National Husband Hugs Me/C81 A Bloody Case Caused by a Cell Phone
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National Husband Hugs Me/C81 A Bloody Case Caused by a Cell Phone
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C81 A Bloody Case Caused by a Cell Phone

He answered his own phone?

"What right do you have to answer my phone?" Gu Huanhuan's little volcano slowly erupted.

"In the Yeh family, there is nothing that I cannot do." Yeh Chuxuan's words were arrogant, but he was only stating the facts.

"But... but this is my phone. You have no right to violate my privacy!"

Yeh Chuxuan shook the phone in his hand and said sarcastically, "Your privacy is this Mr. Chen? Gu Huanhuan, do you have to have such bad taste?"

Gu Huanhuan doubted whether he was listening to her seriously. With a stubborn temper, she said to him, "What's wrong with Mr. Chen? He has money and looks, and is polite and gentle to others. So what if I like him? "

Yeh Chuxuan stood up from the sofa and sneered, "Gu Huanhuan, don't you see who you are?"

"Thank you for reminding me. Of course I know who I am..." Gu Huanhuan's eyes were red. Why did he hate her so much? Every time he felt that he still had a heart, he would forcefully break it. "However, since Mr. Chen thinks highly of me, why should I take Qiao?"

"Gu Huanhuan!" Yeh Chuxuan gritted his teeth. "Do you know how many women surnamed Chen have? Do you really think she likes your looks and wants to marry you? Dream on! "

" Whether I dream or not has nothing to do with you! " Gu Huanhuan was so angry that her face turned red and white.

Yeh Chuxuan's eyes were dangerous and cold. "It has nothing to do with me? Are you sure?"

Gu Huanhuan suddenly remembered that she was still begging him for help. She immediately changed the topic. "Give me back my phone!"

Yeh Chuxuan grabbed her shoulder as if he wanted to crush her bones." Repeat what you said just now. Does it have anything to do with me? "

Gu Huanhuan's arm was hurt by his hand. She wanted to push him away but did not have the strength. The anger in her heart was even greater. "That's right. I do need your help, but it does not mean that you can do whatever you want to me."

"Do whatever you want?" Yeh Chuxuan pulled her towards him and threatened by her ear, "I can do whatever I want to you right now, so what can you do?"

A hot man's breath rushed into her nose, making her nervous and scared. She struggled to step back. "Give me back my phone!"

Damn it, this was too embarrassing!

Yeh Chuxuan did not know why he was not angry anymore. His eyes were bright like stars, but he did not let her go. "If you want to throw yourself into my arms, I will fulfill your wish tonight."

This sentence scared the stunned person awake. He quickly got up and ran out without his phone.

He had already lost his face in front of his grandmother's house. Why did he need his phone?

Yeh Chuxuan, who was left in the room, laid down in that position for a while. He threw the "culprit" in his hand onto the sofa and slowly got up to walk into the bathroom.

When he returned to his room, Gu Huanhuan leaned against the door and could not help but laugh out loud. She laughed as she scolded herself, Gu Huanhuan, you idiot, you are so stupid!

She must have slept too cold at night and came back by herself...

When she was making breakfast, Gu Huanhuan was still thinking about her phone. Although she had a good personality last night and turned around to leave, she still had to get her phone back. Otherwise, she would have to spend another sum. Therefore, she planned to go and get it by herself when Yeh Chuxuan had breakfast.

Everything was going according to her plan. Yeh Chuxuan was sitting in the dining room and eating without any expression on his face. Gu Huanhuan quickly went to Yeh Chuxuan's room. She tidied up the room and looked for her phone. However, after a big round, she still could not find the phone's shadow.

Could it be that he threw it away?

Gu Huanhuan stood in front of the huge bed and thought quietly in her heart.

Forget it, she should just ask him later.

When they returned to the restaurant again, Yeh Chuxuan had already finished his meal and was gone. This time Gu Huanhuan was dumbfounded.

Seeing that the time for work was getting closer and closer, Gu Huanhuan anxiously paced around the villa's door. When she saw Housekeeper Lin, she quickly asked, "Housekeeper Lin, where is Young Master?"

Housekeeper Lin pointed to the balcony on the third floor and said, "Isn't that?"

Gu Huanhuan looked up. Yeh Chuxuan brought a cup of coffee and stood on the balcony, leisurely admiring the autumn scenery in the morning.

This was the difference between a boss and an employee. One enjoyed life leisurely, while the other ran bitterly for life.

It was too late to go to the third floor. Gu Huanhuan looked up and tried to use a gentle tone to say, "Young Master, can you return my phone to me? ”

This was the servant. The other party took his things and still had to lower his voice to beg! It was so damn sullen.

Yeh Chuxuan lowered his head to look at her. After taking a sip of coffee, he then slowly took out his phone from his pocket and did not wait for Gu Huanhuan to say to wait. He casually tossed the phone. The white phone was accompanied by a perfect curve. "Whoosh! It flew down...

Gu Huanhuan stared at the direction of the phone and quickly went to pick it up. Wow! I got it... I got it...


The phone slid down from the seam and the screen went down.

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