Naughty Girl Gets Bang/C1 High School Life.
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Naughty Girl Gets Bang/C1 High School Life.
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C1 High School Life.

Hi, this is Taneesha. Since I started high school. I immediately got such an incredible rush from doing bad things, I was instantly hooked! I started dressing in the skimpiest outfits I could find, smoking cigarettes, drinking beer, drinking alcohol, etc. I eventually lost my virginity to one of the boys named Anthony when I was **-years-old and he was 18 after he popped my cherry & I pretty much went wild and let 6 other 18-year-old boys in that group fuck me within the first month. I kept on fucking and sucking this group of guys all summer long, but when high school started, I began partying with other group of guys who were in their 20s. In junior high I either got fucked or sucked off the high school boys mainly in the back seat of their cars. One guy, Joe, was a 22-year-old drug dealer. He was a perverted pig that lived in a filthy place covered with empty beer bottles and porn all over, but he was so damn hot looking it didn't matter. That was also where all the really bad-older-boys in town would go drink and party. A few of us younger girls liked hanging out with these guys because they always had money, did fun stuff and took us to cool places. I had already let Joe and half-a-dozen of his other friends fuck me. One particular Saturday, I headed to Joe's place about noon. There were a lot of people that I didn't really know hanging out in the kitchen smoking a joint, so I went looking for Joe and anyone else that I knew well. In the living room were several guys, most of them drinking beer and doing shots of Southern Comfort even though it was like barely 12 in the afternoon. I had fucked a couple of guys hanging out in the living room, so they called me over to party with them. I was taking a puff of a joint when I heard moans, or should I say screams coming from Joe's bedroom and knew some girl was in there getting fucked, and from the sounds of it, by more than just Joe. She was moaning extremely loud, so I knew they were giving it to her really hard! The guys I was with started laughing and teasing me, since I was the only girl in the room. The girl was moaning and screaming so loud and the screams of please-no-no-no-no-more-no-more-please....please I'll suck your dicks really-really good and you can cum in mouth....please-please... I'll swallow, I'll swallow echoed as we smoked a joint in the next room. There were a few times her screams gave me shivers up my spine. I kept thinking Holy shit, what are they doing to her in there! I couldn't help but feel a little excited at the sounds of fucking in the next room. I could also feel the men eyeing me up, thinking dirty-dirty things as they stared at my crotch.Scary thing is that the more wasted I got the more I teased them. My mother constantly bitched at me for the way I dressed. I was 18, but with a kick-ass body, so I could have passed for 19 easily. I had long reddish-brown hair, almost down to my ass and I was wearing tight, short shorts and a t-shirt with no bra and no panties, which was a typical outfit for me at that age.

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