National Husband Hugs Me/C90 I'm Going to Smash You to Death
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National Husband Hugs Me/C90 I'm Going to Smash You to Death
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C90 I'm Going to Smash You to Death

Gu Huanhuan did not know where her strength came from but she shook off her hand and coldly looked at her and said, "Su Kexin, you are overestimating yourself. I can't wait to never know you."

"A woman like you, of course you do not want to know me. You only want to know a man like Chuxuan so that you can climb to the top of a tree and be a phoenix. I'm telling you, you're dreaming with me around! "Su Kexin originally had a delicate young face, but because of jealousy and hatred, become hideous and ugly.

Gu Huanhuan suddenly laughed at herself. Why did she have to fight with a fool like Su Kexin here?

"Su Kexin, you are right. I am indeed dreaming. Now that I have woken up from my dream, I have to leave." Gu Huanhuan calmly looked at the woman in front of her and continued, "What? I have to leave now and you still want to stop me?"

"You are so cunning. How would I know if what you said is true?"

Gu Huanhuan was indifferent, "It is up to you whether you believe it or not."

Su Kexin pestered endlessly, "Stop right there. I want you to swear!"

Huanhuan laughed involuntarily. She had never seen such an arrogant woman before. "Su Kexin, what you need to do is to watch your Chuxuan properly and not find trouble with me. Furthermore, what right do I have to swear to you? This is really funny! "

"Don't talk so much nonsense with me. If you don't swear, don't even think about leaving this place."

Gu Huanhuan simply put the backpack on her back and pushed away the woman blocking in front of her and walked straight out.

"Gu Huanhuan, if you get lost, never come back. Otherwise, I will bump into you every time I see you!"

Gu Huanhuan did not look back but her footsteps were firm.

Another black car sped over from the main door and suddenly stopped five meters away from Gu Huanhuan. Yeh Chuxuan, who was wearing a suit and black pants, walked over with big strides. He did not say anything and pulled Gu Huanhuan's arm back.

"Let me go!" Gu Huanhuan struggled angrily.

Yeh Chuxuan ignored her and held her wrist tightly.

Su Kexin saw this scene and became anxious, "Chuxuan, tell her to get lost!"

Yeh Chuxuan still ignored her and continued to walk towards the house.

"Yeh Chuxuan, you have already done what you needed to do. Do you want to do it again?" Gu Huanhuan mocked.

Yeh Chuxuan suddenly turned his head and pinched her neck. He said fiercely, "Shut up!"

"What did you do?" Su Kexin chased him closely. "What did you do?"

Gu Huanhuan suddenly had the thought of revenge in her heart. She gave her a charming smile and said, "Of course it was sex."

"Ah!" Su Kexin started to go crazy and pounced towards Gu Huanhuan to hit but was blocked by Yeh Chuxuan's back. That punch landed heavily on the man's solid back. Su Kexin cried and shouted, "Chuxuan, how can you do this to me? I am your fiancée."

Yeh Chuxuan's eyes were full of impatience. He shouted at Housekeeper Lin outside, "Ask this woman to get out!"

Housekeeper Lin was a man and could not touch her. He gave Mrs Qin a look. Mrs Qin quickly went up and pulled Su Kexin's arm, "Miss Su, don't make Young Master angry. Hurry up and leave!"

Su Kexin shifted her anger to Mrs Qin and slapped her fists all over, "You servant, don't touch me. If you want to leave, it is that slut Gu Huanhuan who wants to leave. I am not leaving."

Housekeeper Lin really had no choice. He called two strong maids and directly dragged Su Kexin's arm to drag her out of the villa. She kept cursing and crying beside his ear.

On the other side, Yeh Chuxuan grabbed Gu Huanhuan's arm. No matter what she said, no matter how she struggled, she did not let go. He only threw her onto the sofa when he reached the study room.

Gu Huanhuan jumped up and said with grief and indignation, "Yeh Chuxuan, you lied. You played too. What else do you want?"

Yeh Chuxuan felt that he was about to go crazy. Half an hour ago, he was still in a meeting at the company. He did not know why, but he thought of her begging for mercy and crying last night. He ended the meeting in frustration and drove the sports car all the way back.

In fact, her leaving did not affect the whole plan. This way, he could follow Yeh Fengjue and see more things from six years ago. But why did he not want to see her leave with resentment?

He pressed Gu Huanhuan against the wall and pressed her arm against her arm. He stared into her eyes and said through gritted teeth, "Gu Huanhuan, can you grow some brains?"

Gu Huanhuan did not show any weakness. "I don't have brains? It's you, Yeh Chuxuan, who is too cunning. I can't play with you. Alright, now I admit that I am unlucky. I will definitely not trouble you, Third Young Master Yeh, in the future!"

Her breath was just around the corner of her mouth. The memories from last night flooded into her mind. Yeh Chuxuan lowered his head and bit her lips. Then he attacked the city without holding anything back.

Gu Huanhuan was stunned by his actions. When she regained her senses, he had already tightly held her in his arms and stopped her from resisting.

Her heart was thumping. It was unknown if it was because she was frightened or for some other reason. At the last moment of sinking, Gu Huanhuan bit the corner of the man's lips. The blood instantly faded and the man finally stopped attacking. He left her red lips and used one hand to support the wall. One hand tightly gripped her slender waist, and leaned against her shoulder. Heavy breathing.

Gu Huanhuan was just about to push him away when she heard him roar beside her ear, "Don't move, otherwise I will do the same thing as last night!"

The woman immediately froze, her hands stopped in midair, not moving up or down. She was afraid that a slight movement of hers would cause him to attack again. Just like that, they were in a stalemate for a moment. Yeh Chuxuan slowly let go of her. Gu Huanhuan quickly ran to the corner of the study and crossed her arms in front of her chest. She looked at him vigilantly.

Blood was still flowing out from the corner of his mouth. Yeh Chuxuan raised his hand and used his thumb to wipe it away. Waves were rolling in his eyes.

Since she wanted to see it, he would show it to her.

Yeh Chuxuan took out a file bag from the drawer and threw it over. He then sat on the sofa and closed his eyes.

The file bag hit Gu Huanhuan's leg and fell to the ground. One of the photos slid out. The landmark buildings of Phoenix Island collapsed on the ground. Only the word "Phoenix" could be vaguely seen on the damaged stone pillars.

Gu Huanhuan picked up the file bag in surprise and took out the documents one by one. They were all the aftermath of the earthquake. The houses collapsed, the cars were smashed and the mountain slide...

Tears surged and rolled down. Her voice trembled slightly, "This is the Phoenix Island mentioned in the news last time?"

Yeh Chuxuan did not open his eyes and said softly, "En."

"Then my father... is dead?" Her heart ached so much that it almost suffocated her. This was her last family member.

Yeh Chuxuan opened his eyes. There was no longer any emotion in his eyes. He was still as cold as before. "I don't know."

"That... that..." Tears had blurred her vision. She slowly squatted on the ground. She did not know what to do.

Yeh Chuxuan could not bear it. He comforted her with his words. "More than 70 people were killed in this earthquake. However, my people have not found Gu Changsheng's body yet."

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