National Husband Hugs Me/C99 Gu Changsheng Woke up
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National Husband Hugs Me/C99 Gu Changsheng Woke up
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C99 Gu Changsheng Woke up

When he was sent in, Gu Changsheng had lost too much blood and was in a deep coma. In addition to the injury on his leg, just like the doctor had said, whether or not he could be saved depended on his luck.

It was all the way until the afternoon when Mu Qingqing was about to fall asleep. The door of the operating theater finally opened. Yeh Chuxuan and Gu Huanhuan rushed up at the same time and asked, "How was the surgery?"

The chief surgeon took off his mask and said with a tired face, "It can't be considered a complete success. The patient's internal organs are seriously damaged and he lost too much blood. We did our best and now it all depends on him."

When Gu Huanhuan heard this, her body immediately went limp. Yeh Chuxuan instinctively grabbed her and hung her in his arms. "How much chance is there?"

"Less than 20%." The doctor expressed some regret.

This was the best hospital in A City, and the doctor was the best doctor in A City. Yeh Chuxuan had no reason to doubt it.

In the intensive care unit, all kinds of instruments were flashing green lights. Gu Huanhuan was lying on the glass with tears in her eyes. Although she had complained about her father many times, she was still sad when she saw him lying on the hospital bed with his last breath.

On the other side, Chung Ho was lucky. After he pushed the anesthesia out of the operating theater, he woke up. However, his neck was stuck and he could not move. His head was also wrapped in thick gauze.

Yeh Chuxuan patted his shoulder. "Don't worry. Take good care of your injuries."

Chung Ho whimpered a few times. Yeh Chuxuan said again, "Gu Changsheng has been rescued temporarily. Don't worry, I will make these people pay the price."

In order to grasp Gu Changsheng's situation at any time, Yeh Chuxuan temporarily stayed in the hospital's high-class ward. In the afternoon, the traffic police department found all the tracks of the large truck.

Unfortunately, the large truck came from a village road. The surveillance was not comprehensive, and the driver of the truck was the driver. He died on the spot. So, no matter what, this was the simplest traffic accident.

And this result was obviously not what Yeh Chuxuan wanted.

"What has Yeh Fengjue been doing these two days?" Yeh Chuxuan asked Eagle.

"Him. He's busy looking for foreign doctors, and he's also trying to get in touch with an old friend of the Golden Triangle. It probably has nothing to do with this."

Yeh Chuxuan pointed at the documents on the table with a pen in his hand. His expression was unfathomable. "It seems that there's another group of people who don't want us to investigate."

Eagle was interested. He leaned on the table and asked, "Who do you think it is?"

"It is very likely the group who took the child away." Yeh Chuxuan deduced, "If that is really the case, then Gu Changsheng must know some secret. That is why they wanted to silence him."

"That must be the case." Eagle became excited and rubbed his hands together. "It's getting more and more interesting. I like it."

Yeh Chuxuan glared at the man who wanted the world to be in chaos. "Interesting? You better not cause any trouble for me. Otherwise, I will not forgive you!"

"Oh, oh, oh, I'm so scared." Eagle raised his hand and surrendered slyly. Before Yeh Chuxuan could grab the cup by his hand, he jumped out of the door and said through the crack of the door, "Aren't you going to see that cute and gentle girl? She hasn't eaten for a whole day."

"Get lost!" Yeh Chuxuan ended the conversation with one word and continued to work at the desk.

However, as he watched, he recalled the scene when she threw herself into his arms this morning. The pen in his hand slowly stopped. After thinking for a moment, he threw the pen on the table and got up to leave the high-class ward.

It was already night, but Gu Changsheng still did not show any signs of waking up. When Yeh Chuxuan saw Gu Huanhuan, she was sitting in a wheelchair. She was leaning on the glass of the ICU, and there was worry on her face that could not be hidden. However, her emotions were much more stable than during the day.

A bowl of wonton was placed on the table in the lounge area. It seemed to have been put there for a long time, and there was no heat anymore.

Yeh Chuxuan walked to the woman's side and said, "Go and rest. He won't be able to wake up for the time being."

"I know." Gu Huanhuan sighed heavily. Her tone was full of bitterness. "But I want to stay with him like this, okay? It has been a long time since I have been alone with my father. Every time I want to see him, I have to go to the Gu residence like a thief, afraid that Gu Qingya will see me. Hehe, even if that's the case, I still don't want to see him die. "

Yeh Chuxuan could not understand her feelings. He only felt that this woman in front of him was a little stupid and a little silly.

"Gu Changsheng has done too many bad things. The heavens will not take him in. So, what you need to do now is to eat and rest."

Gu Huanhuan looked up and smiled gratefully at him. It was a sad and beautiful smile, which made a certain person's heart tremble slightly.

"Thank you for helping me find Dad."

Yeh Chuxuan suddenly did not want to face her smile. He walked over and took the slightly cold dumpling and stuffed it into her hands. "Don't let me repeat it a second time."

Gu Huanhuan lowered her head and took a bite with a spoon. She nodded and said, "Okay."

At night, Gu Changsheng's condition was very unstable. His breathing was rapid and his body temperature was too high. After a few resuscitation attempts, he managed to keep his life. Just like that, he continued for another day intermittently. His vital signs finally stabilized, but he still did not wake up.

Gu Huanhuan was approved by the doctor to carry out a visitation. Once she went in, she held Gu Changsheng's hand, and tears flowed down her face.

"Dad, wake up." Gu Huanhuan softly called, "I am Huanhuan. Open your eyes and look at me."

Gu Changsheng did not have any reaction.

"Mom has left. I cannot not have a father anymore." Gu Huanhuan's tears fell on the back of his hand and slid into the bed sheet. "Dad, I still have a lot of things to ask you. Wake up."

Yeh Chuxuan stood at the door and watched for a while. He lifted his foot and was about to leave when he heard Gu Huanhuan shout, "Dad, you are awake!"

He held his breath and pushed the door open. He walked in with big strides.

Gu Changsheng was indeed awake. He slightly opened his eyes and consciously looked at his daughter by the bed. His mouth trembled as if he wanted to say something, but he only made a sound.

Gu Huanhuan held his hand tightly and went in front of him to comfort him. "Dad, don't worry. I am here. We will talk after you have recovered."

Gu Changsheng slightly shook his head. A drop of tears fell from his eyes and his expression was complicated.

Gu Huanhuan used her hand to wipe away the tears from the corner of her father's eyes. She forced a smile and said, "Dad, it's fine. You will be fine. I will take care of you here."

Gu Changsheng blinked his eyes and seemed to say, "Okay."

Gu Huanhuan remembered the man behind her and quickly introduced him to her father, "Dad, this is Yeh Chuxuan, Mr. Yeh. It was all thanks to him that I was able to find you this time."

When Gu Changsheng's eyes fell on Yeh Chuxuan, his expression changed drastically and his breathing became rapid.

The corner of Yeh Chuxuan's mouth curled into a smile and he said faintly, "Gu Changsheng, you better live for me. Otherwise, it would be a waste of the time I spent looking for you."

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