuxuan agreed to help her.

However, she still had a job.

"I... I still have work to do. Can I change to another one?" Gu Huanhuan asked carefully.

Yeh Chuxuan snorted and placed the cup in his hand on the table with a click. He got up and left!

This woman was really asking for an inch!

Gu Huanhuan was anxious and also quickly got up to chase after him, "Young Master Yeh, don't go, don't go. If there is something we can discuss."

Yeh Chuxuan's path was blocked by her, so he put his hands in his pockets and said with a cold face, "Gu Huanhuan, there has never been anyone who can discuss conditions with me. Only agree or disagree!"

Of course she knew! But she really could not lose her job.

With a sad face, Gu Huanhuan started to pretend to be pitiful. "Young Master Yeh, I beg you. If I lose my job again this time, I won't be able to live. You are magnanimous and tolerant. How about this, I will go to work during the day. How about coming back at night to be a servant? Anyway, you work during the day, and I have nothing to do in the villa. Please, please..."

Gu Huanhuan put her palms together and begged. She was so weak that she looked like a pitiful puppy. Yeh Chuxuan tightened his hands and really wanted to push her to the ground right now.

Before this desire could break through his mind, Yeh Chuxuan turned around and walked around Gu Huanhuan. He went up the spiral staircase.

Gu Huanhuan did not know what he meant. Her eyes followed his tall back. Her heart was gradually filled with disappointment and her nose was slightly sour.

It turned out that he did not care about his pride and face. What he got in return was only his rejection and back view.

Han Shaochen, you big liar! What else did you say that he would definitely help me? Is this how you help me?

He raised his head to look at the magnificent villa, then looked at his embarrassing appearance. It was so out of place. No wonder he wasn't willing to help him. They weren't from the same world, so why should he help him?

Gu Huanhuan decided to leave immediately. Even if it was raining heavily outside, she had to leave immediately. Otherwise, she would really look down on her.

Just as she was changing her shoes at the door, Housekeeper Lin walked over. In his hand was a black plate with a bowl of porridge inside. There were also a few exquisite side dishes. He looked at Gu Huanhuan in surprise and asked, "Miss Gu, where are you going?"

Gu Huanhuan put on her shoes and combed her wet hair. She squeezed out a smile and said, "Housekeeper Lin, thank you for letting me in. I will be leaving first."

"Now?" Housekeeper Lin was even more surprised. "The rain is so heavy now. How are you going to leave? And..."

"It's alright." Gu Huanhuan interrupted Housekeeper Lin's words and asked somewhat embarrassedly, "Housekeeper Lin, can you lend me an umbrella? I will return it to you when the sky is clear."

Housekeeper Lin looked at the smiling face of the girl and seemed to understand something. He smiled gently and said, "Of course I can lend you an umbrella, but you can't leave now."

Gu Huanhuan frowned and her face also darkened. "What? Third Young Master Yeh wants to imprison me again?"

"I don't know about that, but Young Master ordered you to bring dinner up."

" Ah? " Gu Huanhuan was completely stunned. What did this mean? Could it be that... he agreed?

This was really not like Yeh Chuxuan's style!

Didn't he say that he never discussed terms with others?

Go and find him. Even if you don't help others, he will definitely help you! Han Shaochen's words suddenly exploded in his mind. Gu Huanhuan felt her heart begin to beat uneasily again.

"Why are you still standing there foolishly? Hurry up. If dinner gets cold, Young Master will get angry." Gu Huanhuan could not help but refuse, so Housekeeper Lin stuffed the plate into her hands.

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