National Husband Hugs Me/C87 Where's the Kid?
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National Husband Hugs Me/C87 Where's the Kid?
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C87 Where's the Kid?

Five minutes later, the phone rang again. Yeh Chuxuan quickly picked it up. "Is the child there?"

"Damn it, there's nothing!" Han Shaochen, who had always been gentle and gentle, swore. "Except for the charcoal in the fireplace and the toys in a children's room, everything else is gone. I didn't find any clothes or documents! Eh, wait... "

His heart, which had just calmed down, was lifted again. Yeh Chuxuan asked, "What did you see?"

" A photo. I'll send it to you. "

Han Shaochen sent the photo over. He opened it and saw a young couple each holding a girl in their arms. The two girls looked exactly the same. The young man was Gu Changsheng.

Yeh Chuxuan's heart finally settled. Gu Huanhuan indeed had a twin sister. In that case, the whereabouts of this sister could only be found by finding Gu Changsheng.

"Shaochen, keep biting them and not let go. I don't believe that she will hide for the rest of her life." There was a thick viciousness in Yeh Chuxuan's eyes.

"I know, but the weather on the Island of Ice is so damn cold! I will die first, and then see what else is there."


The sky in the east turned slightly white, and a new day began.

It was unknown if she had been provoked, but Big Star Shen's temper was even worse today. She was completely uncooperative in filming. Gu Huanhuan hated people who did not have professional ethics the most. She did not cooperate by herself. There would be a large number of staff members who would waste their time with her.

This emotion continued all the way until the afternoon when Big Star Shen requested to rest for the nth time. Gu Huanhuan could not help but put down her camera and said seriously, "How about this, let's rest first. When Miss Shen feels that we have rested enough, we will take photos."

"What do you mean?" Big Celebrity Shen raised her beautiful eyebrows in dissatisfaction.

Gu Huanhuan did not want to be outdone. She stared into her eyes and said, "That's what I mean."

"You!" Beauty Shen was so angry that the makeup on her face was distorted. She threw the cup in her hand and said angrily, "I'm not filming anymore!"

The manager went up to persuade her, "How can I not? Do you know how important this endorsement is? You don't want to do it? "

Gu Huanhuan's heart was also a little nervous. If Shen Ming Xing really did not want to do it, then she only had to go to Witch Xiao's place and apologize.

The manager said that after not seeing Beauty Shen get better for a while, he ran to Gu Huanhuan and said angrily, "Are you satisfied? How about this, you go over and apologize to my artiste. This matter is considered over, okay?"

Gu Huanhuan's stubborn temper also rose and she said coldly, "This is the professionalism of your artiste? It has been two whole days. Have you cooperated well? "

"Why did I not cooperate?" Beauty Shen began to choke again. The people at the side could not stop her and shouted at Gu Huanhuan, "Can't I rest when I am tired?"

"Yes, so I said we will start when you have enough rest."

"You, a little photographer, actually talk to me like this?"

Gu Huanhuan was furious. Why were there so many people who thought so highly of themselves?

"Miss Shen, I'm a photographer, and you're an artist. You have your glory, and I have my dignity. We have our own duties. Please don't insult my profession."

"I'll insult you. How about it?" Although Miss Shen's face was beautiful, it was distorted when she was angry.

Gu Huanhuan smiled coldly. "Of course I can't do anything. I am just sad for your fans. They actually like an idol like you!"

Shen Ming Xing was provoked to the point of getting angry. He grabbed a cup of water by his hand and threw it at Gu Huanhuan.

Gu Huanhuan instinctively wanted to dodge, but she could not. Because there was an expensive light behind her, she could not afford to pay for three months of salary.

It was too late. Just as the cup was about to hit her, a force suddenly pulled her to the side. With a "Pa," the light turned off in the blink of an eye.

"Are you a fool? Don't you know how to dodge?" The man roared at her angrily.

Gu Huanhuan looked up. Yeh Fengjue?

"Mr. Yeh, why are you here?" Gu Huanhuan naturally pushed his hand away and asked him.

Yeh Fengjue coldly snorted, "I am working nearby. I came to see you."

If Gu Huanhuan was careful enough, she might ask him how he knew her whereabouts, but at this moment, she was only worried about the broken lamp.

"Thank you, Young Master Yeh. But what should we do now?"

Yeh Fengjue looked at the stunned beauty not far away and said as if it was a matter of course, "Since she broke it, let her compensate."

"Why should we compensate? If it wasn't for the cameraman casually provoking us, why would our artiste be angry?" The manager rushed forward to defend himself and sized up Yeh Fengjue once again. He raised his eyebrows and asked, "And who are you?"

Gu Huanhuan lit a candle for the manager in her heart. Were these men from the Yeh family easy to mess with?

Sure enough, Yeh Fengjue's face immediately darkened. His tone was also frighteningly cold. "Today is really an eye-opener. My younger brother actually found such a lousy spokesperson. When did the Yeh family become so poor?"

The manager froze for a moment. Before he could react, the person in charge of Fey company had already run over. He bowed his head and said, "Great Young Master, when did you come? Why didn't you inform him?"

"What? I came to visit the Yeh family's properties. Do I need to report to you in advance?"

At this point, if everyone still didn't know who this tall and handsome man in front of them was, it would mean that they had worked for nothing for so many years. As for the face of the manager, it was really pretty.

"Now you know who I am?" Yeh Fengjue suppressed the bloodthirst in his bones. If it was not for Gu Huanhuan being present, he would have crippled this manager just now.

The news of Yeh family vying for power had been spreading for a long time. As the spokesperson of the brand, beauty Shen had also heard of it, even though Yeh Fengjue was in charge of Yeh family's overseas assets. Who could be sure that he would not turn the tables and become the person in charge of the entire Yeh family in the future?

Having been in the entertainment industry for so many years, Beauty Shen respected people and did not learn it. However, she had mastered the skill of currying favor with others.

"So it's Great Young Master Ye. We really have eyes but do not recognize Mount Tai." Beauty Shen lifted her skirt and had a good figure. She elegantly walked in front of Yeh Fengjue. She was not as frivolous as before. "Your servant is not sensible. I have offended you. Why don't I treat you to a meal? I'll take it as an apology. "

Yeh Fengjue did not want to waste time on this kind of woman. He directly ignored her words and turned to Gu Huanhuan. "The light is broken now and can't be patted. Let's go, I will bring you to eat."

"But what about the lamp?" Gu Huanhuan looked like she was about to cry.

Big Star Shen, who was being ignored, quickly added, "I broke the lights. Of course, I will pay for it."

"It's good that you know." Yeh Fengjue said coldly. He pulled Gu Huanhuan and was about to leave. "It has been hard on the photographer these two days. Give me some face. How about I treat the two of you to a meal?"

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