Naughty Girl Gets Bang/C2 Honey-baked Bam
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Naughty Girl Gets Bang/C2 Honey-baked Bam
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C2 Honey-baked Bam

This big black guy I just met said Hey Tan, her screaming and moaning making you horny girl as he pulled on what appeared to be a gigantic black cock that was practically busting through his pants. It actually was turning me on, but I wasn't ready to let him know that, so I just laughed and snapped back certainly looks like it's making you horny from the tent in your pants dude! He shot back Ha-ha, I know my dick is hard as mother-fucker cutie, maybe you want to come on over here and take care of it for me. They were all getting excited and I smiled nervously as one of them got closer to me. He handed me another rolled joint and told me to smoke as much as I wanted. So, I lit it up and smoked as the girl in the bedroom was moaning and screaming...OUCH-OOUCH-OH GOD-OOOOOOOOUCH...which continued for a solid 10minutes before it became whimpers. Shots of Southern Comfort were poured around the room and I did 4 of them and then took a bottle of apple wine somebody handed me. Finally, the bedroom was silent and a minute later a chubby blonde-haired girl with some tears in her eyes and make-up smeared all over her face, ran naked with her clothes in her hands from the bedroom straight into the bathroom. The guys were laughing giving high fives to each other as Joe and this other guy, who I didn't know slowly walked out of the bedroom all drunk and sweaty. Damn man, you guys must have abused the shit out of that chubby little fucker? That bitch was screaming like she was getting murdered, said one of the guys near me. Yeah, we gave her fat-ass a little lesson in life. We both fucking worked that fat-bitch in her pussy and mouth, then we held her down and ass-fucked her laughed Joe. His partner said We pounded the fuck out of that girl's tiny-ass-little-shit-hole and blew our loads right up in her fat fucking dumper. Everyone started laughing hysterically, so I joined in. Hey Tan, you got a real nice ass baby, your goanna bend over and let me get a little shit on my cock the Spanish guy behind me said as he massaged my shoulders. A black guy sitting across from me said you can get that ass, but I bet she got a extra-tight-little-white pussy and my big black dick would love to squeeze up on in that shit....ha-ha....I'd bust the little white girl pussy up Joe said I'll tell you what man, Tan got a nice body when she gets those clothes off and she is an awesome fuck! Her body is incredible and yes my are right...her pussy is as tight as a fucking vice and she's never had black cock, then he winked at me. I began blushing and looked down. This guy Bobby said l fucked her last week and Joe ain't lying! She does have a really tight pussy. Man, but I guess she would at 18 years-old Some guy standing there said 18! Damn I thought she was at least 19 or 20. Another guy Tommy added l fucked her too and her body is unbelievable and that girls pussy smells fucking great! No lie, her shit was like some honey baked ham or something! All the guys loved that comment and started laughing, so Joe added yep a tight pussy that smells like honey baked ham and a mouth that will give you the best blow-job you ever had This black guy asked Yeah? That true, Tan? You got a tight white pussy and suck a men cock? And like what are you, 18, or some shit like that? I replied I'll be 19 soon! He said Well I'd like to fuck you, I know that! This other white guy said l know she never had a black dick, I smiled all stoned, drunk and nervous, but had no idea what to say. I did my best to look sexy and bad-ass around all of the guys as they began talking about me like I wasn't even there; Look at her tits, they are nice for such a young kid, said a muscular black kid who I think just got out of jail.Yeah, what are you, like a C cup, Tan? You got some fucking nice tits! I'd suck them mother-fuckers for hours. Another guy said I'd stick my dick in between them and titty-fuck her. I like those little shorts, too. Love how she shows off that camel toe! You know she ain't got no panties on either! UM-UM...I could smell that pussy from here and oh shit! It smells like some mother-fucking honey-baked ham.

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