National Husband Hugs Me/C85 Could It be That You've Mistaken Her for Someone Else?
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National Husband Hugs Me/C85 Could It be That You've Mistaken Her for Someone Else?
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C85 Could It be That You've Mistaken Her for Someone Else?


"The reason is that Huanhuan and I went to eat." Yeh Fengjue walked in with big steps, playing with the keys of the sports car in his hand. He had a smile that was not a smile. "There are so many servants in the family. Don't they know how to cook a meal?"

Yeh Chuxuan's expression changed slightly, and there was a trace of a smile on his face. "When did Big Brother come back?"

Yeh Fengjue took off his coat and threw it to Housekeeper Lin. He said casually, When did Big Brother come back?" Oh, I just arrived this afternoon. Thinking about how I haven't seen Huanhuan for a long time, I pulled her to eat. What's wrong?"

"Nothing. I thought Big Brother would be staying overseas for a while. I didn't expect to be back so soon. Is the business overseas still okay? " Yeh Chuxuan was best at hiding his expression, especially in front of this huge competitor.

A sharp look flashed across Yeh Fengjue's eyes. "I don't know which bastard broke a few of my money-making routes, but it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter how long it breaks."

The bastard Yeh Fengjue mentioned also smiled. He nodded and said, "You're right. I wonder if Big Brother will come back this time to live or play occasionally?"

"Have you forgotten what Grandfather asked you to do last time?" Yeh Fengjue walked to Gu Huanhuan, who was still standing, and deliberately said in surprise, "I came back this time to confess to the girl I like, so that I can get married and have children. He wanted to make grandpa happy. Huanhuan, don't you think so?"

Gu Huanhuan was thinking about how to deal with Yeh Chuxuan later and did not listen to their conversation at all. She was suddenly called out and was stunned for a moment. She turned around and asked," What? "

" What are you thinking about? Why are you so absorbed in it? I am also old and should get married, right?"

Gu Huanhuan thought to herself, What does this have to do with me? Why are you asking me? But she couldn't not say anything, so she could only say, "Yes, yes, yes. Great Young Master has also reached the age of marriage."

"Don't call me Great Young Master, you are not my servant." Yeh Fengjue frowned and said unhappily, "Just call me by my name in the future."

"This... This isn't good." Gu Huanhuan was in a dilemma. The moment she stepped into the villa, she had the illusion that she was a slave.

"What's not good about it? I think it's pretty good. It's decided. "

The conversation between the two seemed to have a different meaning in other people's eyes. Sitting on the sofa, a certain person found it hard to believe. In just a short afternoon, their relationship seemed to have improved a lot.

With Yeh Fengjue by the side, Gu Huanhuan escaped disaster at night.

As soon as Yeh Chuxuan returned to the study, he casually smashed a glass bottle in the corner to the ground.

"Faang Ho!" He angrily scolded his subordinate on the other side of the video. "Is your intelligence system dead? Why didn't Yeh Fengjue report this afternoon when he returned to the country?"

Faang Ho was so scared that his face turned pale. He explained, "Yeh Fengjue took a private plane back to the country. When we got the news, you were discussing oil cooperation with the prince of the Middle East, so..."

" Damn it! I have been working with me for so many years, but I didn't know what was the most important thing? Do I feed you for free? " Yeh Chuxuan was so angry that he wanted to smash the computer screen. He rubbed his aching temples. He let out a breath and said, "Summon Eagle back to the country."

Faang Ho's expression turned cold, and he respectfully said, "Yes!"


The next day at work, Gu Huanhuan's car was not the BMW Mrs Qin bought vegetables in, but Yeh Fengjue's limited-order sports car.

"I'm going to the company. It's on the way." He said.

Gu Huanhuan also had doubts in her heart. After Yeh Fengjue came back this time, his attitude towards her had changed 180 degrees. What was the reason behind this? In the midst of the sparks, she remembered that it was the first time they had met. He said, Long time no see.

Unable to suppress the curiosity in her heart, Gu Huanhuan asked, "Mr. Yeh, the last time you said that you saw me six years ago?"

Yeh Fengjue's light pupils contracted slightly and he asked in surprise, "Did you forget?"

Gu Huanhuan shook her head, "But I have never seen you. If I really knew you six years ago, I would definitely remember you. After all, you are so special."

Yeh Fengjue smiled. "Did I mistake you for someone else? However, I really saw you six years ago. "

Gu Huanhuan's heart skipped a beat. She suddenly thought of the legendary older sister and asked, "Then what was the scene when we met?"

Yeh Fengjue did not say anything. The car was also moving forward quickly. It was not until the red light stepped on the brakes that he turned his head and stared into her eyes. He said seriously, "At that time, I gave you a large sum of money."

"Ah? Impossible! Impossible!" Gu Huanhuan quickly waved her hand. "How can I not remember the large sum of money I took from others? You must have mistaken me for someone else. "

The woman's eyes were extremely clear, without any trace of lying.

Yeh Fengjue smiled faintly, but he was puzzled. That girl was clearly the woman in front of him, but why didn't she remember anything?

Gu Huanhuan was also frightened as she sat in the car. How could she take a large sum of money from someone for no reason? And she didn't remember anything? However, people like Yeh Fengjue would not blackmail a small civilian like her. If this was true, then the person who took the money... Could it be that legendary older sister?

When Gu Huanhuan first found out about the existence of that older sister, she did not believe it at all. But now that things had developed to this point, she had to believe that this older sister really existed.

She had to find her father as soon as possible, or else this suspicion would continue to exist.

On this day, the plan of the planning team finally came out. Gu Huanhuan brought the camera that she had kept for a long time and her colleagues to the filming site.

The spokesperson for "Fey" brand autumn cross-dressing was Miss Shen, who had recently become famous in China. Gu Huanhuan had filmed many of the top female celebrities in China. However, it was not as infuriating as today. It was about nine o'clock in the morning. However, it was almost 12 o'clock now, and this big shot had not arrived yet. When everyone started to complain impatiently, the sound of people bustling outside the studio could be heard. Everyone saw that Miss Shen was finally walking in her high heels, surrounded by a large crowd of people. She walked over slowly.

Since it was the first day of filming, Witch Xiao was worried and personally came to the scene. She went up to greet and began to introduce the process of filming. She was only halfway through her sentence when she was rudely interrupted by the male manager. "My artiste hasn't eaten yet, so you let her put on makeup and start work. Can you bear the responsibility of starving my artiste?"

Witch Xiao frowned, but her attitude was still good. "Then why don't we eat first? Huanhuan, get the assistant to send the lunch box that was booked."

"Bento box?" The manager started to yell again. "The bento box is big and doesn't have any nutrition. My artiste is losing weight, so we can't eat the bento box."

" Then what do you want to eat? " Witch Xiao's expression changed slightly. The colleagues in the magazine all knew that this was the precursor to her going crazy.

The manager's gaze swept around and finally said, "Forget it, forget it. I don't think there's anything good to eat here. Who is going to film our artiste this time? "

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