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National Husband Hugs Me/C92 The Person Behind You
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C92 The Person Behind You

Gu Huanhuan could not stay calm anymore. She could not sit still. In order to confirm her speculation, she rushed to Witch Xiao's office and asked, "Were we bought over by Yeh's Group?"

Witch Xiao was working when she heard him. She looked up and asked, "Don't you know?"

At this moment, Gu Huanhuan felt her head explode!

Yeh's Group.

When Yeh Chuxuan walked into the company's lobby, a certain someone was leisurely sprinkling fish food in front of the bathtub. He looked relaxed and at ease. Yeh Chuxuan did not stop walking. He came to his side and conveniently grabbed a handful of fish food. He sprinkled it into the huge fish tank.

"Big Brother actually has time to come to my place?" Yeh Chuxuan took the wet towel that the assistant handed over and wiped his hands. He raised his eyebrows and asked the person who came.

Yeh Fengjue also wiped his hands and put his hands in his pocket. He smiled kindly and said, "Anyway, I have nothing to do. I came to see the Yeh family's business. Is there a problem?"

Yeh Chuxuan spread his hands and said, "No problem. Big Brother can see anything you want. I will not accompany you."

"I heard you bought a magazine?" Yeh Fengjue's words stopped him in his tracks.

"Yes, I bought it for fun. Are you interested?"

Yeh Fengjue smiled. "I have no interest in this kind of unpopular magazine. However, you didn't buy it because of the people inside, did you?"

Yeh Chuxuan did not show any change in his expression. "After so many years, Brother still does not understand me. I only buy things based on interest. As for who is inside, I do not care."

"Is that so?" Yeh Fengjue asked back, then nodded. "Be careful not to lift a stone and smash your own feet."

"Brother, you should worry about your own business. I still have things to do, you can do whatever you want, Big Brother."

Yeh Fengjue looked at his carefree back as he left and said, Dear little brother, let's consider this as returning the favor.

The Autumn Weekly Special Magazine, which was dressed in Fey clothing, was finally published. Due to Shen Ming Xing's high popularity, the Autumn Weekly Special Magazine was finally published. As soon as it was released, it attracted a rush of sales. The sales of female clothing were also rising steadily. However, this kind of celebrity effect had a shocking reversal on the third day.

First of all, early in the morning, there was an indecent video of Shen Ming Xing, many wealthy businessmen, producers, and big-name directors on the Internet. One of them was even a private photo with the most famous Third Young Master Yeh in 'A' City.

Almost at the same time, there were netizens who revealed that Shen Ming Xing looked friendly and kind on the surface, but he had a bad temper and liked to play big shots in private. The video was the scene where she smashed Gu Huanhuan with a cup in the studio, but the video was directed at Shen Ming Xing. Gu Huanhuan was just a back view.

After ten minutes, netizens revealed that the fabric used by Fey in female clothing was actually rubbish from the waste recycling station. There were also a few photos attached to it. If one did not look carefully, it would easily confuse people.

When this matter was released, under the control of a force, a wave of anti-Shen Ming Xing and Fey cross-dressing frenzy quickly broke out on the Internet. Netizens who did not know the truth followed the trend and clamored for Shen Ming Xing to get out of the entertainment industry and for Fey to apologize.

Half an hour after the matter was fermented, Fey's brand official website and Weibo all had lawyer letters. On the one hand, it expressed that they would sue the people who framed the brand, and on the other hand, it was raised. Due to Shen Ming Xing's style of doing things, he had unilateral termination of the contract.

Even so, the new Baery Magazine had been refunded by various distributors, and all the copies that had been printed overnight were piled up in the warehouse.

In the meeting room of Yeh's Group, Yeh Chuxuan was having a meeting with the public relations department, the person in charge of the company, and the upper echelons of the company.

In fact, even if Fey's cross-dressing was completely destroyed, it would still be a drop in the ocean for Yeh's Group. However, how could Yeh Chuxuan tolerate others bullying him with his temper? Hiding was not his character. He fought back fiercely. This was his way of dealing with the world.

"Third Young Master, who do you think is behind this incident?" His subordinate, who had followed him for many years, asked.

Yeh Chuxuan turned the pen in his hand and sneered. "Who else do you think besides Yeh Fengjue? Has the countermeasure been figured out? "

The public relations department put the laptop in front of Yeh Chuxuan and said, "It's out. Other than the lawyer's letter, we have notified the online company. We bought 100,000 Internet trolls to lead the public opinion here. Next, we've changed the spokesperson. We've contacted international A-listers. She came over in the afternoon to prepare for filming."

Yeh Chuxuan nodded and added, "We'll post all the parts of clothing production online in the form of videos."

The person in charge of Fey was a little hesitant. "What if someone plagiarizes our brand?"

Yeh Chuxuan glanced at him and said lightly, "Which company do you think has the ability to do so in the country?"

"Yes, yes, yes..."

The public relations department hesitated for a moment and asked, "Director Yeh, that photo of you..."

"Hmph! Such poor photoshop skills, only netizens who don't know how to use Photography would believe it." Yeh Chuxuan originally wanted to say that he didn't need to care about it, but he paused for a moment. He pushed open the chair, picked up his phone, and walked to the window.

Gu Huanhuan and her colleagues moved the magazine that had been returned. When they heard the phone ring, they quickly reached out to pick it up. In the end, they were shocked by the title because there were two big words written on it: "Master!"

Damn! Yeh Chuxuan, what kind of hobby is this?

She angrily stared at the phone and only picked it up at the last moment. Her tone was not good. "What is it?"

Yeh Chuxuan frowned. "Gu Huanhuan, do you want to die with that tone of yours?"

"Uh..." She forgot that he was still looking for her father. Gu Huanhuan's momentum immediately softened. "Sorry, sorry. I did not look at the screen. I thought it was Mu Qingqing. What instructions does Young Master Yeh have?"

"Did you see that photo on the Internet?" Yeh Chuxuan asked in a deep voice.

Gu Huanhuan was stunned. "What photo?"

Yeh Chuxuan held his phone and did not speak. His breathing was heavy.

With a flash of inspiration, Gu Huanhuan suddenly remembered the private photo of Yeh Chuxuan and Shen Ming Xing that was crazily posted online this morning. She had also curiously opened it to take a look. At first glance, it was quite real. But when she took a second look, she saw the problem. There was something wrong with Yeh Chuxuan's face and Soft Light.

"Young Master Yeh, is he talking about your private photo? Ah, don't worry, that's a synthesized photo." Gu Huanhuan smiled without thinking.

" Nonsense, of course I know it's synthesized! " Yeh Chuxuan started to get angry. "Use the fastest speed to post a technical post and put all the original diagrams online."

Although he was not afraid of rumors and rumors, he could not allow others to step on him to take the position, no matter if it was the person surnamed Shen or the person behind the scenes.

"Okay, okay. I'll do it right away."

Analyzing photos and posting technical posts were Gu Huanhuan's strengths. However, it was not easy to find the original pictures. She had flipped through countless pictures of Shen Ying's hot eyes. Finally, with the help of a powerful online friend, in a secret photo album... She found the original map.

Gu Huanhuan looked at the bald, fat man on the original map and complained on Yeh Chuxuan's behalf.

It was only at dusk that Gu Huanhuan finished sorting out all the analysis and photos and uploaded them online.

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