National Husband Hugs Me/C83 Something the Police Said
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National Husband Hugs Me/C83 Something the Police Said
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C83 Something the Police Said

"I'm going to call the police. I'm at the women's clothing store in downtown Philly. Hurry up and save me. I'll be dead here a little later."

After saying that, he hung up the phone with a "Pa" sound. Then, he looked at Su Kexin's furious and twisted face and felt slightly refreshed in his heart.

The girlfriend beside Su Kexin pulled on her sleeve and whispered, "Let's go. The police will come later..."

"What are you afraid of?" Su Kexin shouted, "I don't believe that the police dare to do anything to me."

When Gu Huanhuan heard this, she could not help but give her a thumbs up in her heart, How could you be so stupid to be so awesome! I admire you!

The two security guards came very quickly. They looked at Su Kexin and then looked at Gu Huanhuan. Their attitude was still considered polite, "Miss Su, what is the matter?"

Su Kexin had always announced to the public that she was Yeh Chuxuan's fiancée. There was no one in the Yeh's Group who did not know about it.

Su Kexin lifted her chin proudly and pointed at Gu Huanhuan and said, "She stole something from the store."

The security guard had clearly heard the entire process of the incident from the sales staff and politely continued to ask, "Did Miss Su see it with her own eyes?"

Su Kexin was questioned and her expression immediately changed, "You guys actually suspect me? I am your future Lady Boss!"

The security was in a difficult position and Su Kexin and the rest did not dare to offend and could only turn to Gu Huanhuan, "This lady, look. Can we check your bag?"

Gu Huanhuan crossed her arms in front of her chest and said coldly, "What do you think?"

"Why are you still talking nonsense with her? Go and search." Su Kexin urged impatiently from the side, "Are you going to search or not? If not, I will get Chuxuan to fire you tomorrow!"

No matter how upright the security guard was, he still wanted to keep this job. Hearing Su Kexin's words, he looked at each other and surrounded Gu Huanhuan, one on the left and one on the right. "This lady, I am really sorry. We are going to search your body."

Gu Huanhuan took a step back and leaned against the cashier counter, glaring at them, "You dare? I have already called the police. If you dare to touch a finger of mine, I will sue you for rape and rape when the police come!"

Su Kexin added oil to the fire. "She is talking nonsense. She did not call the police. You do not need to be afraid! Quickly take action!"

The two security guards steeled their hearts. One of them reached out and grabbed Gu Huanhuan's handbag. The other hand reached into the pocket of her coat. At this moment, the uniformed police uncle appeared at the door. Gu Huanhuan seemed to have seen her savior and shouted loudly, "Police uncle, here, here!"

The security guard did not expect the police to really come and immediately froze on the spot.

Two policemen walked over and looked at the scene and asked, "Who called the police?"

Gu Huanhuan immediately pushed the two security guards away and jumped out to stand in front of the policeman. She pointed at herself and said, "I, I, I called the police."

A young and handsome policeman with big eyes and thick eyebrows asked again, "Didn't you say that someone was dying? What's going on?"

Gu Huanhuan hurriedly explained, "Uncle Police Officer, it's like this. I came to the shopping mall and this lady framed me for stealing. Call security to search my body. I didn't steal anything, so of course I can't let them search my body. But they insisted on doing it. Look, my bag has already been stolen. If you came a little later, perhaps I would have been stripped naked and searched by them. At that time, I wouldn't be able to bear the humiliation and would directly commit suicide. Don't you think that would be fatal? "

Gu Huanhuan said a lot of things. The policeman frowned when he heard her. In order to not affect the order of the business, he finally said with a big hand, "You, you, you. All of you, come with me. Let's go to the police station and talk slowly."

The police uncle drove a police van. Gu Huanhuan picked a corner furthest away from Su Kexin and sat down. She was afraid that this woman would crazily pounce on her and beat her up later.

The matter was very simple. Gu Huanhuan did not have anything stolen from her bag, so when they arrived at the police station, the policeman interrogated her very quickly.

The two security guards lowered their heads and apologized. Gu Huanhuan did not intend to make things difficult for them and waved her hand to let them go. But when it was Su Kexin's turn, she smiled maliciously.

After messing with me so many times, it finally fell into my hands.

"You want me to apologize to her? Dream on!" Su Kexin sat in the interrogation room and shouted.

The handsome policeman had already lost his patience with her. He threw the pen in his hand away and said with a straight face, "That's fine. Then wait for others to sue you."

"You... I want to make a call. I want to find a lawyer!"

The policeman threw her phone in front of her.

The lawyer from Su family came very quickly. After understanding the specific situation, after communicating with Su Kexin for a long time in the house, it seemed that he did not manage to convince Eldest Miss Su. He could only helplessly walk in front of Gu Huanhuan and say, "Miss Gu, we will settle this with compensation."

"Hmph, although I do not have money, it does not mean that I do not have backbone. Today, she must apologize to me." Gu Huanhuan spoke righteously. It was not easy for her to become the master, how could she let her go so easily?

The lawyer walked in to communicate with Su Kexin again. The handsome policeman came over with a cup of hot water and sat beside her. He casually asked, "How big of a grudge is it? You don't even give up when you give money?"

Gu Huanhuan sighed, "You won't believe me even if I tell you. I didn't feel good if I don't let go of my anger after being beaten up by her a while ago."

The handsome policeman nodded and said," We have seen many rich young ladies like her. Just take good care of the scale and it will be enough. Otherwise, she will find trouble with you again when she goes out. "

Gu Huanhuan thought about it and found that what she said made sense. Finally, under the coordination of the police, the lawyer generously gave Gu Huanhuan 100,000 yuan for mental damage.

When Su Kexin left the police station, she stared at Gu Huanhuan with disdain and said, "You are indeed poor. Don't you want money from Su family? Gu Huanhuan, don't let me see you again in the future. Otherwise, I will teach you a lesson!"

Gu Huanhuan, who was holding the cheque, suddenly felt some regret. She should have let this woman go to court.

The next day, Gu Huanhuan was repairing the photo when the receptionist sister came in with a package and handed it to her with a smile.

"Mine?" Gu Huanhuan asked in surprise.

The receptionist girl nodded and said, "Open it and you will know."

Gu Huanhuan tore open the package and inside was an exquisite phone box. She opened it and an exquisite silver phone was quietly placed inside.

"Wow, what a beautiful phone." The receptionist girl exclaimed and reached out her hand to take out the cell phone. "My God, this cell phone is the new model of Yeh's Group, right? I've seen it on the Internet, and I heard that it's very expensive. Sister Huanhuan, where did you buy it? "

Gu Huanhuan was also stunned. She did not buy it.

The receptionist's words attracted many colleagues' attention. Everyone looked at their phones and their eyes were full of envy.

"That's right. Huanhuan, where did you buy it? I want it too. Look at this screen. It's awesome!" One of the colleagues asked.

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